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Ty Lawson was one of the most prominent names to come up at the deadline who didn’t get dealt, but rumors persist amid clear signs of tension in his relationship with the Nuggets. The Celtics and Denver reportedly engaged in exploratory talks about Lawson before the deadline, prompting Thunda-Pig and other readers to wonder about the fit on a team with Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley and others.

  • Lawson is a really good player and he is no slouch defensively. I am not sure about the Celtics rebuild. A backcourt of Smart and Bradley is very good defensively but will struggle to shoot and create. Down low [Kelly] Olynyk and [Jared] Sullinger can spread the floor but neither create nor protect the rim. I understand that picks are good assets but at some point picks will have to be traded, [there are] only so many roster spots. Maybe to get Lawson they give one 1st, two 2nds and Sully. Denver could flip [Kenneth] Faried for a guard to another team.

Lost amid the return of Kevin Garnett was a report indicating the Wolves had spoken about Anthony Bennett in trade talks. The former No. 1 overall pick has already switched teams once and has done little to live up to his draft position, but Lovesic7 encourages the Wolves to give him some time.

  • I wish someone would give this kid the chance he deserves. While very raw he has the skill set to be a matchup nightmare, too powerful for small guys, too quick for bigs, and the potential to be a floor stretcher. He still needs to work on his conditioning, and often struggles with where to stand on the floor, but the talent is there. At the end of the day I can’t blame the guy for being lax at times when every team he gets stuck on continues to bury him on depth chart and makes no attempt to develop him.

The Suns traded Goran Dragic and Isaiah Thomas at the deadline, and while they brought in Brandon Knight, it’s clear much rests on Eric Bledsoe‘s shoulders. Back when the moves were just rumors, boston2az and Dave s debated Bledsoe and the Suns.

  • boston2az: Well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree, Dave. His idea of defense is gambling in the passing lanes and trying to strip the ball. I haven’t seen him play any sort of “straight-up” defense this season and he certainly can’t stop anyone 1 on 1. But to agree with you on one point, I think he’d be a terrific backup. The problem is that he’s seen as “the Man” right now and he doesn’t play like it.
  • Dave s: “I sort of agree with you. I think that he’s definitely one of the best on ball defenders in the league. No question. But, you’re right. He hasn’t played that way as much this season, and I think that bringing in Thomas was demoralizing to he and Dragic and it really was perplexing. Now they’re talking about trading Dragic. This is why the Celtics and Lakers and Spurs always win the titles.”

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