2015 NBA Draft Early Entrants

The college season is over for all but a few of the top American early-entry candidates for the NBA draft, leaving most of them to face decisions about whether to turn pro or return to school. Some of them have already begun to make their intentions known, and more will surely follow, along with early entrants from overseas, as the draft approaches.

We already passed along the key dates for early entrants, with the most important deadlines falling on April 12th, when underclassmen must withdraw from the draft to retain eligibility, April 26th, the final day for all early-entry candidates to declare for the draft, and June 15th, the last day non-college prospects can withdraw.

The NBA’s official list of early entrants won’t come out until after April 26th, but until then, we’ll use this post to keep track of reports on prospects and their decisions. We’ll archive them all in a running list here, which will be accessible anytime under “Hoops Rumors Features” on the right sidebar.

The players below are in alphabetical order. For an idea of how they stack up against one another, check out the lists of the top prospects on DraftExpress and ESPN.com, as well as the Hoops Rumors Draft Prospect Power Rankings. If you have any corrections or omissions, please contact us.

The following players are top early-entry candidates who have decided to return to college. This doesn’t encompass every underclassman who’s decided to keep playing in school, but rather those whom either DraftExpress or ESPN.com listed as among the top 60 prospects when they made their respective decisions to return.

Note: Neither of these lists take into account seniors or overseas players who turn 22 in 2015, since they’re automatically draft-eligible. That also applies to Emmanuel Mudiay, who automatically entered the draft when he played professionally in China prior to January 1st this year.

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