Execs Think Kevin Durant Will Stay With Thunder

Most of the executives with whom Ken Berger of CBSSports.com has spoken at summer league think Kevin Durant will re-sign with the Thunder in free agency next summer. The Lakers, Mavericks and Wizards are among a small group of teams with any legitimate shot at the former MVP, Berger adds. The Knicks are also on the fringes, though Berger largely dismisses their candidacy.

Dallas had begun to think of itself as a contender for Durant when it had secured commitments from DeAndre Jordan and Wesley Matthews, and while Jordan’s well-publicized flip-flop might have hurt the confidence of the Mavs, it seems they’re still in the picture. An associate of Durant’s recently told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald that if Durant were to leave the Thunder, he would do so to sign with the Wizards, the forward’s hometown team. Another person close to Durant told Frank Isola of the New York Daily News several months ago that Durant could envision playing with the Knicks. An NBA GM told Adam Zagoria of SNY.tv around that same time that the Knicks had about the same shot as non-Thunder contenders for his services that at that point included the Clippers and Nets as well as the Wizards and Lakers.

The latest projected maximum salary for Durant, who’ll be a nine-year veteran after next season, is $24.9MM, according to former Nets executive Bobby Marks (Twitter link). The surging salary cap means 16 teams have at least $20MM in cap flexibility for next summer as it stands, Marks points out (All Twitter links). The Thunder aren’t among them, but they have Durant’s Bird rights to exceed the cap, and even after matching Portland’s max offer sheet to Enes Kanter on Sunday, they’re not in line to pay the luxury tax beyond 2015/16, even if they re-sign Durant, notes Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link).

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42 thoughts on “Execs Think Kevin Durant Will Stay With Thunder

  1. He’s headed to the east to rival Lebron.
    Absolutely shocked if he’s not in a wizards uniform this time next year.
    Westbrook is another story. He may stay and lead, yet will also likely head home to LA

    • Nathan Stalder

      that’s just what you want to happen, why would they both leave a great situation for a worse one

    • Sean Beikman

      Why would that be shocking? He was not drafted by the Wizards. KD is actually very loyal.

      • heatfan815

        Wouldn’t b loyal he done that already he needs to do what’s best for him and his family

  2. KD to DC

    He’s going to the Wizards. He has gotten nowhere with the thunder and Westbrook and Durant can’t be on he same tram

    • cj cj

      Only reason they haven’t gone anywhere is because on of their main players has been injured during the playoffs every since they went to the finials

      • heatfan815

        Well if he goes back to Okc heath or not they cant beat the new clippers nor the new spurs with Aldridge nor the warriors so y stay in Okc to do what fail again

    • Kevin

      Last time he had a fully fit run with this team he has “gotten nowhere with”, he reached the finals.

    • W.T. Johnston

      No where? He has played for a championship, and the western conference championship every year except when injuries killed them. What exactly have the Wizards done? They aren’t even close to the Thunder’s team. If the Wizards weren’t in the weak ass east the Wizards would have never even made the playoffs. With the up coming changes to the playoff format the Wizards will start to play real teams, which means you will return to your normal non-playoff position.

    • heatfan815

      Its ok wiz G.M is not lil pat Riley..riley would get Durant what ever he wants trust me but either or wiz …heat dont matter

  3. Jamey

    This news should be called “junk mail”. Same speculation with no facts on KDs decision.

  4. Dwayne

    Durant Westbrook and Ibaka will remain together they are the new san Antonio #ThunderNation

    • heatfan815

      And how is that first u have to beat the spurs then go win a title after that not choke up to Miami lol second u have to have a starting 5 not a 3 then u need bench play I can’t even name OKC bench no ways 3 u need a solid 2 not a bench 2 that starts because there’s nobody 4 who’s the center u need centers and forwards in the west ..OKC cant win no title with this team he might as well go 2 Miami lol

  5. Nobody in Oklahoma is surprised by this. It’s always people around the country that wonder why Durant would want to live and play in a town like OKC. No question that KD likes it here, the ownership has proven their commitment to win, and OKC has the best atmosphere and fans in the NBA.

  6. todot

    Didn’t we think Howard was going stay lamarcus, James,Allen,tmac,..this just a bunch summer time talk nothing to do, if history has though us anything espically last week , it ain’t offical until its on the dotted line . #soTHINKallyouwamt

  7. KD is going to stay put! Players aren’t swarming to large markets any longer! They want to win now. Wizards, Knicks, Lakers, or Dallas can’t offer that!

  8. Justise Winslow

    Lebron and Aldridge said this. So much can change over the season. I personally don’t see a reason to leave. Westbrook, kanter, ibaka that’s very good. But hey the east is easier and I’m sure he will test his options. Lol imagine if he went to the heat that would be crazy

  9. Alexander Maunu

    Kevin Durant has made no secret about wanting out of Oklahoma City. He wants to win but could honestly end up anywhere. Don’t believe anything until Durant himself says it’s so. Fans of every team either want him or claim he’s coming to their team, like they claim with every good player. Every team not located in Cleveland has a shot.

  10. Calling it now….he’s gonna join the Utah Jazz. Best all around young core that can compete for the next decade.

  11. None of the aforementioned destinations give KD anything to work with. It seems highly unlikely that he’d leave OKC for any of those. That being said, it seems fairly likely that he’ll look to get out of OKC if they don’t at least make the WCF this year (new coach, he might give it another go). If not, I see him more likely making a push to rejoin Harden in Houston than the Knicks, Wiz, or (WTF?) Mavs. I disagree that he’d look to go to the East, but if he did, ATL or a revived PHI would likely be his most attractive suitors.

  12. Chuck

    KD made $52 mm this year in the small market of OKC. If the Athunder win it all as I believe there is no chance he will leave as this squad is built for a long, long run.

  13. heatfan815

    No Durant is coming to south beach…why Stay in that crowded west when in fact in Miami he has bosh Whiteside Amare Gerald green and wade dragic Durant would win a title with team in miami

  14. al simmons

    I would be shocked if Durant makes it through this season without
    needing another foot operation.

  15. al simmons

    Westbrook & Durant are to Big Ball Hogs who do not play
    team ball anymore.
    Remember last season before KD went out, he was screaming at RW
    a couple different games to give him the ball (OKC was winning those games also, KD just wanted to pad his stats)
    I do not see these 2 co-existing & taking a team to a finals again.
    I myself would not want KD on my team.

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