Spurs Sign David West

JULY 17TH, 12:34pm: The signing is official, the team announced via press release.

10:08pm: It’s a one-year deal, as Jon Krawczynski of The Associated Press hears (Twitter link).

JULY 6TH, 3:27pm: The Spurs scored another free agent coup, agreeing to terms with David West, reports TNT’s David Aldridge (Twitter link). It’ll be for just the minimum salary, Aldridge adds (on Twitter). That’s a remarkable financial sacrifice for the sought-after veteran who turned down a $12.6MM player option with the Pacers last month.

Courtesy of USA Today Sports Images

Courtesy of USA Today Sports Images

The Cavaliers appeared to have the edge over San Antonio as of this weekend, but the Spurs beat Cleveland and a wider field of suitors that reportedly included the Wizards, Heat and Warriors. The Lance Young client denied a report that came out on draft night that he was likely to sign with the Knicks, making it clear that he instead wanted a team much closer to title contention.

West didn’t seem to have much interest in re-signing with the Pacers, having been turned off by the team’s open criticism of Roy Hibbert, and West believed that Indiana wasn’t close enough to title contention for his liking. The Pacers went to back-to-back Eastern Conference Finals in 2013 and 2014, but fell out of the playoffs this past season thanks chiefly to Paul George‘s injury and Lance Stephenson‘s departure.

San Antonio should give West no such reservations about his chances at a title. The agreement with West is just the latest coup for the Spurs, who’ve already agreed to sign LaMarcus Aldridge and to re-sign Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green. Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili have also said they’re playing again this season instead of retiring.

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15 thoughts on “Spurs Sign David West

  1. He is too slow, and won’t fit our playing style, we need a spark off the bench not some old scrub
    , I would’ve been ok with this a couple years ago. But now smh.

    • Adam K

      You just got a starting caliber player for less than 2 mil…Seriously man?

  2. Phunkdok

    I am thoroughly convinced that Spurs pay players under the table. No WAY West turns down 12 million times play for 1.5 million

    • Z.....

      This is honestly the reason the players should lock out the league. The salary cap forces these guys to give up money they shouldn’t have to. It’s not NEARLY as ridiculous as the NFL, but I’m sorry, people always talk about baseball contracts and how they have no cap. Well, the players get what they deserve…there is no reason duncan, parker, ginobli should have been paid as little as they have in the past, and nobody says anything. It’s great that these guys sacrifice. They shouldn’t have to

  3. i dont see how your down on this dm.. he fits perfectly next to both duncan/aldridge and can start on all the DNP nights for timmy.

    i bet timmy plays 2 more years now, maybe 3

    • Jeremy

      haha you cleveland people are turning into Laker fans… he signs with us “best ever”… he turns u down “he sucks anyway..”

  4. West is a great pick up..we are upgrading our bench…yeah his pass his prime but he is a great inside scorer and can shoot mid the mid range pretty well!!! Pop, R.C are going all in for one more push before timmy, manu are gone lets get it..

  5. Z.....

    David West is the perfect fit for them as a backup big after they moved Splitter to Atlanta and lost Aaron Baynes…and to get him for the minimum; wow. It shows you what they are as an organization, and what David west really is. He is a winning player, and obviously a great teammate after speaking out about the Hibbert situation. I’d been saying the same thing for months.

  6. Z.....

    If reports of what Duncan will get is true, they’ll have Duncan, Aldridge, and west at around $27 million this year….

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