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Hoops Rumors has a wealth of available resources readily at your disposal. From the most casual basketball fan to the hard-core salary cap aficionado, we have something for everyone to enjoy and delve into. We have you covered if you want to track the latest trades, browse all 30 team rosters, and find easy-to-read articles that explain the nuances of the collective bargaining agreement.

Here are some of the resources available at a glance:

  • Check out our expanded Roster Counts for each team’s current roster, as well as the contract status for each player.
  • Our Agency Database tells you the representation for all of your favorite players, and you can sort by team and agency.
  • If you want to know more about the nuances of the salary cap or some of the more complicated NBA roster rules, check out the Hoops Rumors Glossary.
  • You can stay on top of which draft-and-stash players have signed with NBA teams this offseason by checking here. We also have a full rundown of the signing status for each of the 2015 draftees here.
  • On Wednesdays at 3:00pm CT, Chuck Myron answers reader questions in a live chat. You can check out transcripts of our past discussions here.
  • Each week we answer readers’ questions in Hoops Rumors’ Weekly Mailbag. You can submit your queries to HoopsRumorsMailbag@Gmail.com.
  • You can see all of the traded future NBA Draft picks here.
  • Every Sunday we feature some of the best content from basketball blogs in our Hoops Links series.
  • Check out our Schedule of Salary Guarantee Dates to see when players’ contract guarantees kick in.
  • Over the summer Zach Links interviewed a number of potential NBA draftees as a part of our Draft Prospect Q&A Series.
  • You can stay up to date on all the 2015 NBA Draft signings here and the status of draft-and-stash players here.
  • You can keep track of all the players inked to 10-day deals from the 2006/07 season through today by going to our 10-Day Contract Tracker.
  • In our ongoing Trade Retrospective series, we look back at past trades to see how they turned out for all of the teams involved.
  • If you’re looking to catch up, our Week in Review posts compile the top news and rumors from the past seven days, while our Hoops Rumors Originals posts recap the site’s original content for the week. Both roundups are published every Sunday.
  • Curious as to how your team utilized the NBA D-League last season, check out our complete D-League Usage Reports for the 2014/15 campaign.
  • You can view each NBA teams’ salary cap breakdown for the 2015/16 season here.
  • We give you a turn in the spotlight when we showcase the best reader comments with our Hoops Rumors Featured Feedback posts.
  • You can view all of the NBA D-League team affiliations here.
  • Stay up to the minute on all of the breaking news and original content that we feature here at Hoops Rumors by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook, as well as Google+.
  • You can view the complete 2015/16 schedule for each NBA team here.
  • We profiled a number of players eligible for contract extensions as a part of our Extension Candidate Series.
  • Stay up to date on all of the NBA wheelings and dealings with our trade tracker.
  • You can view all of our 2015 NBA Draft prospect profiles here.
  • Our list of outstanding traded player exceptions is updated whenever a trade exception is created, used or expires.
  • We also keep track of all of the trade exceptions that are created as a result of these deals here.
  • We’re tracking each team’s use of the amnesty clause. Our complete table shows which clubs have used the provision and which still have it available.
  • You can keep up with the players who are eligible for restricted or unrestricted free agency after the 2015/16 season here, as well as those who are eligible after the 2016/17 season here.
  • Want to know the key days on the calendar for NBA player movement between now and the end of the 2015/16 regular season? You can find them here.
  • You can view all the players who are eligible for rookie scale extensions here, and veteran extensions here.
  • Want to keep up to date on all the rumors, signings, trades, and roster moves for all of your favorite baseball, football, and basketball teams? Download the free Trade Rumors app for iOS and Android devices. The Trade Rumors app is highly customizable. You can add feeds for any of the 92 MLB, NBA, and NFL teams, as well as for any of the thousands of players in our archives, by using the settings icon up top for iOS and the pencil icon up top for Android. You can create a multi-sport experience tailored to your specific interests, or you can limit your app entirely to one sport by removing the others.

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