2015 Prospect Profile Series

The hype surrounding this year’s draft class didn’t quite equal the attention 2014’s received, but there are still plenty of young players for teams and fans to get excited about. While there are a number of players at the top of the draft rankings who have superstar potential, the remainder of this year’s crop offers some intriguing possibilities. Hoops Rumors will be tracking all of the breaking developments, and one of the ways we’ll cover the potentially franchise-altering event will be to take a closer look at many of the prospects in line to hear their names called on June 25th.

Our list of Prospect Profiles will be updated in the weeks ahead as we build a comprehensive inventory of reports for your perusal. This post can be found anytime under “Hoops Rumors Features” on the right sidebar. The players we’ve profiled so far can be found below, sorted by their rankings on the DraftExpress list of the top 100 prospects for 2015.

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