Spurs Waive Jimmer Fredette

1:01pm: Fredette’s release is official, the team announced via press release.

10:18am: The Spurs are waiving former No. 10 overall pick Jimmer Fredette today, reports Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link). The ex-BYU star signed with San Antonio in late July on a one-year, minimum salary contract that was guaranteed for only $507,711, half of the full season’s salary, as Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders reported. The Spurs will be responsible for that amount if he clears waivers. It’s the latest fall from grace for the popular and once-heralded prospect who’s failed to gain traction in the NBA since the Kings drafted him in 2011.

The partially guaranteed contract meant that a spot on the regular season roster was no certainty, even though his partial guarantee was the league’s third largest for this season. A vaunted outside shooter coming out of college, he averaged only 2.0 points and 13.2 minutes per contest in two preseason appearances for San Antonio, failing to connect on all three of his three-point attempts. He made just 18.8% of his three-pointers last year with the Pelicans, though he’s a 38.1% shooter from behind the arc for his four-year NBA career.

Fredette’s scoring and minutes per game have decreased each year since he put up a modest 7.6 PPG in 18.6 MPG for the Kings in 2011/12. Sacramento waived his rookie scale contract in a buyout deal shortly after the trade deadline in 2014, and he signed with the Bulls soon thereafter. He rarely made it off the bench in Chicago and inked a one-year, fully guaranteed contract for the minimum salary with New Orleans in the summer of 2014.

The move will leave San Antonio with 17 players, since they’re also waiving Deshaun Thomas and Youssou Ndoye, as Charania reported earlier. The Spurs have 13 full guarantees plus a $749,594 commitment to Matt Bonner that represents the league’s largest partial guarantee for 2015/16.

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18 thoughts on “Spurs Waive Jimmer Fredette

  1. Dana Gauruder

    Jimmer’s had a disappointing NBA career; got a feeling he’ll wind up in Europe, if not this season, then next yeayr.

  2. Albert253

    Put him on our jv team the Austin toros to get more playing experience.

  3. Brendan

    Wizards should sign him after Sessions’ contract is up this year. He’s not a bad player. Needs PT and confidence.

  4. Menace

    Euro basketball might be whats best for jimmer. Unless he can get with a veteran shooting guard and he is willing to start the learning process again.

  5. He needs a fan base that loves him. That’s why he excelled at BYU. Send him to the Utah Jazz! The people will get behind him and rally with support which is what he needs.

  6. Deshaun

    I see him going to the Knicks playing in the triangle be something like an Derek fisher

  7. Derek

    The knicks are in big time need of a deadeye shooter…you lose a little on d, but you need guy that knocks down threes.

  8. Jimmer Lame

    WTF. How do the Spurs expect to win more than 15 games without Jimmer.

    The lesson is that while you don’t need to be super tall, super skilled or be a freak athlete, there is a minimum threshold for height, skill and athleticism. Being 3 or 4 inches too short for your position, not having a sick handle and having bottom basement physical tools, is too much to overcome in today’s NBA.

    If Spwimmer had a modicum of point guard skills, maybe he could have been a mediocre backup point guard. 3rd string. But a 5’11” shooting guard, with an ok handle, slow speed and no leaping ability is not a hot commodity. Primarily because it makes you very close to useless.

  9. Bigjohnny

    Only place I see him going is either miami, okc, jazz, or the Europe league

  10. I say COME TO LA join Upshaw on the D-fenders he could help win a D league chip

  11. Justin

    He must’ve been pretty bad to not even get much PT during the preseason, and get to show what he can do to other teams—and make them eat the half million (assuming they weren’t in talks to get another team to take him)

  12. no i think he ends up in europe, just seems like the most likely option. he can score over there.

  13. Ive been rooting for him since he step foot in the NBA. Saddened that he hasnt found his footing on a team, any team. Maybe going overseas is an option. Build up some character and improve his skill set.

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