Celtics Interested In Hawks’ Teague, Horford

The Celtics have contacted the Hawks to gauge the availability of both Jeff Teague and Al Horford, CSNNE’s Chris Mannix relayed during the network’s broadcast of Friday’s game against the Magic (h/t Darren Hartwell of NESN.com). “Atlanta, I’ve been told, is ready to turn the page, to give the team to Dennis Schröder , their young point guard, who is ready to step up and be a starter,” Mannix said. “Teague is available because Teague has some value. He has another year left on his contract, about $8MM per year, and teams across the league are looking to get him.” The idea that Atlanta is prepared to turn the team over to Schröder runs counter to a report by Zach Lowe of ESPN.com which relayed that the Hawks have “major trust issues” with Schröder, and were hesitant to part with Teague as a result.

I’ve heard that Boston’s inquired about several players with Atlanta, Teague and Al Horford,” Mannix added. “Teague might seem like a weird fit with this team because they already have point guards, but he is an asset, He’s someone the Celtics could be interested in.” The point guards who Mannix refers to are Isaiah Thomas, who was selected as an All-Star reserve, and 2014 lottery pick Marcus Smart, who has struggled with injuries and his outside shooting since entering the NBA. Teague is making $8MM this year and is set to pull in the same next season as part of the four-year offer sheet he signed with the Bucks in 2013. Atlanta matched that bid, electing to retain him just weeks after drafting Schröder 17th overall.

Celtics executive Danny Ainge is seeking to add a star player to the roster, and Teague would certainly qualify as that, though Boston certainly has more pressing roster and rotation needs. One of those needs is a star big man, a description that Horford most definitely fits, but acquiring the center would represent a greater risk than landing Teague would, as Mannix noted. “Horford, a little more difficult. It would be a gamble going after Al Horford because Al Horford is in the last year of his deal and he’s going to command a salary north of $20MM next year. But as we know and as I just said, Ainge is a gambling GM. He could make a move like that, too.” The 29-year-old has appeared in 48 contests this season and is averaging 15.2 points and 7.1 rebounds on 53.7% shooting.

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11 thoughts on “Celtics Interested In Hawks’ Teague, Horford

  1. Arthur Hill

    I don’t know if Atlanta is interested, but this is the type of deal the Celtics need to make. Trade multiple assets to acquire a star.

    • Where is the “star”? Are we talking about Teague who is a very good point guard, but not a star, or horford who is averaging 15 and 7? No, 15-7 is no star neither

    • Gargs Allard

      This is exactly the type of deal the Celtics should not make. At PG Thomas is better than Teague and Smart has more upside than Teague. In the front court, Horford will soon be surpassed in quality by Sullinger, Olynyk and Mickey Jordan, and at a fraction of the cost. The Celtics need superstars or near superstars and should not give up their Brooklyn picks for anything but that.

  2. “Celtics executive Danny Ainge is seeking to add a star player to the roster, and Teague would certainly qualify as that”…. Ummm, what? Teague is a solid pg…but a” star”? Eh…

  3. Dave4585

    Stupid for the Celtics, they have two competent PGs and already have assets if they wanna trade including draft picks. Celtics don’t need another “good” player they have a bunch what they need is a star player. I don’t know if they feel they can grab Teague and package him or another PG to acquire a star, I just don’t think the move gets them anywhere

  4. robert

    it may be worth the risk.. horford will fit well with this team and we can flip teague and get better assets or players or draft picks.. its a descent deal

    • The only way this would be a decent deal is if it included Lee and some of our lesser picks (mostly the 2nd rounders). Otherwise, forget it…we already have a borderline star. What we need is a superstar or at least a borderline superstar. Horford and Teague will just use up assets and be pretty redundant.

  5. John Robinson

    Wonder what Hartwell’s sources are. But being in Atlanta and hearing Konnin and Coach Bud speak often on 92.9 the game…they’re listening but won’t be pulling any triggers. Bud’s system emphasizes continuity. Lowe sounds more accurate there is a maturity and trust issue w Schroder especially by the fans.

  6. Gargs Allard

    These moves would only acquire redundant players at best unless Ainge plans to flip someone like Teague in a deal to get a better player than the ones discussed here. Isaiah Thomas is a better player than Teague and the front court is already jammed with decent players. Horford will be a lesser player than Sullinger, Olynyk and Mickey Jordan in just a year or two, maybe a little longer for Jordan, because Jordan has a ton of upside and is real young at the moment. So again, unless this is part of a move to get a Love or even a Galinari, I would skip it. And I certainly wouldn’t move any of our upcoming picks from Brooklyn for even both Teague and Horford. Those could turn to pure gold or at least help us get a bonafide superstar at least prior to next season.

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