Bucks Open To Trading Monroe, Carter-Williams

The Bucks have let other teams know that Greg Monroe is available for the right price, and the team is also receptive to trading Michael Carter-Williams, reports Gery Woelfel of The Journal Times. Giannis Antetokounmpo is the only Bucks player completely off-limits for a deal, though it would take a “crazy” offer to pry Jabari Parker or Khris Middleton from Milwaukee, a league executive said to Woelfel. Several people around the league have said they’d be surprised if the Bucks don’t make a significant trade, with the deadline looming two weeks from today, Woelfel adds.

Bucks GM John Hammond said recently that he “can’t imagine life without” Monroe, whom the team surprisingly landed in free agency on a three-year max deal, though coach Jason Kidd controls player personnel, as Woelfel has heard. It’s unclear what Milwaukee would demand in return for the former Piston. Monroe reportedly met with the Knicks, Lakers and Trail Blazers, all of whom apparently made max offers, before he signed with Milwaukee this past July. He can opt out after next season.

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Carter-Williams, like Monroe, was part of a six-man core that Hammond alluded to this past offseason. He’s nonetheless failed to impress since coming over in a controversial deadline trade a year ago, and Kidd benched him for a stretch of 10 games earlier this season. He’s returned to the starting lineup, but his points and minutes per game are down for a second season in a row since he won the Rookie of the Year award in 2013/14. His 31.7% 3-point shooting is a career best, but he’s taking fewer 3-pointers than in the past, attempting only 41 so far this season.

Milwaukee is 20-31 and in 13th place in the Eastern Conference after making the playoffs a year ago. The Bucks have lost six of their last seven games.

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140 thoughts on “Bucks Open To Trading Monroe, Carter-Williams

        • Scott

          Outside of the Nets pick and maybe Smart and Bradley , the Celtics have no assets. The Celtics are filled with mediocre players with little trade value.

          • Durkin

            So you say they have no players and they are in third place….you probably are a LaBrone fan….

          • What are you talking about? I am a Bucks fan, but you have to realize the Celtics have a lot of assets the Bucks should covet. They have depth, young players and veterans. Bucks have nothing off the bench, we have awful depth in the back/front courts. Stop. I would take Smart/Hunter/Mickey/Rozier/Crowder/1st Rd, any combo of that, for MCW and Monroe. We need depth. We have none. Please do not be delusional.

            • James

              I think you are looking for a bit too much there. I think Smart has huge value and so does the Nets first this year. Smart + the first and maybe Hunter for Monroe and MCW would be pretty equal IMO and would do it in a second as a Bucks fan.

            • Scott

              Lol. According to that trade proposal, the bucks would be projected for 9 more losses.

        • SimonSays

          Not a Bucks fan so with an unbiased opinion, that’s no where near a fair trade. 2 nobodys and a high volume shot taker (not shot maker) for a pretty decent scorer and a valuable big man capable of a double double every night, that trade only favors the Lakers. In order for the Bucks to EVEN consider a deal like that, they would have to add their first pick in the draft and we all know the Lakers wouldn’t give that up for Mayo and Monroe so that trade scenario you gave wouldn’t make sense.

        • Cause that trade is absolutely terrible. What value are the Bucks getting? Hibbert is terrible, Kelly is nothing more than a backup stretch 4/fifth big man and Lou Williams is an undersized sixth man. OJ Mayo is essentially the same player as Lou so you’re looking at a Hibbert and Kelly for Monroe deal. I’m going to assume you’re a Lakers fan, since that is probably the only scenario where that trade might make sense as a fan, so if the roles were reversed, would you do a Monroe and Mayo deal for Hibbert, Williams and Kelly? If not, its probably not a good trade.

          • JbeeZee

            If I’m the Bucks I would relish the chance to erase a $16mil free agency mistake by swapping Monroe for Hibbert’s expiring and acquiring a real stretch four (Kelly) who is nobody right now but not for long with the right team and getting a proven scorer that defenses respect in return for a shooter no one respects like MCW. Bucks have nice pieces that don’t compliment each other and would look better on other teams.

  1. Aaron

    Ill take MCW and Greg in Portland. Bolster both the back up point position and the center position.

    • I (bucks fan) want to see us get mccollum out of that somehow. even if he’s all we get

    • As a Bucks fan I would do Monroe for something like Davis, Crabbe and a first rounder.

  2. What would it take to get Tyler Ennis out of Milwaukee? A second round pick?

      • victor

        can someone fill me in on the value of hording 2nd round picks and late first rounders i mean like 90 percent of them do not make a impact in the league but i feel here in the last 8 years your starting to see teams over value late and 2nd rd picks…

  3. Steve in Chicago

    Nobody wants MCW. Cat is out of the bag and he can’t shoot worth a damn. Monroe has a decent contract so wouldn’t be surprised to see him go somewhere but they really stepped in it twice if their big acquisitions from a year ago are now on the block. Kidd doesn’t seem to know what personality he wants for his team.

  4. Bama in Bayview

    How about we DONT trade away Monroe and move Parker or KIDD!! Wtf is going on!?! Monroe is a beast and Kidd SUCKS at coaching big men and PG’s…so far. So let’s just leave IT ALONE or trade Jabari who CLEARLY doesn’t fit and while he has some value NOW! He’s going to be totally worthless in 3 years and Anthony Bennett like! MAX VALUE NOW! Screw his upside. He’s wrecking Giannis’ game and we ALL KNOW HES THE BEST PLAYER ON THE TEAM OUTSIDE OF MIDDLETON AND MONROE! I HATE JASON KIDD. HE’s a cancer and ruining EVERYTHING Hammond has built and picking and choosing his players. This is a joke. SHAME ON YOU LASRY AND EDENS!! Take a damn stand!! Fire Kidd and let Prunty handle the business or have Kidd be a assistant. Kidd has the “EWING” coaching disease! And he’s a power hungry ego maniac!! Ahhhhh!!!

    • badgers4194

      I agree with getting rid of Kidd. We did better when he was out. But gotta keep Jabari. He’s only a year removed from ACL surgery. Next year will be the year we know if he’s boom or bust. But this is Giannis’ team.

      • Hammer238

        Get rid of Parker now before his value drops.Need stretch four backup center,more perimeter shooting.Pelicans Anderson in a package might be a good fit.Or a package with picks and players from Boston

    • Hammer238

      I agree about Parker,he has no range,and playing out of position ,he is a small forward.This is same team as last year but with Parker .Trade Parker for a stretch four and backup defensive center.Bucks lack 3 point shooters.Monroe would be more effective surrounded by 3 point shooters.

  5. victor

    i think blowing the team up would be a big mistake .. they are only really lacking a true point guard to run the ship … maybe a ty lawson,teague,calderon ?

    • JbeeZee

      I think your optimism is misguided Victor. Unless Parker, MCW or Giannis develops a consistent 3pt shot they will continue to hinder each other’s potential. What happened to Parker’s jumper anyway?

    • Spencer

      lol are you serious? those 2 don’t even come close to lillard’s value and Portland is never going to trade him

      • victor

        i think lilard is in portland for the long haul .. they are going to get a big to match up with him and they will be set to contend next year i think.

    • Jordan Clarkson is playing on an expiring contract. And since he was a second round pic, not a first, he will be an unrestricted free agent after the season free to sign with any team.

      • Dorian

        Jake stop given the people wrong info. He is a restricted free agent and as a 2nd round pck he falls under the “Gibert Arenas” rule! The most he can sign for next year is 5.6 million and the Lakers can and obviously will match any offer he gets.

  6. Tyler

    Mcw Greg Monroe 2016 first rnd pick 2017 2nd for deangelo Russell and Hibbert

  7. The Bucks already screwed up their whole rebuilding effort when they decided to keep Middleton instead of Brandon knight..knight keeps improving, and it’s obvious to anyone with a clue that Middleton is never going to get any better, in fact he’s been pathetic…doesn’t matter how many pts u score if the opposing sg scores about 25 a game when middletons guarding them…mcw is already the second coming of Anthony Bennett and the Bucks just don’t know how to use Parker unfortunately…bottom line, move Parker to the 3 Gianni’s to the 4 and blow the rest up again…otherwise, they’ll be lucky to ever see the playoffs again with the way they draft like they didn’t even scout the prospects

    • Middleton > Knight. Knight is a low-efficient scoring PG. Needs the ball in his hands. Middleton fits perfectly with Giannis/Jabari, as he has a very good and improving face-up game as well as the ability to be a spot-up shooter.

  8. Scott

    Let’s think about this….. Bucks need a point guard… Clearly! Jeff Teague was signed to a max offer from the bucks before the Hawks matched the offer. I think Teague would be a perfect fit for the bucks. Might take some trading to really make it work, but I think it would fit. On the other hand… Lawson wouldn’t be a bad fit either. Worked in Denver with an “up and down” style team. Using Henson in the McGee role from Denver could work. I would probably cry if Monroe was traded tho

    • Yonno86

      if jeff teague ever becomes a buck i will move out of the state. IF MCW is so bad how come his shooting percentage is higher than teague? teague plays hard every 5th game and dissapears into the corner 90% of the game. easily one of the most overrated pg’s in the league. atlanta realizes it hence the playing time for schroeder has significantly increased

      • victor

        MCW has a good % because most of this shots are lay ups , but i do think there is something to be said that the bucks need a legit playmaker and someone who can feed gianis and monroe for easy buckets .. which i think brings it back to ty lawson … maybe a parker/mayo for lawson…

          • victor

            am i missing something has parker done anything ? because lawson is a proven 14 and 8 … and its not like point guards like that grow on trees …

            • He has only played 70 games with a torn ACL in the middle. He is 20 years old. And it is not like he is stinking up the joint. He is averaging 11 a game as the 4th scoring option. And Lawson “used to be” a 14 and 8 guy. Why don’t we trade our 20 year old lottery pick for a 28 year old drunk. Sounds like a great way to get fired.

              • victor

                i think lawson puts you in the playoffs this year.. you have to give up something to get something .. what you are going to draft a pg ? fair enough and how many years until that pg develops .. lawson is going to be good for atleast 4 more years … so thats 4 years of lawson , freek and monroe with middleton .. and all you have to do is give up on a 20 year old tweener … who may or may not be the next what marion ?

  9. Yonno86

    I’m assuming most people reading or commenting never actually watch the Bucks play and just look at statistics. The whole issue here is Jabari is a tweener and Monroe is not a Center. Monroe is a PF, When we play teams with a scoring PF and scoring Center we struggle immensely down low on defense. Hence why ZAZA was a huge loss. We need a statue Center to compliment Monroe and this would mean trading Jabari Parker for a guy like Brook Lopez for example. MCW cant shoot but neither can derek rose and he was once upon a time the MVP. trading MCW would be a huge mistake, if the Bucks think jerryd bayless is the answer…come on. hes great off the bench yes but no where near elite. MCW is young and so darn athetic, give him some more time. Go get a Center for defense and go small at the end of the 1st quarter and beginning of 2nd quarter and run a little bit. BTW MCW was spectacular against the kings and has shown at times he can be elite, just not consistent, again that revolves around the whole team being inconsistent. This is a good core dont eff it up. You got a gift with getting Monroe in the first place. I told my buddies man if the bucks could land a true PF they are going to be in the eastern conference finals, I’m like a guy like Greg Monroe would be perfect. THen
    we traded ZAZA. NOOO!!! jabari is not a PF, he’s going to have to guard guys like MILLSAP AND LOVE, um nope not going to work.

    Perfect Lineup: MCW, Middleton, Giannis, Monroe, make a move for Lopez, Olynk, clearly a Howard or Whiteside wouldnt want to be in Milwaukee.

    • scott

      You’re spot on that Milwaukee needs a bigger, defensive rebounding Center to pair with Monroe. I wouldn’t trade Parker away so soon for that however. I think patience is key. They might need to ride out this year, maybe look for a small trade or two to tweak the roster, then wait a year or even two to sign a younger center who is looking for a bigger contract and expanded role. To me, Milwaukee is also missing a stretch 4 like Illyasova and Dudley, who played that role a little off the bench last season.

      • Yonno86

        I’d hate to see Jabari gone, but what other bargaining piece do we have? Middleton is only guy that can knock down the outside shot. A few times this year watching Jabari get a long rebound and taking it up the court, wow he is so fast. Maybe they can get giannis some protein shakes and put 40 lbs of muscle on him and make him the most athletic PF in the game. You cant replace how awesome Brandon KNight was but he wasnt going to sign here anyway. I bet he wishes he was still in MLW. He could knock down some tough outside shots especially in clutch time.

        • victor

          i think that would be huge for the bucks .. depending on how much game noah has left he is a legit playmaker at the center spot … but something tells me noah wants a ring and it would not shock me to see him sign say in golden state if they cut ties with bogut.

    • Pistons Fan

      Yeah, that’s definitely what Monroe needs, another big man to stand next to. Not a bucks fan but I am a Pistons fan and I can tell you that’s not going to work. Monroe absolutely cannot play the 4, he clogs up the lane and is useless on defense against stretch 4s (and pretty much every 4 is a stretch 4 these days).

      • jschliewe

        I agree! Why in the world would we want to get bigger and slower? Clearly the NBA is going the opposite way. Let’s clog the lane a little more so Giannis has absolutely no room to operate! Trade Monroe and Henson needs to start! In case no one has noticed he is 6th in the league in BPG and only playing 16 MinPG. He is second only to Whiteside in Blocks/48min. We have a defensive center already.

  10. I still can’t believe Hinkie got the Lakers pick for MCW. Amazing trade for Philly. Even if the Lakers pick does not convey at 4 this year, it almost certainly conveys next year in one of the deeper drafts ever.

    • While the pick was traded in the deal it’s been said the pick was never on the table for the Bucks to take. Wishful thinking.

      • Sure it was on the table. The Bucks could have gotten the Lakers pick for Knight directly from the Suns. But they didn’t want that pick. Kidd wanted Carter-Williams instead, so they contacted Philly and Philly gladly accepted the Lakers pick from the Suns.

        • No, the actually wasn’t on the table for the bucks. It is wishful thinking by you

  11. blessed

    How stupid to trade Monroe. John Hammond why put on the puppet suit and tie every morning if Jason is pulling the sttings? Trading Monroe is the worst idea and only tells future top free agents their fate could be the same if in a Bucks uniform. THINK!

    • victor

      kidd reminds me alot of isiah thomas .. just a ego maniac and out of control as a coach/ gm

    • The bucks aren’t going to give these guys away for expirings, would have to add jones or capella to even start the conversation, they likely wouldn’t even want Howard

      • victor

        as a rocket fan i would love this deal .. but i dont see how bucks could do it .. dwight would walk at end of year … and you would loose monroe for nothing.

    • lol what exactly are the bucks getting in that? They don’t need win now guys who are going to leave, talk about a homer bulls trade lmao

    • victor

      huh why would the bucks give up all that .. they could just sign noah or pau in the offseason .. if they watned which i dont know why they would…

  12. Chris J

    Middleton is the best player on this team. Giannis can not shoot and never will be more than a 3 ft and in scorer.

    • victor

      giannis will develop give him time another 2 years and he will be talked about with the games elite i think …

    • Giannis is 21 and already averaging 15 ppg. He needs to have more aggression and start being a playmaker. But he already has very good efficiency. He will be a 20+ppg, 6rpg+, 5apg+ player next year/two years.

      • James

        If you think Giannis needs more aggression then you do not watch Bucks games.

  13. Chris J

    3 starters can not shoot and 2 can not defend. Coaches don’t teach. There’s the problem.

  14. Steve

    There better not be a trade! We were starting to roll last year going into the break and than what i call the worst trade in the history of the milwaukee bucks. We trade brandan knight. We completely blew up the chemistry of this team. The kid played his heart out every night. You dont part with players like that, than the off season we trade all the veterens. Bucks fans were sold on the idea that were a young team that needs time. If a huge trade is made the person who made those decisions needs to be fired immediately! And i can’t understand all this talk about a huge trade when kidd wont even alter the starting lineup. Why does jabari get so much time? WTF? Maaaaaan fu-k basketball

    • Scott

      Knight was unlikely to resign with Milwaukee, so they at least got something for him. If remember correctly, they could have done a trade that didn’t include Philly and MCW. The Suns wanted to give Dragic and the Lakers protected pick to them, but Milwaukee wanted MCW. In hindsight that was a mistake. I agree that Milwaukee is missing the vets that were traded away in the offseason.

      • Knight would have resigned, the issue was he was and is not the PG this team was looking to develop around. I don’t think MCW ever was either but it was get something and hope vs let him walk type deal. MKE was set on Middleton last year and executed a deal to get something instead of nothing. Did they fail? Maybe, but if the plan all along was to let Knight walk which seemed likely they still have an asset, even if not a very good one.

    • Scott

      Lets not forget how bad the suns are with Knight right now. I think they are on a 2-17 run at the moment.

    • The worst trade in the history of the Milwaukee Bucks? You must not have been around when they traded Ray Allen for 3 months of Gary Payton.

    • Bossman

      They dont want players who always on a poster and misses wide open game winning layups

  15. Dylan

    I think the Bucks should keep Monroe for now and see how it plays out, maybe with a shooting point guard space will open up. But I think MCW should go and a trade of MCW, Vasquez, and Plumlee for Teague would work for both teams. Bucks get the point guard they have wanted and Hawks get a cheap replacement in MCW and cap relief with Vasquez expiring contract, and Plumlee could provide good defense down low for them.

    • Milbosboy

      The problem is that the bucks have too many people that dominates the ball they need filter players. Players that are there to spread the floor and play defense. The players that make sense to trade Is jabari, mayo, vasquez and Henson. For a decent back up center ,stretch 4 and a shooter at the 2.

      Take pheonix, celtics and bucks
      Pheonix get bucks 2016 pick, celtics late 1st rd pick, oj mayo. And skully

      Bucks get markiff Morris, PJ tucker, RJ hunter and 2nd round pick from Boston

      Celtics get jarbari and John Henson.

      • Scott

        I doubt the Bucks are willing to give up Parker(last years #2 pick), Henson(just signed long-term contract) and their 1st round pick(likely a lottery pick) for Morris, Tucker, Hunter, and a 2nd rd pick.

        • I would give up Henson, he sucks. Why we gave him 10 mil a year will always be a mystery. Good player to play a back-up role of 15-20 mpg but nothing else. weak player

      • Scott

        Lol, I didn’t see that you had Mayo involved as well. Worst trade proposal I’ve seen in a while. Bucks would never consider this ever.

      • Seriously…..just stop. The days of trading the future for 3 or 4 wins are gone.

        Let’s break this trade down, shall we?

        Bucks trade: Henson, Jabari, Mayo, Lottery Pick

        Celtics trade: Hunter, Sullinger? (i assume that is who Skully is?), 1st round pick, 2nd round pick

        Suns trade: Morris, Tucker

        Please provide some reasoning as to why Milwaukee would do this and/or send some of whatever you’re smoking to Wisconsin. Thanks in advance.

        • Milbosboy

          Well it’s simple the BUCKS need people who spread the floor you which tucker, Hunter and Morris can do better than any body the bucks currently have. You have to include mayo for salary reasons as well and if you know anything about basket ball you know you don’t use a Lottery pick for filter players you can the make those picks in the late first round or 2nd round which is the reason for the 2nd pick. Then the nect thing you’ll are overlooking is that the bucks aren’t suppose to be in the lottery anyway do think monroe would have went there if he thought their primary focus was developing Parker jump shot and not competing in the playoffs this yr. You have to stop focusing on names and focus on style and the system because all those players I l u listed fill a vital need that the bucks don’t have. That plus fact you have to find teams that are willing to make trades and of course celtics and PHX are 2 of them. Hope this helps.

          • It doesn’t, at all.

            I agree that going into the season, the Bucks weren’t supposed to be in the lottery. That being said, it appears to be where they are heading. But that isn’t even the biggest issue.

            Giving up on the #2 pick from a year ago, that has played 70 total professional games (and as many before me have mentioned, about 50 of those games are coming off of a torn ACL) would be a huge mistake. The Bucks are building themselves for the long term. If you think that PJ Tucker and Markieff Morris are better fits long term than Jabari Parker and John Henson….well…..I’m glad you’re not our GM.

            Also, Rashad Vaughn > RJ Hunter. So there’s that too.

            Are you a Celtics fan or Suns fan?

            • Milbosboy

              So how long do you think monroe is going to stay and if he leaves it hurts the bucks chances of landing another top tier free agent. So you basically feel the bucks need to continue to rebuild and not focus on winning now if that’s the case they need to trade monroe because I assure you the route your talking about going he’s not going stick around for that. And I’m from Milwaukee so I hate seeing the bucks be this bad you apparently don’t know anything about any of the guys I named and your continue to overlook the fact that milwaukee core is still young greek is 21 Middleton is 22 or 23 monroe is 25 and the guys i said they should consider hunter is 22 and has the potential to be one best shooters in the league go do some research and tucker is 27 which isn’t old but he is a vet which is something the bucks need and Morris is 610 and can spread the floor and he’s only 26 so bucks future is still looking bright you have to understand basket for this makes sense and I’m not saying that the bucks should trade for those particular players but that they need those style of players. And to win now jabari is the odd man out Case close

              • I can’t tell if you’re trolling or not.

                I hated the Monroe signing from the start. He was never a good long-term piece for this team. He clogs up the middle and plays poor defense. They should have never signed him (in my opinion), but If they can have him for half of a season and flip him for more assets, I’m all for it.

                You’ll just have to accept that we see the players mentioned in a different light. In fact, I think you might have to accept that you are the only person on the planet that thinks the above mentioned trade is equitable.

              • Also, just because the Bucks exceeded expectations last year doesn’t mean that they’re now in a “win now” mode. That’s a ridiculous thought. They’re building for the long term, as I mentioned in my comment earlier.

    • Milbosboy

      See the thing is the bucks aren’t still in a rebuilding stage the only reason monroe went there was because he felt that he was the missing piece to take the bucks to the next level the Bucks DON’T SUPPOSE to be in the lottery again they already have their core they just have too much. The success for any team is to establish a system and core to fit that system. The bucks are trying to do it the other way around and that never works. They can’t trade the greek freak because he’s their best player. they cant afford to trade Middleton because he’s their only 3andD player and as of right now greg monroe is their most consistent player so you cant move him. That leaves jarbari out. Their hurting jabari’s growth, slowing down the greek freaks growth and jarbari doesn’t fit next to monroe all at the same time.

      • I love all the non MKE comments here who really have no clue. First off Middletons d has sucked this year. The team is in many ways playing 3 SF on the floor at once, 2 of whom struggle to shoot at this stage of their career.

        So many outsiders and even some locals are passing judgement that Jabari is “just a guy” “doesn’t fit”, these are the same people who complained about Kohl and his knee jerk reactions. Parker for one has 70 games under his belt, roughly 50 of them coming a year removed from an acl injury. Considering he for the most part was limited to what he could do in his time off and is near the equivalent of a rookie I think we must be patient. We also need to ask him to be more selfish and try to create more for himself, he defers far too often. Defensively is he poor, yes he can be but his on ball defense is average, its the switching and help defense where he struggles most. That being the reason you need a rim protector behind him, not just a rim protector but someone who will not require a high usage offensively and be a guy who cleans the glass. I want Giannis/Jabari taking more shots even if we struggle short term. These guys are 20/21 and been labeled our future.

        • People are being ridiculous with this “Jabari doesn’t fit” BS. Once his jumper develops(which it will) he will be tough. Don’t you think Henson can be the defensive center? I think he is an ELITE shot blocker(2nd in Blocks/48min). He just needs the minutes. He finishes well around the rim and is a great P&R guy. And I think he is just good enough at the line to not trigger a Hack-a-shaq!

        • Milbosboy

          You make valid points however the point you and a lot of people are missing is that bucks aren’t Rebuilding the bucks were projected to a top 5 team at least this yr with the addition of monroe and Middleton D maybe down from last season that doesn’t change the fact he’s still the BUCKS best 3andD player they literally don’t have another one. And your correct they have 3 players that would traditionally play the 3 which is why you have to trade one them. And Henson is a great defender but he doesn’t fit well next to monroe. Why do yall think the bucks have only won 20 games….heres the answer THEY HAVE TOO MANY BALL DOMINATERS….and yall keep saying don’t trade parker which I like parker a lot but is he the guy that they’re building around it doesn’t look like anymore….and now they’re trying to make him a stretch 4 lol get the hell Otta here do yall know how many yrs that could take. Man yall can’t be real bucks fans.

        • Milbosboy

          Middleton D being down this season doesn’t change the fact that Middleton is the BUCKS best 3andD player. And jabari is cold I like jabari but again bucks aren’t in Rebuilding stage and the problem is that at 1st the bucks were building around jabari now they’re trying make him a stretch 4 do you know how many yrs that could take doesn’t make sense for a team that’s trying to win now. Which leads to my next point the bucks could very well wait and develop jabari but do you think monroe is going to stick around for that when you could trade him for like 2 players that fit better right now…jabari is entirely too good for them to try make a stretch 4. The bucks have only won 20 games this reason..and it’s because they have great players but the wrong blend of players…..got to make some decisions trade monroe and focus on building around jabari or trade jabari and focus on winning now which is what the plan was for this season.

  16. Mario stephen

    The Celtics should offer David Lee and Avery Bradley for Greg Monroe and MCW and a 2nd round pick

    • victor

      i think it would take thomas , lee ,sullinger and that first rounder they got if they wanted monroe and even then i dont think you throw mcw in mix but try to give them vazquez and maybe mayo. monroe is a legit top power foward the same can not be said about thomas or bradley.

  17. julian

    trade tristan thompson, 10 m trade exception and a first round pick for monroe

  18. Dorian

    I’m not a Bucks fan so I’m curious what you guys think, but if Monroe is really on the block or not even the thought of it being possible is going to hurt the Bucks. He shocked the world and turned down the Lakers to sign there and if he is on the block a half a season into the 1st year of his deal, other free agents will look sideways at signing with the Bucks! They can turn and be sellers quick.

    • Milbosboy

      See thats my point he only went there because he felt he was missing piece to take bucks to the next level. With talent the bucks have its make no sense for to be back in the lottery again and who could they get to help without trading one or two of their current players. Your correct they destroying their chances at getting any body because the GM went from making the playoffs to winning only 20 games and not being willing to my make the necessary moves to make the Team better now. It’s NO WAY the bucks can
      keep jabari, Greek freak, carter, monroe and Henson and get better because they none of these guys can play off the ball they all require the ball in their hands to be contribute on OFFENSE. TWO OF THESE GUYS GOT TO GO! Period and Greek is off limits

    • Maybe if embiid was healthy, that way philly would feel safe dumping a center.

    • Milbosboy

      Lol no….monroe needs to be by a stretch 4 off the ball player like ryan anderson and Davis needs a rim protector neol.

      • If you trade Moose, I give up.

        Moose can hit a mid range jump shot. I wouldn’t call that much of a stretch 4 like 3 point shooting Anderson….do you watch Basketball?

  19. victor

    lets get this to 100 guys who knew the bucks could stir up so many trolls.

  20. If you trade Moose, I give up.

    We sure as ever better not trade our #2 pick like people are suggesting. Torn ACL last year and this is basically his ‘rookie campaign’ give him time, he’s playing well! Trade Williams, he was the worst addition we got before, can’t play.

  21. Aaron

    I say we shop MCW and if we can get something of value in return like a pick a young PG who can pass and shoot. Hang onto Monroe he’s a machine in the paint. I say we tank for the rest of the year and try and get Kris Dunn or one of the stellar point guards coming out this year. It’s not like we’re going to make or win in the playoffs just wait another year so Jabari and Giannis can learn how to shoot. That’s the biggest issue right now is we have only one legit 3 point shooter in Middleton.

  22. James

    Monroe and MCW to Boston for Marcus Smart and the Nets 2016 1st (likely top 6). Who says no?

    Boston seems like the best fit.

    Also, stop proposing equal to below value trades for Jabari. Bucks are going to need to win any move to Jabari.

  23. Bossman

    I know im late but hear we go jabari and monroe wont work together no defense so i propose either move monroe to the bench and start henson bench gets better staring defense gets better or if a move has to happen Monroe and mcw to boston for thomas and david lee i dont know if he washed up or just not gettin time or trade monroe and mcw for al hordford and any shooter and let bayless start this season and search for a pg in the off season

  24. These maybe some of the most unintelligent, biased comments I’ve read anywhere (I’m talking to you Lakers fans). Guys watch some (bucks) games before you express opinions. Bucks stand pat, develop, evaluation next season.

  25. Giving up on jabari already is ridiculous… Trade MCW for a point that can shoot and pass

  26. Zuelke

    I think that bucks should wait out the rest of the season to see if this core is truly not meshing well. Then if they are not they could make this deal with the pacers. link to espn.go.com
    The bucks would also need a first round draft pick for this trade to make sense for me at least. However I am a bucks fan so please let me know if you think that this trade is too biased towards the bucks or if I didn’t ask for enough from the pacers

  27. Don't Panic

    Listen bottom line. If you want to make a trade let it be MCW. Other than him or the veteran bench guys every one else can stay. We need to allow these guys to build chemistry. But lets bring back Brandon Jennings and offer him a contract in the offseason. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a return

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