Jazz Mull Trade For Jeff Teague

The Jazz are considering a run at trading for Jeff Teague, multiple league sources told Andy Larsen of KSL.com, who cautions that no formal contact has taken place between Utah and the Hawks. The Jazz are open to a deal if the right opportunity arises but aren’t actively seeking a trade, tweets Tony Jones of The Salt Lake Tribune, who adds that they’re enamored with the injured Dante Exum and remain 100% committed to him (Twitter link). Nonetheless, Utah has been “poking around” the market for a point guard, several league sources told Zach Lowe of ESPN.com for a report last week.

Atlanta has reportedly been talking with other teams about Teague, including apparent preliminary discussions with the Knicks, and the Celtics have reportedly contacted the Hawks to gauge the availability of Teague and Al Horford. The Hawks also reportedly solicited offers for Dennis Schröder but have focused more prominently on Teague of late, in spite of Lowe’s report that the team has “major trust issues” with the 22-year-old Schröder.

Larsen suggests that an acquisition of Teague wouldn’t run counter to the team’s commitment to Exum, since Exum is out for this season, and because next season is the last on Teague’s contract, which pays him $8MM a year. Exum’s rookie scale deal runs through 2017/18.

The KSL scribe speculates that the Hawks would want wing players in return for Teague, whose trade candidacy I examined last week. The Jazz have been going with three wing players in lieu of a point guard for significant stretches this season, with Gordon Hayward, Rodney Hood and Alec Burks the most prominent among them. Joe Ingles and Chris Johnson have also been part of the rotation.

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16 thoughts on “Jazz Mull Trade For Jeff Teague

  1. Donald

    I hope the Jazz do NOT let Dante go. In my opinion it would be a terrible mistake.

    • Chuck Myron

      I wouldn’t worry about that. Doesn’t look like the Jazz are thinking of trading Exum at all.

    • bravesmatt

      Dante isn’t going anywhere, but neither are the Jazz if we don’t get a point guard

  2. Ryan Brubaker

    A package of Trey Burke and Rodney Hood works. ATL gets backup PG and a wing in Hood that has really come into his own this year. He is going to be good. ATL gets their PG while only giving up Hood.
    Schroder/Bazemore/Hood/Millsap/Horford. Korver off bench?

    • Ryan Brubaker

      On the Flipside, a package of Burke/Burks would work with Teague/Muscala. Would have to think the Hawks would want Hood, who has more upside, and cheaper, but Burks contract would be a steal in the next couple seasons.

  3. Ryan Brubaker

    I think a lot of people are forgetting how good Jeff Teague has been in this league. The dude isnt old

    • backtothefuture

      but he does have ankle injuries and his shooting numbers and defense has gone down this year. a year and a half of teague for 6 more years of rodney? maybe for burks but not for a cheaper longer contract and with more upside in rodney

      • Ryan Brubaker

        I completely agree with that. But Burks has been injury prone way more than Teague. Not too mention Teague was an all star last year. Yes he is banged up right now. Also, you are not guaranteed 6 years with Hood, you are guaranteed 2.5 more, you never know how RFA will be when the cap explodes. But I definitely agree, Hood is the real deal and Jazz will resist putting him in deal which is fine, but you still lack a PG. Exxum isnt the answer (YET) and the Jazz may want to make a push next year to make sure Hayward stays.

  4. The only difference between Jeff Teague and Trey Burke is 5.5MM, doesn’t make much sense to trade for Teague. They are both average PGs, the problem with the Jazz is that their PGs and SGs are just average players. Even so, they could probably get a mid round 1 for Burks or Burke if they mimic the Boston Celtics plan and stockpile picks to trade-up/get a stud. I mean trade those guys, go after Beal (RFA), and then package-up for Kris Dunn this year.. If the draft plays out as the standings are, Dunn won’t go until 5th just based on team needs. Suns, Celtics, and Lakers are not drafting another PG. And the 76ers are not drafting Dunn 1st overall. Other option would be standing pat and maybe Buddy Hield falls to them, and trying to upgrade the PG on draft day with whatever they get from trading Burks and Burke – i.e. trade for Thomas from the Celtics.

      • The anomaly was 4 Hawks making the roster. The team had 4 PGs – Wall, Irving, Lowry, and Teague. Teague could easily have been replaced by Kemba Walker, Brandon Jennings if he wasn’t injured, Brandon Knight. Hawks were winning, that’s the only reason he was an All Star. He’s more towards a middle of the pack PG than an All Star though.

  5. dogmanx23

    I don’t follow Utah at all but I know Exum was doing great last year then he got hurt. They’ve filled that with Neto, even tho either of the Burk or Burke would be better. Atlanta has Mack who’s more the capable of backing up Schroder. So do they really need Trey Burke? Then again if Utah trades for Teague, they’ll have Teague and Exum next season. So do they really need Burke? Unless they use him as a SG which they already have Burks and Hood.

    Burks/Burke for Teague/Filler could work for both teams. I just don’t think Utah trades both of them.

    Maybe Burks/Engles for Teague/THjR might work better. Then again Burks is out right now? Has been for a while right? Don’t know if Atlanta would be open to that. How soon is he coming back?

  6. Brett Hogan

    Trade favors to Boston for Olynyk and one early Boston first rounders. Then trade the two number ones and second plus two first rounders next year along with trey to Portland for lillard. Utah gets a sick scorer in lillard along
    With hood, Hayward, rudy, and olynyk. Olynyk streaches the floor for Rudy and folks. Lillard becomes are number one scoring option Gordon becomes a very good numbertwo option while we have slashers and scorers and a force in the middle.

    • bubbles44

      You’re a moron. Who would ever trade favors for Olynyk? Favors was an all star this year before an injury set him back. Favors is worth much more than that. And Portland won’t let lillard go

  7. Brett Hogan

    It’s not favors for only olynyk. It’s olynyk, first rounder(has to be lottery pick) and Lee. Then trade two ones this year and two ones next year plus trey for lillard. Portland has CJ that can finally take over. Portland gets 4 number ones and trey for lillard and they still have CJ. Favors is good and only getting better but he can’t stretch the floor olynyk. If trade like that goes down then are starting lineup could be lillard, hood, Hayward, olynyk, Rudy.

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