Lakers, Suns, Rockets, Kings Eye Luke Walton

The Lakers, Suns, Rockets and Kings are likely to express interest in Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton for their head coaching jobs in the offseason, sources tell Marc Berman of The New York Post. Tim Bontemps of The Washington Post reported earlier this week that the Lakers and Suns would target him (Twitter link). They join the Knicks, who reportedly view Walton as a top candidate, even though New York appears a long shot for him, and the Nets, who apparently have the 35-year-old on their radar, at least, as they seek to fill their GM vacancy first.

Remaining with the Warriors for next season is not out of the realm of possibility for Walton, barring the emergence of an enticing offer, a source close to the coach suggested to Berman. That jibes with Walton’s recent remark that he’s in no rush to make a change and would “love to be back again next season” with Golden State. Walton is apparently set on remaining with the team at least through this season, which is liable to stretch well into June for the 48-4 Warriors.

Walton had talks with the Knicks about becoming an assistant coach in 2014, but the team wasn’t ready to make an offer when Warriors coach Steve Kerr pursued him for his staff at Golden State, as Berman details. Walton joined the Warriors that summer for his first job on an NBA bench and only his second season as a coach on any level following a 10-year NBA playing career. He ascended to interim head coach before this season when Kerr took a leave of absence to recover from two back surgeries, and Walton led the team to a sterling 39-4 record before Kerr returned last month.

The Suns, Rockets and Knicks all have interim head coaches, while Byron Scott and George Karl remain in their formal capacities as head coaches of the Lakers and Kings, respectively. However, Scott isn’t assured of lasting past the season and the Kings nearly fired Karl this week.

Which job makes the most sense for Walton? Leave a comment to tell us.

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15 thoughts on “Lakers, Suns, Rockets, Kings Eye Luke Walton

  1. victor

    as a rockets fan id much rather they target scott brooks,avery johnson,tom tibedo. honestly they never should of fired kevin mchale.

  2. starlord

    Walton is a west coast guy, I think he’d take challenge of kings if Lakers not an option

    • If the choice comes down to the Kings or spending another year with the Dubs! lol

  3. Gene Furbee

    None of them make sense unless he wants to go through what Fisher, Scott, Karl and Hornecek have gone through. Phil Jackson was great at choosing teams with great players to coach, the first step to success. Walton will be back next year because he knows this.

    • sports doctor

      Walton will ne in LA soon. Not because he wants to, because his Dad gonna tell him whats best.

      • BayAreaSportsFan

        In all of his comments, Walton never once says he wants to be in LA. Not once.

  4. None of those with the Lakers maybe as an exception…big huge maybe, sound great at the moment, although a West Coast guy, I dont think he wud want to compete with Warriors and Spurs for the next 3-5 years, best bet stay w Dubs and see what becomes available in the East

  5. Lolito

    I thought, GS Warriors just have the talent for the team,,,,and Luke is just lucky in the right spot!..,
    The existing players knows where to run & play ball.

  6. Arthur Hill

    Steve Kerr is still having headaches and pain related to his spinal fluid leak. If his health issues are an ongoing problem, he may decide in a couple of years that he can’t keep coaching. Considering the jobs open now, Walton’s best move may be to stay put and see if that happens.

  7. sports doctor

    Luke Walton is a great candidate but they must realize , the Warrior nueclus of players are not coming with him. Barnes and Livingston are free agents that would be a nice start in LA. Draft Simmons, grab Noah from the Bulls and let Clarkson handle the point. Or draft the best available point in the 2nd round. This starting five don t look bad. Oh yeah, grad the off guard from the Raptors, hes a free agent. Nice starting five there.

    • But the Lakers just drafted a PG last year? There’s no guarantee that the Lakers even get the first overall pick and that GS even lets Barnes walk (and if he does, I imagine it might be in a sign and trade).

  8. Billy houlihan

    Luke Walton has earned the right to
    Pick his destination. The 4 teams you
    Mention have terrible, terrible ownership.
    Kerr n Walton, from the outside, have
    Great ownership.
    He’s done an amazing job.

  9. BayAreaSportsFan

    Best move for Walton is state put. Learn as much as he can, be apart of a dynasty type team, and then either take over for Kerr or move on to a team after cementing himself as a great coach who won’t need to be worried about being fired after 2 months. Walton would be a fool to leave GSW after 1 season.

  10. Footlong Flanagan

    Los Angeles Lakers. He’s familiar with the culture and if he can turn the franchise around he’ll become a legend like Jackson in LA.

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