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Assistant coach Corliss Williamson is more likely to be the head coach of the Kings by season’s end than George Karl is, barring a surprise, according to Chris Mannix of The Vertical on Yahoo Sports. The front office has lost nearly all confidence in Karl and players have tuned him out, Mannix hears from league sources, echoing Vertical colleague Adrian Wojnarowski’s report from Saturday that once more cast Karl’s job security into public question. Many of the Kings players have heard through their agents that the team is actively shopping them, Mannix also writes.

It’s the latest round of upheaval in Sacramento, where team’s minority-share owners have looked into ways to seize control from owner Vivek Ranadive, sources told Mannix. They nonetheless have little means to stage a coup, Mannix adds. The turmoil surrounding the Kings has made the head-coaching job unattractive to potential candidates, the Vertical scribe writes, suggesting that well-regarded assistants Kenny Atkinson of the Hawks and Jay Larranaga of the Celtics aren’t particularly anxious to take the job if it indeed comes open.

Kings players are upset with Karl about ineffciency in practices and shootarounds, and about in-game moves that haven’t worked out, as Mannix details. Kings GM Vlade Divac said in November, amid the last round of rumors surrounding Karl’s job security, that Karl would remain coach through season’s end. Former Kings GM Pete D’Alessandro said the same about interim coach Tyrone Corbin last season, but the team replaced Corbin with Karl over the 2015 All-Star break. That’s when the Kings gave Karl a contract that reportedly pays him $3.25MM this season and $5MM next season. He has a $5MM salary for 2017/18 that’s partially guaranteed for $1.5MM, as Wojnarowski also reported at the time.

The Kings have lost seven out of eight games and gave up 46 points in the first quarter Sunday in a loss to the Celtics. Sacramento is four and a half games behind the eighth-place Jazz in the Western Conference.

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11 thoughts on “Latest On Kings, George Karl

  1. Dean Gant

    Solution for the Kings? Know that’s a loaded question. First there needs to be new ownership, then a new GM. There are so many issues with this franchise/team that it needs a complete over haul. The roster is ill conceived and they have hitched their fortunes to a talented but immature & lazy star, DeMarcus Cousins. It’s a total dysfunctional situation with no easy or quick fix solution IMO.

      • victor

        i really think the kings need to make a trade for a real true veteran someone like .. tyson chandler,joe johnson,brandon bass,tony allen,andre miller,jarret jack . someone the young guys will listen to and want to play for ..
        i think rondo is a bad character fit with cousins and they are basically toxic for each other and i think they probably miss carl landry a little bit.and i think you are screwed because if you move rondo you piss off sensative cousins which you can do but you got to fix team asap .. people act like cousins is “weird” but just look at hakeem in his early days .. kobe.. sprewell… marbury .. iverson… all of them were divas

      • Dean Gant

        Yes Boogie is very talented, but he is basically out of shape, does not extend the effort or energy on the defensive end, and quits when things don’t go his way. Lazy extends beyond just physical shape, it’s a mental attitude as well. Scoring is just a part of the equation.

      • starlord

        added to his game every year
        got better every year a sign of laziness for sure

  2. New owner!! New GM. New talent scout team. Trade Boogie and Gay for picks, don’t re-sign Rondo because although he puts up gaudy numbers he hurts the team. Find a coach that can set up a system and control the team. So, basically change everything.

  3. ChaplinBaseball

    Trade Cousins for draft picks and build within in. Divac could be sacked as well.. Let’s give him. the benefit of the doubt.

    • victor

      if you move cousins it would set the kings back so far .. its not like they have free agents dying to come play for them how are they gonna get another star .. truth is they are on the cusp of being a good team .. and it has taken them along time to get here from the webber,divac days … does no one remember the kevin martin years … fransico garcia .. marcus thorton…

  4. Xyrak

    One word: Stability. You can’t keep promising it to your players and fans and then overhaul everything every few months.

    Success in sports requires long-term thinking. Until SACs ownership and front office leaders buy into that concept, they’ll be a mediocre team at best.

      • starlord

        basically it’s the owner he wanted to play 5 on 4 because it worked on his 6th grade girls team.
        he wanted Malone gone, Malone was perfect defense first coach that cuz loved.
        having superstar and coach on same page is essential.
        . they got a good roster now. they need karl out terrible rotations. this losing streak coincided with belinelli in the starting lineup. there isn’t a 2 guard in the league hell outscore if he’s defending him.
        they need to trade collision he’s a good player but endz up playing the 2 next to rondo and has 111 d rating, get belinelli out. only cuz, trill, Mac can play d. gay and rondo acceptable everyone else get out James Anderson really.
        player rotations ate a joke good coach had this team over .500 easily.

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