Western Notes: Walton, Pelicans, Gallinari, Paul

Warriors assistant Luke Walton is reportedly poised to become a top candidate for the Knicks coaching vacancy, and the Lakers, Suns, Rockets and Kings are expected to target him, too, but former colleague Alvin Gentry thinks Walton still doesn’t gets the credit he deserves, notes Marc Berman of the New York Post. Gentry, now head coach of the Pelicans, was on Golden State’s staff last year with Walton, who inherited Gentry’s role as lead assistant and guided the Warriors to a 39-4 record while head coach Steve Kerr recovered from back surgeries. “Luke did an unbelievable job of managing egos, of rotations he played,” Gentry said. “Everything that happened there, he pushed the right buttons, so I was disappointed when people said anybody can coach that team. That’s not true at all. He has an unbelievable understanding of the game. I think [Knicks president] Phil [Jackson] knows that. [Luke] stayed in the league for a long time because of the basketball IQ he has. He gets along great with players. He’s going to be a terrific coach in the league – I really do think that.”

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One thought on “Western Notes: Walton, Pelicans, Gallinari, Paul

  1. Z.....

    Interesting that Chris Paul would use Lee Jenkins for this. Also, it’s interesting that he’d pass up a chance to play with Melo and LeBron. It obviously makes sense for him to not put the extra strain on himself. Could it be that he assumes he’ll get another chance to play with those guys on a larger scale?

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