Rockets Sign Michael Beasley

FRIDAY, 10:39am: The signing is official, the team announced.

9:00pm: The contract will be a minimum salary arrangement, Stein relays in a full-length story.

WEDNESDAY, 4:28pm: The Rockets are close to signing free agent combo forward Michael Beasley, Marc Stein of reports (Twitter links). The deal would cover the remainder of the season and include a team option for 2016/17, Stein notes. The contract details are still unknown, though I would speculate that is likely a minimum salary arrangement. Houston, which recently waived both Marcus Thornton and Ty Lawson, still has one open roster spot. The team is also reportedly set to ink Andrew Goudelock.

Multiple NBA teams had reportedly expressed interest in Beasley, who became a free agent at the completion of the Chinese Basketball Association season. The combo forward averaged 31.9 points in 36.5 minutes per game with 37.1% 3-point shooting against relatively weak competition this season playing for Shandong.

Beasley has appeared in 433 regular season NBA games over the course of his career and owns averages of 13.0 points, 4.8 rebounds and 1.3 assists. His career slash line is .450/.343/.759.

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18 thoughts on “Rockets Sign Michael Beasley

  1. Z.....

    Happy for him to get an opportunity. Feel bad for him that it’s with Harden and in that locker room.

    • Z.....

      Also, they have multiple guys at similar positions, so I’m curious to see what kind of playing time he will get

    • djtommyaces

      Why would anyone feel bad for this POS? If weed and thug life is more important than your career, then he deserves nothing! Prove to everyone what’s more important in life then maybe someone will have empathy.

      • Z.....

        There is zero indication of “thug life,” and there is NOTHING wrong with a little bud. Michael Beasley has clearly done a lot to change, as I mentioned below. You’re just crucifying him with no just cause.

        • djtommyaces

          Over/Under how long he lasts in a Rockets uniform?
          The remaining 2016 season? Probably

          • No reason why he wouldn’t hang around if he proves himself though. Houston seems like a place where some “troubled” players might just resurrect themselves to an extent. Kind of like Smith last season.

  2. Dean Gant

    Rockets GM has lost his mind. The team is already dysfunctional & you bring in this guy. He & Josh Smith will have a great time. Feel sorry for JB Bickerstaff.

    • Z.....

      when he was with the Heat at the end of last year, he was a totally different person and player. They ran sets for him that they usually run for Bosh. He gave them great minutes at the 5 too. Defensively, he competed more than I had ever seen from him, and his decision
      making, and passing were also clearly greatly improved. He didn’t knock down outside shots the way he is capable of, but I don’t consider that something that will continue. He said all the right things too, and you could clearly see the improved maturity. I’m glad he got another shot with someone. He earned it

        • Z.....

          Lol. Just someone that recognizes the changes he has shown. I was always critical of him, but he has worked to improve, and I won’t be closed minded and be stubborn about an opinion.

  3. Arthur Hill

    He’s been a close friend of Kevin Durant since childhood. That probably factored into the Rockets’ thinking.

      • Arthur Hill

        And they can let him pick the coach. Kevin, you want Scott Brooks? Bring him along!

  4. Well, the season’s lost. Let’s gamble on another high-upside player then!

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