Dwyane Wade Open To Exploring Free Agent Market

8:17pm: Wade is trying to create bargaining leverage with Miami by putting out feelers to other teams, a league source tells Tim MacMahon of ESPN.com (ESPN Now link).

WEDNESDAY, 5:48pm: Wade’s representatives have reached out to the Spurs and the Mavericks to inform them that the shooting guard would potentially be interested in joining them were he to leave Miami, Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com (audio link) relayed during an appearance on 790 AM today.

TUESDAY, 8:21pm: In what appears to be a repeat of last summer’s contract talks, the Heat and Dwyane Wade‘s initial discussions have failed to find a common ground thus far, and as a result, the guard is open to listening to offers from other teams, Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com relays. The franchise and Wade had several contentious weeks of contract discussions last year before they agreed on a one-year, $20MM deal for the 2015/16 campaign, the scribe adds. It’s unclear how far apart the two parties currently are on a new contract.

According to Windhorst’s sources, Wade’s representatives have made it known to multiple teams over the last several days that he will be testing the open market. However, some teams are skeptical about Wade being willing to leave Miami after 13 seasons and perhaps see his agent’s machinations as merely a bargaining tactic with the Heat, Windhorst notes.

I hope that everything is quiet and works out the way I want it to,” Wade said after the season came to a close. “But I have no control over that, as much as people might think. It’s a lot of moving parts in free agency. I’m not worried about it.

Wade, 34, is coming off a solid campaign that saw him remain virtually healthy for the majority of the season. He appeared in 74 games and averaged 19.0 points, 4.1 rebounds and 4.6 assists in 30.5 minutes per outing while shooting .456/.159/.793 from the field.

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32 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Open To Exploring Free Agent Market


    Wade to the Knicks, cavs or clippers to ball with one of his best friends

  2. Thronson5

    I can see him going to the Cavs or Knicks if he leaves. Don’t think he will leave though. He’s a lifer. I as a Lakers fan of course would love to sign him if the price is right. Could use his veteran leadership on that team but I just don’t see him leaving and if he does I see him going to play with one of his buddies. Lebron would love to have him on his team again. Really think that might happen. Thought it would happen last off season. Let’s see where this goes. I’m super stoked on free agency this year even if it’s not the best free agent class. It’s always exciting.

  3. DarkGhost

    Don’t sleep on him leaving, last summer tensions were rising because Pat Riley didn’t want to give him a long contract with max money because of his health and age. If Riley does that again to Wade don’t be surprised if he takes less to go play with Lebron in Cleveland just to stick it to Riley and chase another ring. I doubt it gets to that point, I expect him to stay with the heat but don’t be shocked if he is wearing a cavs uniform next year.

    • Thronson5

      Yea I agree with that. I could see him take less to play with Lebron or Carmelo

    • Z.....

      There is literally less than zero chance he goes to cleveland. He has laughed about the idea of cleveland in general. He has outright said it. And if the “dispute” is money related, and he did actually leave, why would he end up there? They can’t even pay him anything.

      • DarkGhost

        People laughed at the idea of Lebron leaving Cleveland the first time. Wade laughing about the situation months ago has very little weight on the situation now especially since they just won a ring. And as for the money if he is willing to come and Lebron wants him the cavs will find a way to clear the room just like golden state will find the room if Durand decides to go there.

          • DarkGhost

            Okay and when was the last time he said that. It’s hasn’t been since Pat Riley doesn’t want to give him his money or since the cavs won a championship. Players change there minds about where they want to play all the time.

            • Z.....

              The cavs winning doesn’t mean anything lol. They had to have sooo much happen to even get into that position, and then they had to have even more happen for lebron to carry them to the ring. It was extremely lucky. Also, I still take this info to mean absolutely nothing. I don’t even think there is any “dispute”

              • Dennid

                You’re annoying with your anti Cleveland garbage. They won. Deal with it. I do not think that Wade goes to Cleveland but it isn’t because of your sorority girl rants.

              • DarkGhost

                How can you say winning doesn’t mean anything? In the NBA winning and money are literally the two most important things. I agree with you that he likely stays in Miami. But if Miami isn’t willing to give him what he wants why wouldn’t he entertain going somewhere where he can win and get paid? Also as far as the cavs getting lucky is completely ridiculous. Luck wins you a game not 3 in a row against the greatest statistical team of all time. The cavs beat the Warriors because the cavs locked down on defense and just flat out wanted it more than the Warriors did.

                • Z.....

                  Obviously, certain things I said got misconstrued a little, but I’m not going to spend any more time making the luck argument. I was merely answering to what I perceived as a notion that b/c cleveland won, that means they’re automatically the favorites to win again. Also, Im not arguing anything about what may happen if miami doesn’t give him what he wants b/c as I said, I don’t know that for a fact. But regardless, I stick with the thought he would never go to Cleveland b/c of all of what I have seen, heard, and read over years. If it happens, I’ll gladly admit I was wrong…well, not gladly, but I don’t have a problem saying I’m wrong if it happened. But, if he left miami, it would be b/c of a “dispute” over m9ney, which the cavs can’t pay. That being said, a sign and trade for Kyrie Irving is always possible if they want to pay Wade, but I’m sure fans wouldn’t be too happy about trading an injury prone 24 year old, not yet in his prime, on a pretty good contract, for an injury prone 34 year old

                  • DarkGhost

                    You keep saying they don’t have money to make this thing work. If wade decides to come to Cleveland the cavs will make room for him. How they will is a different question and up for debate. As far as kyrie being the one that goes of Wade comes there is a 1000 percent better chance of wade playing for the 76ers next year than the cavs moving kyrie after what he just did in the finals.

  4. Z.....

    All click bait garbage from windhorst. He literally copy/pasted Barry Jackson’s report from last year. “Initial discussions?” What does that even mean? You can’t even talk about contracts with free agents until Friday.

    Personally, I think the Heat are probably trying to figure out what they’re doing around Wade. Wade has spoken about wanting to win, and win here in Miami where he can finish his career. He absolutely deserves a better contract this season, but he knows they need to either keep certain guys around him, or add to the roster to do that. In these “initial conversations,” I could see Riley asking what he is willing to take for another year before they pay him next year, as well as also not having a definitive offer yet b/c he himself has spoken about wade deserving a better deal. When a real report comes out, then I’ll worry. Until then, Brian windhorst is a sad, sad “person”

    • Z.....

      They do have one of his very good friends, Wesley matthews, on the roster, and he and dirk have a lot of respect for each other, but Mark Cuban has continously torn him down and outright said that wade’s 2006 finals performance is tainted. He pretty much calls Wade’s greatest accomplishment a false reality. Obviously, lebron actually went back to play for that hypocritical POS Dan Gilbert, but I don’t see Wade going there. I’ve said since last year though that I think Whiteside would end up with Dallas

  5. Z.....

    Lol windhorst is trying really hard after everyone called him on his garbage. The Spurs would be interesting though

  6. bobhutt99

    Wade will go on ESPN and say he’s taking his talent to Cleveland to be with his buddy King James! Wouldn’t that be something? LOL

  7. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    How about Wade coming to the Sixers?
    Pay him 20 million, they got it.

  8. Ravens_Last_Place

    I could see LeBron whining and crying until the Cavs do it, since LeBron is the Cavs real Head Coach and GM.

  9. Surprisingly a Bucks Fan

    Yes of course it’s bargaining power. That’s what they should all do to maximize earnings

  10. JoeGNYC

    Heat should give him a 1-year contract for $20 million, just like last year. The amount of money in accordance with his stature with the team and his performance level. The one year protects the team.

  11. Chris815

    I have another block buster that mite work money wise does, and if Durant wants to go to warriors , to make it happen they will have to trade bogut, and Livingston . So they can give Durant max contract. Well it 5 team trade
    Between warriors, Lackers, Kings, 76,s, and wizards

    Warriors get
    Willie Cauley -stein, Caron butler, Hollis Thompson, Drew gooden ( team opt.) wizards 2 round pick 2017 and 2022

    Kings get:
    Harrison Barnes ( sign and trade),markieff morris, Nick young, jahili okafor warriors 1round pick, 2017 and wizards 2019 1 round pick

    Lackers get:
    Andrew bogut, Shawn Livingston , draft rights Arron white

    76’s get:
    Jordan clarkson ( sign and trade) Ben mclemore, Marcin gortat , jerrel Eddie ,

    Wizards get
    Demarcus cousins , Seth curry, Isaiah cousins, nerlens Noel
    Now that fare trade now this trade to happen Durant has to sign with warriors

  12. Compton

    Fair Huh? The Lakers are gonna give up Clarkson for Bogut and Livingston via the Warriors and not get back Barnes, Okafor or Noel? The Wizards give up Hollis, Gortat and Gooden and get back Cousins and Noel, let alone Curry and the other Cousins? Do you think before you post these trades where the Wizards get Cousins in every trade for Washington’s crap?

  13. Chris815

    First off you wrong . Let post this again gortat is a top 10 center . He was tied for 8th in double doubles with whiteside last year and he miss 3 game to help his sick mother. Plus fact he didn’t play dozen 4th quarter because of Witman . Because are excoach had attitude . Other wise he mite have had 50 which would had made him 3rd . And the year before he had more of them then 9 all stars horford , Noel, Marc gasol, brook Lopez, whiteside,

  14. Chris815

    Harden, green and ow ya Labron James . Hate when inform you Hollis Thompson is not a wizard. He is 76er . Also they trade jerrel Eddie who is 3 point specialist who is on the cheep , and white who you get was 2nd pick last year . Who is stretch four, who is going to be a poor man’s green. They also give up next years 1 round pick and 2 nd round pick and future 2nd pick. Plus hate to inform you , but if it wasn’t for dumb gm you wouldn’t have Clarkson who is restricted free agent. You new coach is from the warriors and he going to try to play the way they do. So he need play that know the system , and in this trade you get 2 players that now the system and who could start. The Lackers are trading wizard cast of in young and a point guard who they shouldn’t have for cash ( at the time I know was dumb.) and when come to cousins let me say this again cousin doesn’t want to play for kings . He proven it time ,and time again. He on record saying he want to play with John wall. And for your information 2 years ago there was a trade on table but wizard decided not pull the tricker not because they had to trade beal, porter at the time they pick . The reason was they didn’t want to use up more cap space because they want to go after Durant. So since cousin want to play with wall that why I keep put out there . And if wizards going trade 8 player including 3 picks they are going to have get something back and also it’s a cap thing. And Seth curry has also been linked to the wizards so for him it sign and trade. And when it come to Noel . 76er are getting a lot in this trade. There point guard there staring 2 guard a center and back up shouting guard they are going to have trade Noel . I’m going say this again this trade make since under the cap. Because every trade has to be close in money if your over the cap and every team has to be under the cap bye making a trade like this. This also help the warriors to sign Durant if he decide to go there since they can’t sign him straight up right now . This is win win for every one.
    Warriors get young big man, 2 vets who they can either keep or get rid of who are on the cheep and young sf who is also cheep all together they make less then 10 million next year and they save over 10 million

    Kings get future All. Star small forward sign and trade.morris who bye way is 25 and on the cheep at 7,4 million this years and who is capable of putting up 18,10, 5,2,2 in a game since he did with the Suns. Nick young who is knucklehead who lakers should want to trade anyway because there no way him and Russell will be able to be on same team, after what happen last season. They get younger and cheep cousins. They get 2 first round picks. Like said up too Lackers get two starters and trade one free agent , and back up shutting guard . And last yes wizards get all star center in cousins , Noel who yes it young power forward who has promise but he hasn’t shown what Morris has shown, they also get two backs to wall (curry) and beal ( cousins) who is 2nd round pick this year. This trade give them little more cap space . And every team in this trade steal have over 30 million to spend on free agents

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