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The Wizards are expected to make a major push to sign Joakim Noah in free agency next month, sources tell Mitch Lawrence of The Sporting News. Washington’s interest in Noah was reported earlier this week.

In addition to the Wizards, at least three other teams – the Knicks, Timberwolves, and Bucks – are prepared to make offers to Noah, who is coming off an injury-shortened season, having undergone shoulder surgery earlier in the year. The Warriors are also believed to have Noah on their list of free agent targets.

One team apparently not viewed as a serious contender to sign Noah is his current team — the Bulls. An earlier report indicated that the veteran big man may want to leave Chicago, and Lawrence hears that Noah is indeed ready to move on.

Lawrence also suggests that the Wizards may be willing to offer Noah a maximum-salary contract, though that seems awfully hard to believe, given the veteran’s age, his health issues, and his modest production over the last couple seasons. J. Michael of (Twitter link), who thinks Washington may pursue Noah, is skeptical that the club would offer him the max, as is Ben Standig of

With the salary cap on the rise, we’ve been bracing for months for a crazy free agent period, with salaries that exceed what we would have expected. But a four-year max contract for Noah would start at $26MM+, and wouldn’t expire until he’s 35 years old. I could potentially imagine the Wizards being willing to do a maximum-salary deal for one or two years, if they’re unable to land any other top free agent targets, but even that would be a bit of a shock.

Still, according to Lawrence, multiple NBA general managers believe Noah could draw more interest than some other top big men on the market, and at least one GM thinks the longtime Bull will be very well-compensated as long as his shoulder isn’t a concern. “If teams are convinced Noah is healthy, he will get a max deal, and Washington is panicking because Nene is done and they didn’t make the playoffs last season,” the GM tells Lawrence. “They’ll overpay for Noah — they always do.”

As the Wizards prepare for free agency, they’re also reportedly ready to put a max offer on the table for Bradley Beal.

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12 thoughts on “Latest On Joakim Noah

  1. Thronson5

    I can see him going to the Warriors and Gasol going to the Knicks. I think Horford goes to Lakers, Whiteside stays and Howard goes to the Mavs.

  2. cjh815

    Here is the trade again I missed up putting on here earlier
    It 6 team deal between Bulls, wolves , 76’s- bucks, Kings, and wizards

    Wolves get
    Jimmy butler- $17,552,209
    Drew Gooden – 3,547,750 team option
    Which totals at 21,009,709

    Kings get
    Greg Monroe – $ 17,145,853
    Bobby Portis- $ 1,404,600
    Hollis Thompson -$ 1,015,618 (rf)
    Miles plumlee – $3,113,316
    Wizards 2017 and 20 first round picks and wizards 2019 2 rd pick
    Which totals to- $22,699,381

    76ers get
    Ricky Rubio – $13,400,000
    Markieff morris – $7,400,000
    Jerrell Eddie -$ 980,000
    Wizards 2018 1 round pick
    Which totals $21,761,431

    Bucks get
    Marcin Gortat – $12,000,000
    Rudy gay-$ 13,333,337
    Wizards 2 round pick in 21-22
    Which total is $ 25,333,337

    Bulls get
    Nerlens Noel- $4,384,490
    Jahlil Okafor – $4,788,840
    Ben McLemore -$ 4,008,882
    Chris Dunn -$3,025,500
    Arron white- $950,000
    Shabazz Muhammad -$3,046,299
    Which totals at $ 20,204,011

    Wizards get
    Demarcus cousins- $ 15,756,330
    Seth curry- (rf) will make from 3-5 million
    Isaiah cousins $950,00
    And 2017 lottery protected pick from wolfs or if the pick is not given 2018 top 16 protected pick from the wolfs and if bye then pick is not given wizards would get 2019 1round pick
    Once again I know this will not happen and I know there now way 6 team and these many play will happen ,but if you all look at it for what it is for you will see it can, will help all six team get better.

      • bigcubsfan

        LOL. Your comment is great. This guy above doesn’t know anything about trades. There is NO way in any sport there would be a six team trade.

    • CAVS0223

      Possibility compared to probability are two very different things.

    • ChiSoxCity

      Uh, yeah love the Bulls getting all of those players, but that isn’t even a remotely fair trade for the other teams.

    • Danthemilwfan

      Ummm that’s a lot of trade pieces.,,plumlee is a restricted free agent

  3. Steve

    My god these GMs are stupid if they’re even contemplating giving Noah a max deal. That is absolutely ridiculous.


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