Pau Gasol To Opt Out Of Bulls Contract

Pau Gasol has formally notified the Bulls that he’ll opt out of his contract, declining his player option for 2016/17 rather than picking it up, reports ESPN’s Marc Stein (via Twitter). The move, which will allow Gasol to hit the open market, had long been expected, with a report way back in December suggesting the veteran was “very likely” to turn down that option.

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Gasol, who signed with the Bulls in 2014, would have made $7,769,520 in 2016/17 if he had opted into the final year of his contract. However, the former third overall pick has continued to be productive during his time in Chicago, averaging 16.5 points and 8.9 rebounds per game last season, and earning All-Star nods in each of the last two years. He should be in line for a raise, if he wants it, and likely another multiyear deal.

The Bulls, who traded former MVP Derrick Rose to New York last week, appear to be in the midst of a rebuilding phase, or at least a retooling phase. Gasol doesn’t seem to be part of those plans, and while neither side has come out and said that the Spaniard – who turns 36 next month – won’t be back, it would be a shock if he re-signed in Chicago.

Several teams will likely have interest in the 15-year veteran, including the Knicks, who sent Robin Lopez – a potential replacement for Gasol – to Chicago in the Rose deal. Earlier in the offseason, Pau’s brother Marc Gasol advised his brother to sign with San Antonio, and that’s a possibility the Spurs could explore if they miss out on their top target, Kevin Durant.

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19 thoughts on “Pau Gasol To Opt Out Of Bulls Contract

  1. SeanS

    Passing big that can defend. Would be upgrade over Bogut for Warriors because he actually is a threat on the post.

      • SeanS

        I didn’t say he was all world defender. He can defend good enough (better than Ezili, not as good as Bogut). He’s been generally healthy (Bogut hasn’t) and doesn’t seem to get himself into foul trouble like Bogut. Sure you lose a little on D but I think his offense more than makes up for it over Bogut and he’ll be cheaper.

      • Agreed. Gasol is passable defensively and can block shots, but he’s not winning any awards for his defense.

        • Priggs89

          Pau Gasol is not passable defensively. Literally the only thing he can do is block shots… and that’s when somebody runs directly into him. He’s awful.

          The only way Pau will be a positive contributor to a team is if he swallows his pride and agrees to come off the bench. He’s still an EXCELLENT bum slayer. If you’re hoping for anything more than that, you will be disappointed.

          • He’s passable defensively for what he can give on the offensive end. A guy like Roy Hibbert is better defensively but isn’t doing much offensively. On the other hand, a guy like Al Jefferson is going to put up decent offensive numbers but little defense. Each team will value guys differently depending on personel and strategy. A team like Cleveland might find Roy Hibbert more attractive because they could use a rim protector. On the other hand, a team like GS might find Gasol/Jefferson more attractive because they could find ways to hide them on defense.

            • Priggs89

              No, he’s still not a passable defender. The only way he could be considered “passable” is if he goes to a team that completely hides him on defense. In that case, his non-existence becomes passable.

              And his offense is nowhere near good enough to make up for his defense anymore. All he can do is shoot open mid-range jumpers. The ONLY way he’ll help a team win a championship is if he comes off the bench and beats up on bums, which he is still very good at. Outside of that, he’s not a good basketball player anymore.

      • His main problem is PnR defense. I’d be interested to see what he can do playing with a point guard who doesn’t hang him out to dry every play. He certainly not good but he might just be smart enough to be passable.

  2. padam

    Either the Spurs or Knicks is my guess. Spurs for the championship opportunity or Knicks because of Phil. I’d lean towards the Spurs.

  3. Strauss

    Smart move to leave a sinking ship. The coach is lost and does not have the respect of the players.

  4. Shawn

    I heard Gasol and Durant are headed to the raptors and Derozan is going to the Lakers. My source is Drake.

  5. SilvioDante

    If I’m Pau Gasol or Gasol’s agent, the very first call I make is to Golden State and offer them a blank contract, allowing the Dubs to fill in the salary amount they can afford.

    Gasol’s already made crazy money over his long and storied career. It’s about winning championships for him now, and winning championships in a place that also offers him a wide variety of cultural experiences. He had the opportunity to sign w the Spurs and Thunder two seasons ago, yet chose Chicago for both basketball and outside reasons. Clearly the Spurs and Thunder offered Pau a better basketball opportunity than the Bulls, yet he chose Chicago, where he quickly became a season ticket holder to the Lyric Opera and a regular attendee at the Chicago Symphony as well as the theater. He can get the exact same off-the-court experience in San Francisco as a member of the Warriors while increasing his chances of winning another title or two before retiring.

    So I say he’s heading to the ‘Dubs on a cheap, cheap contract.

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