Free Agent Rumors: Durant, Anderson, Mahinmi

Kevin Durant‘s meeting with the Clippers has concluded, and Durant was “blown away” by the team’s presentation, according to Chris Broussard of (via Twitter). It’s hard to know yet exactly what that means, since Durant was also reportedly impressed with the Warriors‘ pitch earlier in the day — it would probably be more newsworthy if Durant had been unimpressed by one of the teams’ presentations. In any case, the former MVP has sit-downs with the Spurs and Celtics on tap for tomorrow, then is expected to meet with the Heat on Sunday – and possibly the Thunder again after that – before making his decision.

Let’s check in on a few more free agent updates from across the NBA…

  • The Raptors had a meeting today in Los Angeles with free agent forward Ryan Anderson, writes Mark Medina of The Los Angeles Times. Toronto inquired on Anderson at the trade deadline as well, as Josh Lewenberg of tweets, but the team would have to clear salary from its cap – and possible let Bismack Biyombo go – in order to have any shot at signing him.
  • Ian Mahinmi won’t return to Indiana, with the Pacers set to add Al Jefferson, but Mahinmi has no shortage of suitors, according to David Aldridge of (Twitter links). Aldridge identifies the Spurs, Wizards, Timberwolves, Hornets, Mavericks, Trail Blazers, and Magic as clubs in the mix for the free agent center.
  • The Nets have put a two-year, $18MM offer on the table for Jared Dudley, who is still receiving interest from the Jazz and Suns, reports John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7 (Twitter link).
  • The Spurs, Nets, and Bulls have expressed interest in free agent big man Jordan Hill, a source tells Sean Deveney of The Sporting News (Twitter link).
  • The Timberwolves have been very active, reaching out to many free agents during the first day of July. Jamal Crawford and Randy Foye were among the players to receive a call from the Wolves today, according to Darren Wolfson of 5 Eyewitness News and Jerry Zgoda of The Star Tribune, respectively (Twitter links).
  • Veteran big man Kris Humphries is a strong candidate to return to the Nets, a source tells Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News (Twitter link). Brooklyn was one of six teams mentioned as a potential Humphries suitor earlier today.
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13 thoughts on “Free Agent Rumors: Durant, Anderson, Mahinmi

    • Dwak15

      It’s doubtful coming out of any of these meetings It will be reported he didn’t like it, and to get this done the clippers have to let everyone except Paul griffin and Jordan go so the rest of the team would be garbage especially since this new cap allows bench players to make $10 million a year

      • Exactly…a KD to the Clippers scenario involves only having CP3, Durant, Griffin, Jordan but no bench (except guys willing to take the minimum) or some combination of the aforementioned players (most likely CP3, Durant, Jordan) with Griffin departing via trade.

        • halos101

          I know but still, you have a chance to get kd you get kd. worry about bench after that. I think some veterans chasing a ring would gladly come off the bench for that starting lineup

  1. Steve in Chicago

    I like Hill, he would be an intetesting sign for the Bulls, a lot of energy and smart player, lot of upside.

  2. I have a really serious and legitimate question. Why didn’t Doc Rivers lock Durant up inside his home?

  3. Chris815

    First off for Durant and clipper come to a deal they will have to trade most of the roster to do it including Griffith .they only have $16,857,780 under the cap he want max contract well at 28 million this year

    Well if that is going to happen I have mega 6 team trade that will help feel this teams needs.

    Between , clippers, bucks,wizards,Kings, Phoenix , and Philadelphia

    Clippers would get
    Cauley – stein – $ 3’551’160
    Butler- 1,555,638
    Eddie- $930,430
    Thompson- 1,105,696
    And then sign Durant
    Which would leave them 13,947,917 under the cap to sign other plays

    Bucks would get
    Noel- 4,364,490
    Morris- 7,400,000
    Which would leave them 37,783,634 to sign other free agent

    Kings would get:
    J.J. Reddick- 7,377,500
    White- 930,000
    Monroe- 17,145,238
    Me hitch would leave them 39,225,995 under the cap

    Phoenix would get
    Rudy gay- 13,332,333
    Gortat- 12,000,000
    C.j. Wilcox- 1,204,600

    Which would leave them $23,867,066 under the cap

    Philadelphia would get:
    Mclemore -4,008,381
    Knight- 12,606,230
    Lien- 4,823,621
    B.j. Johnson – 2,000,000
    Still leave them over 53 million to spend on free agents

    And wizards would get
    D. Cousins- 15,756,438
    Seth curry – 4,000,000 once wizard sign him
    I. cousins- 930,000
    Pierce- 3,527,920
    Griffith- 20,093,064
    Which will still leave the wizards over 25 million left under the cap
    This trade is very fair it open space for clipper to sign kd. And get starting back court for philadpehia , makes bucks, Phoenix better help feels hole and opens pos. kings get to separate them self from a problem and gets them younger center who is going to be as good as cousins and they don’t have to pay him a lot of money and he will like playing there better . Starting power forward in Monroe which give you better front court then have now and back up

    • Bobby Sweet

      Stop. For the love of God, stop. This trade is terrible on nearly every level – although the Wizards make out like bandits.

  4. Chris815

    Then also back up front court . Shutting guard and for wizards get them the the star front court they want , pierce comes back and they get the back ups to wall and beal they need . Of and also I forgot to sweeten the deal wizards would give kings 2017,19 first round picks . 76,s 2022 1at round pick and give clippers 2017 and 19 2nd round picks

  5. Chris815

    Ow I also forgot gooden would go to bucks would get gooden . Which they could return and not pick up his contract at 3.6 million since his contract is not guaranteed for this year

    • There is still no trade where the Wizards acquire a top 5 positional talent without giving up one of Oubre/Porter. Those are two high upside players that teams are going to want…whether that be in a Team A and Team B type of trade or these crazy 6 team trades. Someone is going to want one of Oubre/Porter and they’re probably going to have to trade one of them to have any shot of getting a star. Other teams aren’t going to trade their high upside guys just to help out the Wizards. Also, Phoenix could get a lot more for Knight and Len than Gortat and Gay. Why don’t you just stop with these crazy trades, because I guarantee you that this 6 team trade will never happen as you have constructed. Teams aren’t going to take less/unequal value just because Chris815 is a Wizards fan.


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