Kings To Sign Anthony Tolliver

The Kings and unrestricted free agent Anthony Tolliver have agreed to a deal, Sam Amick of USA Today reports (Twitter link). It’s a two-year, $16MM pact that is partially guaranteed for $2MM in 2017/18, the scribe adds.

Tolliver made 72 appearances for the Pistons this past season, averaging 5.3 points, 3.2 rebounds and 0.7 assists in 18.6 minutes per outing. His shooting line was .386/.360/.617.

The 31-year-old’s deal is the one of the few handed out since free agency commenced that includes a partial guarantee. But even if by some chance he is released prior to next season as a result of not having a full guarantee, Tolliver will be have pocketed at least $10MM for his efforts, as well as be in line to hit the open market next summer when the cap is expected to increase once again. Not a bad deal for the journeyman, all things considered.

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10 thoughts on “Kings To Sign Anthony Tolliver

  1. Guest

    Not that it is a bad signing, but I imagine Kings are not bringing back Acy.

  2. Because the Kings need more big men. Maybe they plan on running out a lineup of Afflalo, Gay, Tolliver, Cousins, Cauley-Stein.

    • kylewait89

      Are ya trying to be dumb? They would run a guy out at PG that has never played PG? Tolliver is also a SF unless they were trying to play small ball so how does he fall under the title of big man?

      Trying to dog a depth signing is dumb. Literally no way to know how it pans out and they are paying as much for him over a two year span that the Lakers are paying for Mozgov for one year. Sit down and learn some basketball before coming out and spewing stupidity.

      • Tolliver technically plays the 4 (don’t believe me, just click his name to his basketballreference page that says Power Foward-Small Foward). He’s not atheltic enough to give him a ton of minutes at the 3 and is a better fit for the small ball 4. My point is that whether or not he plays the 3 or 4, he’s still classifies as a frontcourt player and they really don’t need any more frontcourt guys, they need more backcourt players.

        • kylewait89

          Tim Duncan was technically a center though no one is going to say that’s his position just because he is capable of playing there. It also lists guys like Josh Smith at center though he is a forward. Quincy Acy is also a SF who plays PF at times. Still makes him a SF. They also are in the process of trading Gay for Ellis so your complaint is sort of rendered moot.

          Ellis, B-Mac, Richardson, Collison, I. Cousins, Afflalo and likely Seth Curry. Seven guys for minutes at 2 positions, I think they are good on backcourt players considering they won’t be able to bring in other big names.

          • Who’s running the point? Collison is a huge question mark, Cousins is a rookie and Seth Curry is probably a more natural combo guard.

            • kylewait89

              Why would Seth Curry or Ellis not be able to? Ellis and Curry both have ran point and assuming they acquire him with the current situation involving Collison, it would likely be to run point with the prior acquisition of Afflalo.

  3. kylewait89

    Depth signing, nothing more. At least they aren’t paying 16M annually for a depth guy. If he works out, steal of a signing. If he doesn’t, they cut him and paid him 10M total. While that would be bad in any other market, this is pro sports. Money is relative to the cap and his hit isn’t much to be mad about.

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