Salary Cap Snapshot: Brooklyn Nets

Here’s a breakdown of where the Nets currently stand financially:

Guaranteed Salary

Total Guaranteed Salary= $83,392,084

Cash Sent Out Via Trade: $75K sent to Rockets in K.J. McDaniels trade [Amount Remaining $3.425MM]

Cash Received Via Trade: $0 [Amount Remaining $3.5MM]

Payroll Exceptions Available

  • Room Exception: $2,898,000

Total Projected Payroll$83,392,084

Salary Cap: $94,143,000

Estimated Available Cap Space: $10,750,916

Luxury Tax Threshold: $113,287,000

Amount Below Luxury Tax: $29,894,916

Salary Cap Floor: $84,729,000

Amount Below Salary Cap Floor: $1,336,916

Last Update: 4/16/17

The Basketball Insiders salary pages and The Vertical’s salary database were used in the creation of this post.

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11 thoughts on “Salary Cap Snapshot: Brooklyn Nets

  1. json-api

    I called the Nets the other day to see what time the games started? Management asked me what time could I make it? Have you looked at that roster? Other than Lopez is their NBA caliber player on that team other than career backup Jeremy Lin? This team couldn’t win in the D League let alone the NBA. The Under/Over on wins for the season is 10. Bet the under! Point spreads will start with the Nets getting 15 every night. Who is going to watch this team with absolutely no future. What Free Agent in his right mind would consider playing for Brooklyn? Without question it’s the worst team ever assembled. Most games will be over by half time! Other teams will play their back ups to rest their starters. The Nets will have the worst record in NBA history! Is it possible to lose them all. Can you spell Washington Generals?

    • Nets17

      You are obviously not a Nets fan, and from the sounds of it you are pretty miserable with your own team or just have nothing better to do other than Troll lol. The Nets will be fine, RHJ, Brook, Jeremy Lin, and the Nets will surprise you and a lot of other haters. We defeated last year’s champs, defeated Oklahoma City, and took the Warriors to overtime with a worse team last season. Actually, if RHJ did not get injured we would have been in the play-off hunt. But I am excited about this season, if our key players stay healthy and we play for each other out there, we will be fighting for a play off spot!!

      • “if RHJ did not get injured we would have been in the play-off hunt”
        wait wut?

  2. json-api

    Nets17 did I hear you say playoffs? I just wet myself laughing. The Nets may not win a game until after Xmas. They are the worst team in NBA history. They won’t win 10 games all season. Other teams will rest their starters by half time. The betting line every night will be at least 15 points. Nets17 have you had a lobotomy because no one could be this dumb.

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