NBA GMs Weigh In On 2016/17 Season has completed its annual survey of NBA general managers, asking each of the league’s 30 GMs an array of questions about the league’s top teams, players, and coaches. As John Schuhmann of details in his piece announcing the results, it comes as little surprise that NBA GMs are just as bullish on the Cavaliers‘ and Warriors‘ chances in 2016/17 as the rest of us are — those are the only two teams GMs predicted to become this season’s NBA champion, with Golden State getting 69% of the vote and Cleveland getting 31%.

While there are many responses in the GM survey worth checking out, we’ll focus on rounding up some of the more interesting ones related to rosters and player movement. Let’s dive in…

  • LeBron James led the way in votes for 2016/17’s MVP award, but Karl-Anthony Towns was the clear choice for the player most GMs would want to start a franchise with today.
  • The Warriors were the only team to receive more than two votes for which team made the best offseason moves — Golden State was the runaway winner at 83.3%, largely due to the signing of Kevin Durant. The addition of Durant was easily voted the move most likely to make the biggest impact this season, and it was also viewed as the most surprising move of the summer, just ahead of Dwyane Wade joining the Bulls.
  • The Jazz‘s trade for George Hill received at least one vote for the move likely to have the biggest impact, and it was the winner for the most underrated player acquisition of the offseason.
  • Dejounte Murray (Spurs), Kris Dunn (Timberwolves), and Patrick McCaw (Warriors) were considered the biggest steals of the draft by GMs, who voted Milos Teodosic and Sergio Llull as the top international players not currently in the NBA.
  • NBA general managers view Tom Thibodeau as the new coach most likely to make an immediate positive impact on his new team, and think Chris Paul is the player most likely to become a future NBA head coach.
  • The rules that GMs wants to see changed or modified include the draft lottery system, the number of timeouts per game, and intentional fouling.
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9 thoughts on “NBA GMs Weigh In On 2016/17 Season

  1. J.M. Hall

    Kevin Durant to the Warriors ruined the NBA season for me. Stephen A. Smith said that it was “the weakest move by a superstar” he has ever seen. I can’t help but agree. I am in no way a warriors fan. I have not and will not jump on the “Golden State bandwagon”. I think it is a shoe-in now that GSW will win the championship now….huh….

    • liamsfg

      Well for somebody like me, from San Francisco, who’s been a big Warriors fan since early 2000 when they were terrible, this means a lot to me. Finally someone big WANTS to join our team.

      I agree that no one should bandwagon a team like the current Warriors it should be a geographical fanhood.

  2. Godgiftsjoejr

    why nobody talking about what the knicks did and the off-season?? is it because the players they got get hurt to much? but i see the knicks as one of the best team in the nba this year

    • josc2

      They acquired two oft-injured players who have provided little in the way of productivity over the last two seasons. Even the 66 games Rose played last year was nice, but he did so at either a league average or below league average clip. They filled out their team in typical Knicks fashion: big names and lots of press. The only thing left is for massive disappointment. Will the make the playoffs? I think it’s likely, more than half the league does. Are they contenders? Not even close.

    • Stromalama

      Because they acquired two often injured players one of which is a ball dominant guard who will be playing next to a ball dominant SF and the other who isn’t any better than the player he’s replacing. Rose is an upgrade over whoever the Knicks had at PG last year but I think Noah is a downgrade from Lopez.

  3. Godgiftsjoejr

    yes i get that but what everyone is forgetting its the east coast and i see like only two teams better than the knicks right now and if no one on the knicks get hurt we one of the bests team and the nba this year hands down

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