Colangelo: “Not A Chance” Sixers Tank This Season

Entering this season, the Sixers had lost an incredible 37 consecutive regular-season games in October and November, having not won a single game in those months since back in 2013. At 0-3, the team is off to another slow start this season, but GM Bryan Colangelo tells Tom Moore of The Bucks County Courier Times there’s “no chance” Philadelphia will tank this season and look toward the future once again.

“We have obviously been set back by several key injuries so we have internally discussed strategies to address the deficiencies without veering too far off course,” Colangelo said.

The injury bug has certainly plagued the 76ers early on in 2016/17. First overall pick Ben Simmons is expected to be out for at least two or three months due to a broken foot; Nerlens Noel underwent a procedure on his left knee and will likely be sidelined until late November or December; and potential starting point guard Jerryd Bayless is battling a right hand injury that has prevented him from making his Sixers debut.

With Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor on minutes limits in the early going, it would be easy enough for the Sixers to continue to focus on developing prospects rather than trying to maximize their 2016/17 win total. And a general manager would never explicitly admit to “tanking” a season. However, Colangelo appears serious about addressing the team’s short-term needs.

Although the GM made his comments to Moore prior to Tuesday’s trade with the Thunder, that deal showed how the Sixers can attempt to mend the holes on this year’s roster without sacrificing the franchise’s long-term prospects. By sending Jerami Grant to the Thunder for Ersan Ilyasova and a future draft pick, the Sixers added a future asset and a veteran contributor in exchange for a player who didn’t really have a clear-cut role in Philadelphia. Moore notes that the Sixers wanted to add talent without sacrificing future cap flexibility, and Tuesday’s trade did just that, since Ilyasova is on an expiring contract.

While the Sixers likely still won’t be a playoff contender in the Eastern Conference this year, the Ilyasova acquisition suggests the team would still like to be as competitive as possible. With Embiid off to an impressive start, Philadelphia could be well-positioned to win some games in the second half of the season if Simmons and Noel get healthy.

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8 thoughts on “Colangelo: “Not A Chance” Sixers Tank This Season

  1. smittybanton


  2. smittybanton

    Russell Westbrook/Victor Oladipo = Damian Lilliard/CJ McCollum


    Steve Adams, Enes Kanter, Jerami Grant > Maurice Harkless, Mason Plumlee, Al Farouq Aminu.

    As hard as it may be to believe for those who didn’t follow Aminu’s or Harkless’ career from the beginning, but Jerami Grant is beyond where both of them were at this stage of their respective careers.

    Grant is on the USA Select Team for chrissakes.

    What’s worse is that this only makes any sense at all if you’re going to play Ben Simmons as a traditional power forward instead of the Hall of Fame point guard he’s destined to become.

    The Colangelo’s disrespected defense in Phoenix and Toronto. BC was gifted Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, and will now take care to get rid of every defensive minded player we have and replace them with Sergio Rodriguez, Jerry Bayless, Furkan Korkmaz, Timothe Luwawu, Ersan Ilyasova, and keep Nik Stauskas.

    Traffic cones, every single flipping one of them.

    Ask New Orleans whether its as simple as landing a franchise player.

    Billy King played us for suckers. Then we adopted a real plan, that required patience. We have none. So we go back to the old retreads and has beens and good ole boys. Bryan Colangelo do exactly for us what you did to win those other championship rings you got. Oh…that’s right.

  3. Danthemilwfan

    Ben Simmons is not a future hall of fame pg. He’s a good forward that will probably become a role payer for another team when he pans out. Also trade embiid now before he gets hurt again. The way he plays there is no way he won’t be another bynum.

  4. Joeycalexc

    They don’t have to “tank”. They will just stink so will lose 60 games either way.

  5. Joeycalexc

    Colangelo making huge mistakes. Signing veteran guys who can’t play. Bring back Ish

  6. Joe Love

    Ilyasova is a very good player. Can flat out shoot, is a hard-nosed guy who was up there with charges taken last season.
    Bizarre signing though, given the logjam at 4/5
    I hope Joel stays healthy because Okafor is slow and lethargic on D.
    Noel is going to be a tall Faried. Saric is a nice, tough player but is looking slow, unathletic and short/short-armed against NBA comp.
    I feel like Noel needs to look at Biyombo’s example and accept that he’s a bench energy guy.
    Deal Jahlil for a quick stretch 4, and wait for everyone to get healthy.


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