Lowe’s Latest: Barnes, Howard, Evans

Zach Lowe of ESPN.com examines the Pelicans‘ roster building strategy and cautions that the team doesn’t have much time to build a championship roster around Anthony Davis in his latest piece. It’s is packed full of noteworthy trade rumors and tidbits, including the story we passed along earlier today about how the Sixers will take a “hard look” at Jrue Holiday in free agency.

Here are more highlights from the piece:

  • The Pelicans considered making a sizable offer to Harrison Barnes in free agency before deciding to spend their available cap space on multiple players, sources tell Lowe. The scribe adds that Barnes would have considered New Orleans had the team contacted him.
  • The Hawks and Pelicans had exploratory talks about a Dwight Howard deal a couple weeks ago, but that was before Atlanta pulled all of its players off the trade market. Lowe notes that it’s unclear how interested New Orleans was in the deal and adds that there was not unanimous support to acquire Howard within the organization.
  • If the Pelicans decide to shake up the front office at the end of the season, Danny Ferry, who is currently serving in an advisory role with the team, is not likely to take over GM duties, sources tell Lowe.
  • Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday will both be free agents this offseason and Lowe notes that it will be hard for the Pelicans to keep both. The scribe adds that retaining Holiday remains New Orleans’ higher priority.
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2 thoughts on “Lowe’s Latest: Barnes, Howard, Evans

  1. PC23

    Pelicans need to get Davis some help or else he’s gonna leave like LeBron did. He literally has to do everything every season just for them to finish as an 8th seed. Need to do a good job this draft whoever it maybe whether it’s Fultz, Smith Jr, or Tatum. Pursue RFAs like Porter Jr. or there promising young guys.

  2. The Unibrower

    The Pelicans sacrificed too much to throw a team together back in 2014. A gamble we lost, and now we are paying the price. Sent out three 1st rounders for Jrue/Asik. Sent out two quality players for Tyreke. Dell mortgaged this teams future to “win now”. Well injuries have derailed the plans and if Durant plays more than 27 games in 2015 we don’t even get the 8th seed.


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