Glen Davis Hoping For NBA Return

Veteran power forward Glen Davis is training in hopes of an NBA comeback, according to a post on TMZ. The 31-year-old is reportedly working out five to six days a week in Thousand Oaks, Calif., with the goal of catching on with a team before the end of the season.

Davis last played for the Clippers in the 2014/15 season. He sat out all of last year after having surgery on his left ankle to repair torn ligaments, a cyst and bone spurs.

Davis is reportedly “100% confident” that he can still play in the NBA. He has a full team of specialists helping him build up strength and endurance, along with a nutritionist and a “mindset development guru.”

Davis played eight NBA seasons with the Celtics, Magic and Clippers.

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6 thoughts on “Glen Davis Hoping For NBA Return

  1. Dean Gant

    Mindset development is to put down the biscuits and chicken wings!

  2. michael

    I think the most likely option he should go with is wait until the offseason and sign with an NBA team. I will keep track.

  3. KCelts

    10 day contract probably, but I’d love to see Shrek come home to Boston. Bring Donkey with him too lol.

    *Note* I know this probably won’t happen, but hey he was a favorite here for a while.

  4. jerseyjoehaven

    He should try to go to the Nets. Best chance to stick with a weak team to build up his stock. Then he can try for another team the next year or continue with the Nets.


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