Thunder Acquire Doug McDermott, Taj Gibson

6:44pm: The deal is official, according to press releases issued by both teams.

1:44 PM: The two teams are nearing a deal that will send Payne to Chicago and both McDermott and Gibson to OKC, according to Shams Charania of The Vertical (Twitter link). The Bulls will receive Anthony Morrow and Lauvergne in addition to Payne, while the Thunder will receive a 2018 second-round pick. Roberson is not involved in the deal.

1:28 PM: The Thunder and Bulls continue to have trade discussions regarding Doug McDermott and Taj Gibson, Marc Stein of relays (Twitter links). Frank Isola of the New York Daily News (Twitter links) hears that the two teams are closing in on a deal that will send McDermott to OKC in exchange for Andre Roberson and Cameron Payne.

Oklahoma City has been trying to figure out what a new deal for Roberson would look like in the offseason, Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical reports (Twitter link). Roberson will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season and a trade could signal that OKC feels the price tag will be too high. A Roberson trade is not imminent, as Vincent Goodwill of Comcast Sportsnet (Twitter link) hears that the deal could simply be Payne for McDermott.

The Thunder are exploring a trade that would bring both McDermott and Gibson to the team, according to Stein. Earlier today, we learned that the Bulls have been seeking a first-round pick in exchange for Gibson for quite some time. Oklahoma City has already shipped out a pair of future first-round picks in previous deals, so the first selection the franchise can trade is its 2022 pick. If OKC is to acquire both players, Stein (Twitter link) hears that it would take Payne, Joffrey Lauvergne, and draft compensation for the Bulls to oblige.

Gibson will be an unrestricted free agent after the season. The Bulls lost Pau Gasol to free agency last season and the experience has “motivated” to get something for Gibson rather than going through the same scenario once again this summer, K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune notes on Twitter.

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27 thoughts on “Thunder Acquire Doug McDermott, Taj Gibson

  1. chiefivey

    lmfaoooo the experience motivated them to not lose gibson for nothing, like everybody and their mother didnt say to trade gasol last year.

  2. D-NBA

    I liked Payne as a backup to Russ and Roberson was a heck of a defender as well but McDermott will def help OKC offensively, they can do without Roberson, Oladipo and Grant are pretty good on defense and Roberson’s lack of a jumpshot was hurting the OKC offense. Russ will def average a triple double now with McDermott out there, not only can he be a prolific spot up shooter but he is also really good off the dribble and getting his own shot.

    • Either lose them now or pay them major bucks this summer and next…..that’s the question. Robeson guys are plentiful. Didn’t the Thunder have a similar guy before him (Thesalofa sp?) you can find a guy like that easily.

      • Robersons jumper was horrendous. There will be a lot better 3 and D guys in this draft not mention you still have Grant who is a very good defender. O.G. Annuboy, Justin Jackson, and many other small forwards are projected to go around where the Thunder are picking.

      • mvottop

        I know. Roberson is not worth a big contract. It is more so just a personal connection fans have to certain players which makes it hard. We have Jerami Grant who is a solid defender and decent 3 pt shooter so getting McDermott for Roberson would be ideal. I know Payne hasn’t done much yet but I have a little hope for him. Plus he’s the only back up PG on the roster and Russ already has to stay out there enough as it is with Payne.

    • D-NBA

      The Bulls are gearing up for a playoff run and possibly looking at a Roberson as a player who can get under Lebron’s skin in the playoffs. Payne has serious potential, he is a pretty good shooter and knows how to run an offense, the trade def makes them better from a bench perspective and defensively.

  3. mvottop

    If it’s Gibson and McDermott and we don’t have to give up both Roberson and Payne? Wow, that makes me happy!

  4. Andrew V

    I don’t understand why the Bulls want to move McDermott, he may not be a star or anything but he is a great role player that you can use as an offensive spark for many years. More athletic Korver (not quite as good with the 3s though)

    • Looking towards the future, Payne may be your pg. I think this is a good move worth the risk.

  5. Priggs89

    I liked Payne for the Bulls in the draft when they stupidly traded up for Doug. This is a mediocre at best move though.

  6. JBuckets21

    I think this was an average trade at best. Good to get rid of Taj for a package but there goes the bulls playoff hope. Jimmy and Wade can’t do it alone. Now Mirotic is our starting PF? Good Joke.

    • Priggs89

      Getting rid of their playoff hopes is the best thing that could possibly happen. This is a garbage team and a horrible front office that doesn’t deserve to make the playoffs. Whoever thought adding Rondo, Wade, and Lopez to Hoiberg’s offense should’ve been fired on the spot. Clearly they care more about selling tickets than putting a winning team on the court.

  7. Formerlyz

    Bulls lose their best spacer, but add more shooting, and a possible look at a good guard moving forward…OKC adds a spacer in a position of need, and a versatile defender at the 5 to come of the bench instead of Kanter. Like this for both teams, but probably more for OKC, at least for this year

    • mvottop

      And OKC gets a 2018 2nd rounder as a sweetener. I really like this trade.

  8. At first as a Bulls fan I did not like the trade, but I like it more and more as I think about it.

    Taj was leaving no matter what after the season as UF. He will get paid more than he is work just like Noah this past offseason. OKC already has a lot of money committed next season, so I do not see them signing Taj either.

    Mcdourmet is what hurts only because of how much they gave up to draft him. He cannot play defense at a respectable level in the NBA and is only a streaky scorer. Payne could be a solid prospect at PG.

    Morrow and Lauvergne are just throw ins.

    This will give the Bulls a chance to look at Portis and Mirotic only at the PF position. Both are better scorers than Gibson, and can make some threes. Also, Taj didn’t really fit in the starting lineup next to lopez. Bulls needs more spacing. Mirotic and Portis will give Butler and Wade more room to work and get to the basket.

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