Two Cavaliers Traded Player Exceptions Expire

Two traded player exceptions that the Cavaliers could have used to acquire a player without sending out any salary have expired. The two TPEs were acquired when Cleveland traded Anderson Varejao and Jared Cunningham at last season’s deadline, and expired on February 20, a year after they were created.

The Cavs actually already made use of one of the two trade exceptions, using a portion of the $9.6MM+ Varejao TPE when they acquired Kyle Korver last month. Absorbing Korver’s $5.2MM+ salary into that exception reduced its value to about $4.4MM. Meanwhile, the Cunningham TPE was a modest one to begin with, worth about $947K, and was never likely to be used.

Even without those two trade exceptions, the Cavs have plenty of options if they want to make a deal at this week’s deadline. Cleveland still has four TPEs, including one worth about $4.84MM created by Mike Dunleavy‘s outgoing salary last month, and another worth $2.19MM (Mo Williams‘ salary). There’s also nothing stopping the club from sending out salaries of its own if it wants to acquire a player earning $5MM+.

According to Joe Vardon of, the Cavs continue to talk to teams about potential trades, and will likely explore their options right up until a deal is made or the deadline passes.

Meanwhile, as Arthur Hill of Hoops Rumors detailed over the weekend, today represents the first day that the Cavs could re-add Varejao to their roster, if they so choose. Teams can’t re-acquire a player within a year of trading him, but that year has now passed and Varejao is currently a free agent. That’s not to say a reunion is likely, but it’s still worth noting.

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3 thoughts on “Two Cavaliers Traded Player Exceptions Expire

  1. Fredo

    Might as well, considering any big would improve their center depth or lack there of..

    I think theyre screwed unless they get Melo tho…or trade Love for something similar.

    Cavs cant simply add Roy Hibbert and Deron Williams and expect to compete as those woud have been good option pre-Love injury.

    . they need to trade Love for starting quality players or the Celtics will take them down in 5 or 6.

    • Yohan

      Celtics aren’t beating the Cavs. Cavs will have love and jr back. This will be the first time they’re truly healthy all year and isiah Thomas isn’t even close to the same level as lebron is. Lebron won’t lose to him in a series.

      • Lebong

        Queen Lebron will win in the WNBA finals!!! Paying the refs and Lebroning acting will surely be my secret weapon.


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