Lonzo Ball To Enter 2017 NBA Draft

Shortly after his UCLA Bruins fell to Kentucky in the Sweet 16, star freshman guard Lonzo Ball announced that Friday’s game would be his last as a college player, tweets Jon Rothstein of FanRag Sports. Ball will enter the 2017 NBA draft, and will be a candidate to be the first player off the board in June.

Ball, who is ranked as the No. 2 prospect in this year’s draft class by both DraftExpress and ESPN.com, averaged 14.7 PPG, 7.6 APG, and 1.9 SPG in his freshman year at UCLA. Although Markelle Fultz ranks ahead of him on most big boards, Ball is considered the better prospect by multiple NBA teams, and has certainly received more public hype lately, thanks to his outspoken father LaVar Ball.

On Friday night, Ball was outplayed by Wildcats star De’Aaron Fox, who figures to be a lottery pick three months from now as well. In a game that featured a handful of top prospects, Fox looked like the best player on the court, racking up 39 points. However, as Chad Ford of ESPN.com writes, Ball’s mediocre showing in the Sweet 16 won’t have much of an impact on his draft stock — he’s still a near-lock to be a top-three pick.

You can check out our full list of the early entrants for the 2017 draft right here.

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32 thoughts on “Lonzo Ball To Enter 2017 NBA Draft

  1. liamsfg

    His dad could potentially hurt his stock if he can’t keep to himself.

    • nsoddycu@gmail.com

      That’s true, it’ll be hard to draft a talented player with that kind of baggage. The rumor was Tobias Harris was traded from the Bucks to the Magic because his uncle had Scott Skiles personal number and was harassing him about playing time. A very talented prospect was traded away for less than half a year of JJ Reddick. Just saying, all the talent in the world can always be over shadowed by negativity

  2. InvalidUserID

    Never seen a minute of him play. Honest opinion needed: how good can he be in the NBA and type of comparison?

    • AjBronx7

      From what I’ve seen he has 0 bust potential, he is being compared to Jason Kidd and Magic Johnson, worst case scenario he is a good playmaker who can shoot 3s

      • His shot is a little wonky from what I’ve heard too (or was that Fultz?) but he still gets his jumpers to go in at a good rate.

      • JDonovan

        There is absolutely no such thing as 0 bust potential. Every draft pick CAN bust and not just from a lack of skills. A player can bust because of injuries, desire, drugs, other demons, or whatever else could happen. There are no guarantees in the draft.

  3. Dionis

    Watched him play against Kentucky and he had no answer for Kentucky, Fox and Monk took it right at UCLA and Lonzo was put on lock, alot of his passes intercepted and his shot was stuffed a couple times. He will be a great player but he is hands down a pass first guard, Walton would make something out of him since he’s a passer at heart but man Foz dropped 39 on him, Lavar is starting to look like he talks way too much lol he had UCLA winning it all.

  4. Dionis

    He can be Jason Kidd good, in Luke Walton’s system in LA he would flourish working with Randle,Ingram, and Clarkson not sure if LA keeps Russell after drafting Ball. He’s basically a more athletic and better shooting version of Kidd.

  5. Dionis

    His dad is just talking, Lonzo has all the tools to be a great player. The NBA game is more of an open game then college where more sets are run and it is more organized basketball. Towns,Davis, Booker, and Cousins werent getting 30 at will in Kentucky and look at the 4 of them now. Lakers is a great fit as long as Russell is gone.

  6. miltpappas

    Regardless of his talent, I see a major headache for his coach. Too many stories already about his attitude and ego.

  7. RenoChris

    2 more years of college ball and this kid would be a beast. Could be the next OJ Mayo or Michael Beasley who knows

  8. Cleveland - City of Losers

    Avoid this guy. His dad is too much of a distraction. He won’t shut up no matter what is happening, good or bad. This kid needs to reign his dad in.

  9. acarneglia

    The rebirth of J Kidd and Magic, just ask Lavar and he’ll tell you. Lol. LeBron, Steph and Russ need to watch out! Once again just ask Lavar

  10. mackows2

    Does anyone else see a guy who doesnt give 100% effort?
    Didnt see all his games, but you cant tell me he went all out vs Kentucky. you would think going against Fox would be a personal challenge, but I saw a dude that played with no energy.
    i know hes a top pick and he was only ever going to be a 1 and done, but show some pride. Seemed to be “checked out”

  11. nsoddycu@gmail.com

    This Jason Kidd comparison is over done, everyone thought MCW would be the next J Kidd and we all know what happened there. I highly doubt Ball will end his career as the all time leader in assists and steals (Kidd is 2nd in both) as well as be in the top 6 (kidds 7th) in three pointers made. He may be talented but everyone in the NBA is talented so I wouldn’t be surprised if he struggles a bit out of the gate

    • Connorsoxfan

      Yeah, But MCW couldn’t shoot though, so the Kidd comp wasn’t a good one.

  12. Dearon Fox is very hungry. Kids looks like a young D Rose. To be honest, and I know many will disagree, he looks like a better prospect than Ball based on what I’ve seen of Fox and high athleticism and energy. Good passer, very athletic, all the combinations to becoming a great point guard.

  13. Formerlyz

    Reminds me of Goran Dragic. I won’t go as far as saying Jason kidd just yet. Shooting mechanics are an issue, and there are questions about his scoring in the NBA. Defensive questions as well. If he knocks down shots the way he did on college though, kid is probably a big time star. Really fun to watch. Clearly likes setting up teammates

  14. Formerlyz

    That team would be so terrible defensively…the lakers obviously…

    Why can’t I directly reply to anyone? This has been an issue for a little over a week now for some reason… just keeps going to a new post

  15. OCTraveler

    One of the ugliest shots ever – loves the step back because if guarded closely and he tries to shoot it off the dribble, it will be swatted away.

    Not a great defender – seems not to go 100% all the time on that end of the court. Does go to the boards well for a guard.

    Why he will be a good pro – great vision makes him an uncanny passes – dominates the open floor and thrives on run and gun offenses.

    Intangible – 250 pounds of baggage (his father)

  16. BayAreaSportsFan

    Wouldn’t even consider taking ball in the first round. He’s just not that good. Nobody would even know his name if 8t wasn’t for his father/publicist. To think the younger ball will have a different attitude than the senior ball is delusional. Bust.

    • Z-A

      Yea… everyone knew who Lonzo Ball was before LaVar took center stage. Sorry to break it to you, but people know who the top prospects.

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