NBA D-League Assignments/Recalls: 3/20/17

Here are the D-League transactions from Monday:

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2 thoughts on “NBA D-League Assignments/Recalls: 3/20/17

  1. toby312

    So the suppose head liner the GARPAX LEMMINGS got in return for their 2 former 1st rd draft choices which the one Doug McDermott cost them a goal of 5 draft picks is now been assigned to the D league? Folks if I wasn’t laughing so hard this should hurt. I can’t make stuff like this up and the still keep their jobs

    • Djones246890

      But it makes it all better because GarPax “really liked” Payne in the draft. Lol.

      It’s amazing that these clowns get to run a professional NBA team.

      They liked him in the draft. Hell, I liked a lot of guys on draft night that i don’t anymore. Wanna know why? Because they now suck, in the NBA.


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