Bucks Notes: Henson, Terry, Parker

The Bucks may be watching the rest of the playoffs from afar after losing their opening round series to the Raptors. Despite the loss, the team is optimistic about the future, as Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes.

“We were a couple shots falling from this series going to Game 7, and in a Game 7 anything can happen,” Bucks center John Henson said. “I think it’s going to fuel the hunger next year. But you win your first playoff series by getting the higher seeds. That’s what we want to do. Being in the top four, that’s when the expectations come on you to win. You get home court first so if you can get a couple home-court wins, the pressure is on them.”

Here’s more from Milwaukee:

  • The Bucks will likely be open to re-signing Jason Terry, according to Andrew Wagner of the Star Tribune. The 39-year-old shooting guard played 74 games for Milwaukee this past season, averaging 4.1 points in 18.4 minutes per game.
  • Coach Jason Kidd believes Terry and Matthew Dellavedova will be key members of the Bucks‘ future, Gary D’Amato of the Journal Sentinel relays. “ ‘Jet’ and ‘Delly’ are winners,” Kidd said. “Hopefully, that will help our culture as we move forward.”
  • Henson added that he believes Jabari Parker, who is recovering from an ACL injury, can help take the Bucks to the next level, as Gardner passes along in the aforementioned piece. “I think he’s an all-star level player, a great kid,” Henson said of Parker. “If we add him into what we do now, with Khris and Giannis, it could be scary.”
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8 thoughts on “Bucks Notes: Henson, Terry, Parker

    • yoyo137

      Well they say it in the article, it’s for his leadership to build a winning culture.

        • yoyo137

          No it’s to build a winning culture by showing that players who put in work will be rewarded by the franchise by being retained. I’m not sure what you have against Jason Kidd and the Bucks but the Lakers had Metta World Peace all year to run practice with the young players and teach them the league. Coaches need to delegate their work, Kidd can’t work with 100% focus with each player separately at the same time and I’m sure Jason Terry, one of the greatest 3 point shooters of all time, is in the gym helping Giannis with his jumper too. But maybe Jason Kidd should get rid of every vet and fire his coaching staff so nobody has to do his job for him.

    • SuperSinker

      Unfortunately it doesn’t matter what happens in alternate realities.

  1. Danthemilwfan

    We lost game 2 and 6 cause it was close down the stretch and we are young in roster and coaching. Next year same roster even without Jabari we win those games

  2. dust44

    I think Jet resigns for 2 years and becomes JKidds assistant after the contract is up. Would b a nice win win

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