2017 Offseason Salary Cap Digest: Houston Rockets

The Rockets outperformed expectations in 2016/17, with James Harden receiving MVP consideration and Mike D’Antoni entering the Coach of the Year discussion as the club set records for three-point shooting. However, the season ended on a sour note, and Daryl Morey won’t have as much cap flexibility to make roster additions this summer as he did a year ago, when Houston landed Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon.

Here’s where things currently stand for the Rockets financially, as we continue our Offseason Salary Cap Digest series for 2017:

Guaranteed Salary

Player Options

  • None

Team Options

  • None

Non-Guaranteed Salary

Restricted Free Agents

  • Bobby Brown ($1,724,305 qualifying offer / $1,724,305 cap hold)
  • Troy Williams ($1,512,611 qualifying offer / $1,512,611 cap hold)
  • Total: $3,236,916

Cap Holds

  • Nene ($3,477,600)
  • Total: $3,477,600

Projected Salary Cap: $101,000,000

Maximum Cap Room: $11,700,349

  • With more than $87MM on their 2017/18 cap in the form of guaranteed salaries, the Rockets would have a team salary of $89,299,651 if they added a couple cap charges for empty roster spots to that total. That would give the club about $11.7MM in cap room, which isn’t much more than what the mid-level exception is expected to be worth. In order to clear out additional space, a trade would be necessary.


  1. Wiltjer’s salary becomes fully guaranteed after August 1.

Salary information from Basketball Insiders and The Vertical was used in the creation of this post.

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  1. johncena2016

    I’d like to Anderson traded as the contact just isn’t worth it.

    • GuruGray

      Traded for who? I’m getting tired of posters saying every player should be traded, but never including a possible trade partner/return


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