And-Ones: James, 2003 Draft, Wanamaker

Many have compared Kevin Durant‘s decision to join Golden State to LeBron James‘ move to Miami back in 2010, but LBJ doesn’t see it as the same situation, as Steven Ruiz of USA Today relays.

“I don’t think our careers are the same, as far as changing teams,” James said. “Their team was already kind of put together. And you just implement a guy who’s ready to sacrifice – a great talent, a guy who’s willing to do whatever it takes to help the team win. But that team, they already knew what they were all about, and he just had to come in and do what he had to do. And that’s what he’s been doing.

“For me, when I left [Cleveland] to go to Miami, we had to build something. We brought in eight or nine guys, and we had to build something. And when I came back [to Cleveland] we had to build something again.”

Ten players were already on the Warriors roster when Durant arrived in town compared to just two—Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem—on the Heat when James came to South Beach.

Here’s more from around the league:

  • Former Cavaliers GM Jim Paxson admits that he made moves during the 2002/03 season with the 2003 draft in mind, as he tells Sam Smith of “That season before [in 2002] we traded Andre Miller to the Clippers because he was up for that rookie extension for Darius Miles and some parts,” Paxson recalled. “I told ownership even though there is no guarantee [for the top pick], we need to take one more step back because this [2003] draft is going to be special [Paxson said their draft order was LeBron, Carmelo and then Bosh]. Andre was good enough to keep us in the 27 to 31-win range, which would take you out of that top three to four picks. We tied with Denver [for the most lottery balls] when we won the last game of the season. Then we got lucky to get the No. 1.”
  • Paxson added that he knew right away he had to surround James with shooting, Smith passes along in the same piece. The Cavaliers took Jason Kapono in the second-round of the 2003 draft.
  • Dan Fegan denies any ties to the new Dynasty Sports Group agency that was founded by former ISE agent Aylton Tesch, according to Liz Mullen of Sports Business Daily. Tesch left ISE shortly after the company fired Fegan.
  • CSKA Moscow plans to pursue Brad Wanamaker, who played collegiate ball at the University of Pittsburgh before flourishing in Europe, in the event that Milos Teodosic leaves for the NBA, international journalist David Pick reports (Twitter link).
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7 thoughts on “And-Ones: James, 2003 Draft, Wanamaker

  1. GiantsFan07

    Wanamaker played for the University of Pittsburgh. Not Pittsburg. That’s in Kansas and where John Brown of the Cardinals went.

  2. BStevens

    And that’s what it says “University of Pittsburgh ” for the record it’s Pittsburgh State

  3. Dionis

    The facts is Lebron James that Kevin Durant is not deferring to Curry or Klay and is the clear first option and took you out last game with a dagger 3 while you chose to pass to Korver to make the “right play”. When has Korver ever been a winner and been in this stage? You never built anything in Miami, Wade was Miami and bailed him out so many times in those series it wasnt even funny. Wade carried the Heat through stretches when they were down not Lebron, Ray Allen hit the game winner to save the series not Lebron.

  4. hiflew

    Paxson is full of crap too. EVERYBODY had Darko as #2 that year. Seriously, Google any mock draft or executive interview from 2003 and they ALL had LeBron #1, Darko #2, and Melo a distant #3.

  5. Warriors

    Warriors are the classiest team ever!!! Curry takes so many fouls and never complains because they don’t call them yet the Cavs cry even being brushed the tinniest bit. STAY TRUE WARRIORS YOUR THE BEST

  6. Warriors

    It’s full out facts very easy to see only the hard headed closed minded can’t say it’s true. They have so much structure is the best no matter what is tossed there way. Can’t win them all and when they lose they don’t cry like most they just get better. Love how they don’t complain and don’t bully other teams. Again this is only seen by true followers of the game

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