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Saturday’s blockbuster deal that will allow the Sixers to draft Markelle Fultz validates “the process” that former GM Sam Hinkie brought to Philadelphia, writes Tim Cato of SB Nation. The Sixers were able to get the No. 1 pick from Boston in exchange for their own selection at No. 3 and the Lakers’ first-rounder next year, which will be conveyed only if it falls between No. 2 and No. 5, or the Kings’ first-rounder the following year. Hinkie’s philosophy of getting high draft picks and collecting assets gave Philadelphia the ammunition to make the deal, Cato notes. The Sixers now have a promising core of Fultz, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons to build their future around.

There’s a lot more this morning as writers weigh in on the trade:

  • The Sixers held a private workout with Fultz Saturday night before agreeing to the deal, and the Celtics weren’t notified that the trade was done before the news became public, tweets Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe. He notes that the Celtics’ already crowded backcourt factored into their decision to pass on Fultz (Twitter link). Potential Boston draftees Josh Jackson and Lonzo Ball both turned down workouts with the team, so the Celtics haven’t seen either player in person (Twitter link). They watched Jayson Tatum during a session in Los Angeles.
  • The trade happened five days before the draft because the Sixers and Celtics are both hoping to make other deals, according to Ramona Shelburne of (Twitter link).
  • Fultz, who grew up in Maryland, told Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer that he likes the idea of playing relatively close to home and being with a rising team like the Sixers. Sources told Pompey that Fultz was disappointed when Philadelphia failed to land the top pick at the lottery. “They have a young team, and I think the upside of it would be crazy,” Fultz said. “I’m close to home. So a lot of my family can come out and just show love, and this city has great fans.”
  • The Celtics could have seven first-rounders over the next three drafts, tweets’s Chris Forsberg, who details the picks.
  • On his website, Derek Bodner examines how the Sixers acquired the assets they used to land Fultz.
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26 thoughts on “Latest On Celtics-Sixers Deal

  1. Connorsoxfan

    Is the Lakers pick protected between 2-5 or does it convey if it is between 2-5?

    • gronk

      This is the first I heard of it being protected from 2-5. I thought it conveyed if it fell between 2-5. Maybe a typo? But I’d really like to know.

    • Luke Adams

      Conveys if it falls between 2 and 5. Was originally mis-worded in this post — fixed now.

      • Connorsoxfan

        Ah I see. That’s what I figured just wanted to make sure I hadn’t misinterpreted something else I read earlier. Thanks Luke.

  2. I am a little less annoyed by this trade. Watch the pick be #1 in 2018 or 2019 though.

    • TheMissing18thBanner

      If we don’t get next years, it’s an unprotected 19′ pick

    • Nvm I was hoping it’d fall 2-5 next year before u corrected it bc of the talent in 2018. Now hoping it’s 1 or 6 and the 2019 pick is somehow non lottery. Cheering for the Kings now to stick it to Ainge if it doesn’t convey next year.

  3. socalbum

    first domino has fallen in Ainge’s plan — no. 3 pick will belong to another team, perhaps during the draft.

    • adshadbolt

      He’ll trade the no. 3 for a young big maybe Drummond if they can get the pistons to pay part of his salary

      • usagame

        That’s not even close. They would never take Drummond. In case anyone has not noticed, they only want bigs that can shoot 3’s. Drummond is not even close to that. Ainge is trying to get Anthony Davis from the Pelicans. That is very real.

  4. bcard12

    Ainge is gonna try to flip the pick to Chicago with Bradley or crowder (more than likely crowder) for butler, then sign heyward. That gives them a solid rotation at guard and forward. Next years draft is loaded with 4/5 type guys. It allows them to have stars and depth at almost every position. Solid move by ainge, but he’s not done.

  5. GMB 883

    Great move by Danny Ainge. Can’t win with young players for a long time and Simmons and Fultz need to prove how good they can be because neither won in college. This will all be very interesting. Ainge is up to something.

  6. Thomas Haas6815

    Danny A. is the GM of the last few decades hands down got KG and Allen got the ring tried hard to get another blew up that old team and got major assets saw something Isaiah T. got Crowder for nothing put times up in Boston Rondo and just made Boston a powerhouse weather they trade for Jimmy or not this squad is nasty and only getting better. I’m a T-wolves fan and I’m ready to watch some battles between the two teams in the future.

  7. Connorsoxfan

    People talk about the PG fit issue as part of the reason, but the real reason is his haircut and Jaylen Brown’s haircut won’t fit in the same room.

  8. Scott

    Unless Ainge makes a deal for someone like Davis or Butler, then Celts got fleeced in this one. Passing on Fultz for possible Jackson doesn’t help. He’s a player who can defend and rebound for his position, but isn’t a strong shooter. Going to a team that has a lot of players that can defend, but not shoot is redundant.

    • usagame

      Scott the Celtics have too many guards, there is no sense at all in taking another one. Thomas, Bradley, Smart, Rozier, Demetrius Jackson is developing. They are set there. They need bigs desperately. They got Horford last season, Look for them to go after Heyward and Anthony Davis. Drafting Josh Jackson will be huge as well. He can shoot 3’s and has a nonstop motor. His effective fg% was 57%. That’s a great shooter.

  9. I’d rather give up the 2019 Kings outright than the Lakers 2018. If it’s a lottery pick in 2018 that draft class is loaded. Especially with a couple Big’s to replace Embiid if he doesn’t pan out this season. Happy it’s not Both picks for sure. 1 pick for the spot is not bad. Wish there was definitive info on protection for both picks.

    • mcase7187

      Look at it this way the C’s own the nets pick next let’s face it probably number 1 and the lakers won’t be much better especially if they draft Ball so there looking and 2 of the top 3 picks in a loaded draft as people have been saying

  10. mcase7187

    The C’s should have asked for Okafor also it looks like Philadelphia doesn’t really want him anymore

    • usagame

      The C’s don’t want post up centers, otherwise they would have taken Okafor last year when Philly was giving him away.

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