Sixers Acquire No. 1 Pick From Celtics, Will Take Fultz

JUNE 19: The Celtics have formally issued a press release announcing the trade, making it official. Here’s how the finalized deal looks:

Sixers acquire:

  • No. 1 overall pick in 2017

Celtics acquire:

  • No. 3 overall pick in 2017
  • Lakers’ 2018 first-round pick if it falls between No. 2 and No. 5. If Lakers’ pick doesn’t convey, Celtics will acquire more favorable of Kings’ or Sixers’ 2019 first-round pick (unless that pick is No. 1 overall, in which case the Celtics will acquire less favorable selection).

“We are very pleased with the outcome of this trade, which puts us in the enviable position of selecting first overall in consecutive draft years,” Sixers president Bryan Colangelo said in Philadelphia’s own announcement confirming the deal. “History suggests that No. 1 has the greatest odds of producing franchise-level talent and we are confident that this year’s draft class has that very potential. Thursday night will see us take another significant step toward building a successful and sustainable basketball program.”

JUNE 17: The Celtics and Sixers have reached an agreement on a deal that will send the first overall pick to Philadelphia, David Aldridge of tweets. The trade will be finalized on Monday and the Sixers will select University of Washington point guard Markelle Fultz, Aldridge adds.

Boston will receive the No. 3 pick in this year’s draft from Philadelphia, according to Marc J. Spears of

Adam Himmelsbach of the Boston Globe tweets that the Celtics will also receive one future first-rounder along with that pick. Boston will receive the 2018 first-rounder that the Lakers owe the Sixers with protections, Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical tweets. If it doesn’t convey, the Sixers will instead give up the Kings‘ first-rounder that Sacramento owes to Philadelphia, Wojnarowski adds. Wojnarowski originally reported the Celtics would get both of those picks.

The Celtics will receive that Lakers pick if it’s anywhere between No. 2 and No. 5, Philadelphia-based reporter Derek Bodner tweets. Otherwise, Boston will get the Kings pick in 2019.

The league made a rule change last summer which allowed teams to put protection on unprotected picks they had received in a previous trade, Bobby Marks of The Vertical tweets.

The Lakers were interested in trading up to snag Fultz but the Sixers’ ability to hand over another high first-rounder was more than Los Angeles could offer, Wojnarowski adds in another tweet.

The final piece to the puzzle was for Fultz to formally work out with the Sixers and that occurred on Saturday night, as Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press reports. “I’m truly blessed to be in this position,” Fultz told Reynolds and other reporters at the workout. “Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to taking my talents to wherever I go.”

While the uncertainty over which player will go No. 1 has apparently been clarified, it’s still unknown what the Lakers will do. Most experts anticipate they’ll choose UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball, which would leave Kansas swingman Josh Jackson available for the Celtics at the No. 3 slot.

The Celtics now have a huge stockpile of future first-rounders at their disposal to facilitate a deal for a star player. They already own the Nets’ 2018 first-round pick, plus the first-rounders of the Clippers and Grizzlies in 2019, along with a handful of second-round picks.

The trade gives the Sixers a dream backcourt of back-to-back No. 1 overall picks, with Fultz joining Ben Simmons, who sat out last season with a foot injury.

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112 thoughts on “Sixers Acquire No. 1 Pick From Celtics, Will Take Fultz

  1. willnewbs

    W for C’s – Josh Jackson is on same tier as Fultz so they arnt losing much in moving down 2 spots but get 2 extra first rounders to take a shot at butler, no kidding it’s also a W for sixers, GREAT deal

      • natelowda

        why would they take Jackson when they have Ingram? I am honestly really curious here. lol

          • justinept

            True – but if they can clear cap room, they’ll have Paul George in a year. And they know this … Why take Jackson?

        • frankgrimes

          Ingram can play the two and so can Jackson. When both players grow into their man body’s they could probably play the 4 too. If the add PG13 they could have three 2 way wings that can switch out on everything defensively.

          • Ingram is not a guard. I’m sure he can try to play guard but he’ll do it poorly.

      • goldglover444

        They won’t go through with the deal until draft night in the case that the lakers screw it up and take Jackson they can rescind the offer

    • Matt Galvin

      Just another former Jayhawk going to Celtics and can sign like maybe Hayward know to.

    • Phattey

      Jackson to the lakers just so they can screw the Celtics for not giving them the number one pick

    • weekapaug09

      Agree that it’s an awesome deal for both sides but the Celtics are only getting one extra first rounder.

      • Connorsoxfan

        But it’s another high lottery pick. Trading the 1 pick for the 2 pick and the 2-5 pick the following year is genius.

        • You don’t know that yet, especially if the Lakers are going to push this off-season with upgrades to the roster.

          • Connorsoxfan

            Ok, then they don’t get it and then SAC sucks. Boston protected themselves by giving it a floor of no. 5 too.

  2. Cubshoops5

    Woj’s tweet reads:
    “Sources: For top pick, Sixers planning to send Celtics ’17 No. 3 overall pick, ’18 FRP (via LA) and ’19 FRP (via Kings) – w/ protections.”

  3. Who_Farted

    Think the trade is great for both teams, I actually like Josh Jackson a lot. Big question for me is what are the Cs up too Flipping all these picks for PG,Jimmy B, or someone else?

      • KnicksCavsFan

        I haven’t heard a single credible peep about trading Davis. That would be ludicrous. Especially with Cousins becoming an unresticted free agent next year.

      • formerlyz

        That never made sense, even when a giant package would have involved Fultz

    • KCelts

      Well if the Lakers take Jackson, then the Cs can move back again for Isaac or Lauri or even Monk. The question becomes if the Cs actually keep the pick now.

  4. KCelts

    Okay I kind of went on and said I wouldn’t understand this in other threads. I’ll eat my own words. Cs absolutely robbed Philly here.

  5. Coleangelo is a bleeping piece of bleep if there’s no protection on those picks. 2 future firsts for two spots up. Hands down terrible GM.

    • KCelts

      There are protections. Woj said there were. Now what the protections are is still yet to be determined.

      • I read that the Lakers pick was protected for 2-5. Didn’t hear anything about the Kings pick’ protections though.

  6. formerlyz

    if Boston gets multiple assets out of a trade, while retaining the 3rd pick, they can either use that themselves, trade down to 5 for Isaac, or package assets for someone like Butler or someone else, and still have left over assets/cap space.

    I don’t get why Philly is trading up, if it’s going to cost multiple assets, I think that’s a poor decision on their part and unnecessary. Fultz is probaby the obvious best fit for them, but they could have still kept building it the right way and got a really good player. I hope they didn’t use too many assets

    • formerlyz

      I can’t believe Philly gave Boston 1 of those picks in addition to #3. Hopefully the Lakers pick conveys next year, and it’s like in the 8-9 range. If the kings pick is unprotected, I’d be worried about giving that up, if I’m a philly fan. Boston makes out like bandits, especially if the Lakers pass on Jackson. And this pretty much means 1 of Phoenix or Sacramento gets Fox, assuming nobody trades up. Of course, the Lakers could take Fox at 2 still, and Ball falls to 4 or 5, so it’s anyone’s guess. But point being, Boston has a ton of assets right now, including the rights to Nader, Yabusele, and Zizic, all the picks, Crowder’s contract, young guys like Rozier/Brown, they still have Avery Bradley at a good number for a uear, and Marcus Smart. They could really pull something big off, if they want

  7. Wolves612

    So if Jackson goes to Boston they have three small forwards. Much like the 76ers had three centers

    • Grant

      Brown and Jackson can play the two and Crowder can play the 4. All 3 are very versatile and defensive minded.

    • formerlyz

      Both Brown and Jackson can play minutes at the 4, and have the versatility to also see time at the 2

  8. GMB 883

    Great trade for the Celtics. If the Lakers take Jackson the Celtics can take Tatum.

  9. Tremendous deal for the Celtics. Move down and still get a top guy plus you get 2 future first rounders. I don’t get the rebuilding Sixers giving up all that. Sixers should be interesting if they can ever get all the guys on the court together.

  10. KCelts

    Apparently, now it’s either the 2018 LAL first (if it falls between 2-5) OR the 2019 SAC first. It will not be both.

  11. koldjerky

    Are people reading? Sixers give up the 3rd and one of the Lakers or Kings pick. That’s it. Tremendous trade for the Sixers.

      • koldjerky

        Ok but what does that matter? The lakers would’ve taken fultz ahead of the Sixers so the Sixers had to do it. All they had to give up was one of the lakers or kings pick to leapfrog LA. Absolutely a terrific deal for the Sixers. Not bad for the Celtics but grade a for the Sixers.

      • KnicksCavsFan

        You can’t assume what the team ahead of you would do. Kudos for the 76ers identifying the guy they want and going after him.

      • Regi Green

        Whoever the Celtics prefer dont change this from being a good deal for the 6ers.its a good deal for both teams.6ers get the guy who best fits their team for now and the fuure.Celtics still get a good player,or more ammunition for a trade to get a win now star player.or they can just keep taking top prospects and sort it all out later.

      • It doesn’t matter because the Sixers prefer Fultz over everybody else in the draft. They are getting their guy for an asset they’ve cultivated thanks to the MCW trade.

  12. _kherz23

    So now if the Celtics wanted to swing a deal for Butler they probably could pull it off without giving up next years Brooklyn pick. Some combo of this years #3 pick, the other pick they got from the Sixers, (kings or lakers pick, we don’t know which one yet) the Memphis pick in ’20 and terry rozier could probably do it. I believe Butlers contract is up after next year so no more Celtics assets would need to be added. If the Celtics could pull that trade off and sign Gordon heyward, they would be looking at a starting lineup of IT, Avery Bradley, Butler, Heyward, Horford with a pretty decent bench. Scary

    • I think if they get this year’s Brooklyn pic they don’t get next year’s. A team can’t trade two first-round picks in consecutive years? Right? Unless it’s a pic Brooklyn got from somewhere else?

      • GuruGray

        Gary, you’re right that teams can’t trade their 1st round pick in consecutive years. However, the 2017 Nets pick is from a pick swap as was the 2016 Nets 1st rounder. The Celtics own the 2018 Nets pick outright

  13. Himmy1

    Sixers fan here and I hate the deal. Does Fultz get the Sixers to the promise land? He’ll no! He played on a team that won 9 games in a bad conference. Any one of the top 6 picks this year could be better. Should have stayed at 3 and next year would have had a top 5 pick from the lakers because they will suck and the Kings in 2019 will totally suck. The 2018 draft is loaded. You wait until there if you’re the Sixers. The Celtic’s are set up for years to come because of patience and a smart GM. Sixers couldn’t stick it out 1 more year. Gonna be an average team for the next decade. Nice job Coleangelo. You suck!

    • koldjerky

      You should change your fandom. They’re getting a shooter which they’ve needed since the tank started and are given up 1 of those picks and still getting the other while now finally pushing for the playoffs (injuries are an obvious concern though). This was the time and BC struck good (hinkies help)

    • Jay Patel

      The 76ers need a PG. 100% if you guys didn’t trade up Lakers would have taken Fultz at #2. Lonzo Ball is a work, especially with his Dad calling the shots and basically running the show and that would have ruined the team chemistry if the 76ers drafted him at #3. And not sure if you guys are even high on Fox.

      Overall – You got pieces, they just need to stay healthy
      PG Fultz – Bayless
      SG Covington – Nik Stauskas
      SF Simmons
      PF Saric – Okafor
      C Embiied – Okafor

      You aren’t going to win the Championship anytime soon but might as well prepare for the future. Fultz and Simmons might become the next Irving and LeBron James duo (That is a stretch, but Simmons has the handles of a PG).

    • gronk

      First off as a Celtics fan I’m both excited and nervous because we all know this is just the first ball to drop. And it’s refreshing to here your honest take on your team. I agree that if the Celtics end up with Jackson, the guy they wanted anyway they came out on top. But from the outside looking in philly has themselves a ridiculous young core, along with $ to spend. I can’t speak as a sixer fan but I personally like it for both sides. Especially after we learned it was only the Lakers OR the king pick.

    • Fultz also played on a terrible team. Whereas Simmons got bashed a little bit for not doing more with his LSU squad, Fultz isn’t getting as much hate because the rest of his team wasn’t that great (or as good as LSU’s squad could’ve been). There’s only so much an 18-19 year old can do to carry their team.

  14. Himmy1

    The Sixers will send the Lakers’ 2018 first-round pick “if it falls between 2 and 5,” but if the pick does not convey, the Celtics will receive the Kings’ 2019 first-rounder, according to Derek Bodner.

      • There’s no guarantee that Kings’ pick will be the pick with the highest draft odds. That pick is still two years away and a lot can happen between then and now (Kings turn into a decent team with their young players developing, another team falls off the cliff/blows up the team and starts over, etc). Even if the Kings finish with the best odds to win the lottery, there’s no guarantee they (or the Celtics/Sixers in this case) will be lucky enough to win it. If Fultz turns into the star many project him to be, losing the Lakers or Kings pick will hardly make this trade a loss.

    • As long as the Kings isn’t #1. However, they can take either the Kings pick or Sixers pick depending on where each on is at in the draft. If the Sixers get 1 and the Kings pick obviously isn’t 1, Celtics take that pick. If the Kings get 1 and the Sixers obviously don’t, the Celtics get the Sixers pick.

  15. calihoops1

    Ainge will be content with either Jackson or Tatum, don’t be surprised if Tatum is the choice either, he has a lot of upside as well.

    • KCelts

      That’s true and remember Tatum HAS worked out for the Celtics while Jackson HASN’T yet. That could be big if the Cs can’t get a workout with Jackson.

  16. Himmy1

    Still a big gamble but I can live with giving up 1 future 1st rounder instead of 2 plus this years #3. Coleangelo still sucks as you never trade with an in conference foe. This trade could either make or break one of these teams for the next decade. #see the process through!

    • Jay Patel

      If Fultz turns into an All-Star and becomes the franchise of the team than you should take it any day of the week.

      Its a gamble but no one in 76ersLand has been able to “STAY Healthy”

    • koldjerky

      This is the process… the Sixers are guaranteed the #1 overall. The lakers or the kings picks weren’t guaranteed the #1. If you told me all I had to do to get a guaranteed #1 overall pick was to swap my pick and an additional first round pick, I do it every draft.

  17. Regi Green

    The article says the 6ers are giving 3,the Lakers if its 2-5,and if it doesn’t convey they’ll get the Kings.thats 2 other possible picks,but with only 1 to convey.

    Why is everyone,including the article,keep saying theyre getting 3.

    • The article above contradicted itself with various reports of how many picks earlier. It’s been edited now. Other media outlets are saying possibly 3 1s going to Boston. If it’s just 2, it’s a good deal on both sides. If it’s 3 then it’s a steep price for the Sixers. NBA is littered with failed #1 picks.

      • Connorsoxfan

        Most actually work out though. Bennett and Oden are the two biggest recent busts, and Oden was awhile ago. Those are decent odds.

      • Regi Green

        Thats pretty much how i was looking at it.thats why i was asking,i thought maybe there was a 3rd pick thrown in that i wasnt is a good deal on both sides.

  18. michael n

    As a Sixer fan i like the deal. If its #1 overall next year we keep it but also good chance it could be 6 and down and still get a quality player. The Kings might still suck by the time the 2019 draft comes along but with Buddy hield and the 5 and 10 picks along with cap space they might not be as bad as we all think.

    • Regi Green

      Kings are gonna have a hard time spending their cap space.theyre pretty much where the 6ers were in year 2 of Hinkie.

  19. KnicksCavsFan

    I commend the 76ers for pulling the trigger to get the player they’ve identified as the guy they want. They did give up one (maybe two) future picks but the return of Simmons is almost like having a second 1st round pick in that they’ve have a player they didn’t have last year. I’m almost positive that they’ll use Okafor for another future pick or impact player since they have pretty good young depth behind Embid.

  20. Himmy1

    All good points by everyone. We’ll find out once everyone is healthy and plays together for a full year. The Sixers will still have a future #1 pick in either 18′ or 19′. Plus a ton of cap space gives hope. Now if they could just unload Okafor. If the lakers don’t take ball, how far you guys think he falls?

    • I’d be scared to death to take Ball due to his dad. His dad will be nothing but trouble if the team that drafts him is bad. That could tear a locker room apart.

      • Boston2AZ

        You should be scared to death to take Ball because he’s tremendously overrated.

        • Agreed but his dad is the bigger problem. Ball should be one of the better passers/playmakers in the league and while his shot is wonky, its surprisingly efficient (lets see if that holds up in the NBA though). His dad though will be making too many headlines for all the wrong reasons though. I doubt Ball’s future teammates, who are vets, will appreciate Lavar constantly yapping and as one of the other prospects in the draft said (I think it was Fox), Ball and his team will have a target on their back because of Lavar. I also wouldn’t be surprised to hear Lavar say the only team Lonzo will sign with (when he becomes a free agent) will be the Lakers.

    • Connorsoxfan

      The Suns were supposedly interested, and Lavar might not explode if he went there or SAC. Can’t see him falling past 5.

  21. Philly Fan

    I don’t understand the people saying that the C’s robbed Philly. Philly’s only giving up the 3rd pick and the 2018 LAL 1st if it’s 2-5. If not, philly keeps that pick and instead gives up the Kings 2019 1st. Great deal to get a future superstar player who fits well. Good trade for the C’s too who can pick a player they like (Jackson or Tatum) and get future assets

    • Because Celtics’ fans and Boston fans in general feels everything their teams do is perfect and sublime.

      The Celtics’ roster as-is doesn’t make a whole lot of sense right now. And it doesn’t appear it will in the near future unless the start moving assets and acquiring real players to build around.

  22. deano

    Boston gives lakes 37th pick to move in to 2nd and guarantee they get Jackson.

    • Regi Green

      6ers just gave up a likely future top 10 pick to move up 2 spots,you really think the Lakers will drop for a 2nd rd pick?

  23. Chris

    Still not convinced why everyone loves Fultz. It’s so hard to have a terrible college basketball team nowadays and that’s exactly what Washington was. Terrible. Not sure how that translates to the league but we will see

    • Philly Fan

      It’s hard to win in a power 5 conference with no other NBA prospect. I’m confused why everyone loves Jackson. He can’t shoot or dribble and has a broken form evident by his ft %. He’s Winslow 2.0

      • Philly Fan

        Edit: He’s Winslow 2.0 at best. Justise has better form and tighter handles

    • That’s exactly why they love him. Fultz played really well on a team with no other good players meaning he was the only player opposing teams had to gameplan for. The fact that he was able to put up the numbers he did considering he was Washington’s first, second, and third option is worthy of hype. Ben Simmons on the other hand had a decent LSU team (better than Fultz’s Washington squad) and barely did more. Plus look at Fultz’s size. He’s 6’4 with a 6’9-6’10 wingspan and has a well rounded offensive game (passing, driving, athleticism, shooting) that could probably use some fine tuning here and there, but has no major issues that pose as a liability.

  24. I don’t see what the fuss is all about! The
    Sixers are going to Tank again! Probably
    Battle w/nets for #1 pick in 2018 book it!

  25. mcase7187

    Damn the C’s could have the 1&2 pick in next yrs draft the nets will blow again and the lakers aren’t getting any better so there’s a good chance at 2 top 5 picks in a good draft

  26. formerlyz

    The problem I’d have with this from a philly perspective is that you can still get a really good player this year, at a position of need, and use 1-2 of your 2 round picks on fits, the other on stash guys. Improve next year, and have those picks to either add to your core or trade for an actual veteran player to go with your young guys and try to compete. So wasting an asset matters. Fultz is obviously a great fit. I’m just saying I don’t know if it’s worth giving up what they gave up for Fultz over Fox/Jackson/Ball/Isaac plus whatever they could getll with the pick that goes out

    • koldjerky

      If they feel as though fultz is above the rest (seems to be the consensus) is giving up one extra lotto pick really that much? The Sixers still have their own picks in 18, 19 and one of the sac/lakers pick. Their own picks hopefully won’t be that good but I’ll take a guaranteed first overall any day with another chance at the first overall than o would just 2 chances at the first overall.

      • formerlyz

        Im saying that if you can still get a really good player, at essentially the same talent level, and then have other assets you can use yourself or in a trade for a veteran player to put around your young core, and build a competitive team

  27. socalbum

    Deal done early (some reports that it would not happen until much closer to the draft) which I believe sets the stage for at least one other trade, packaging pick(s) and players for an impact player like Butler, or possibly Cousins. Another possible trade is the no. 3 pick to Sacramento along with Crowder and Olynk for Papaginnis and picks 5 and 10.

  28. TrustTheProcess

    Yes, this maybe an overpay but the sixers have been looking for “their guy” at guard for the last 4 years.

  29. chiefivey

    c’s are up to something. hoping it involves trading for jimmy. they are stacked right now

    they still have crowder and jaylen brown
    theyre gonna try and get heyward plus draft jackson??? i dont see it.

  30. Tampadelphia Ed

    The Sixers gave up ONE future first rounder, not 2 or 3. Can you people read? As a Sixers fan, I’m thrilled.

  31. taquinas16

    Tremendous trade by the Sixers. Fultz is head and shoulders more talented than everyone else in this class and he fits their roster much better than a guy like Jackson, Tatum, or Fox would. Solid trade for Boston if they’re planning to cash in those picks for a guy like Butler.

  32. mcase7187

    First off the trade is not finalized so we’re all guessing right now so before we all get are panties in a bunch let wait and see what the trade really looks like first then we can all get mad

  33. crazysull

    I just saw someone in the comments make a great point. The Lakers would be dumb to take Jackson because they have Ingram Russell and Randell at the 2,3,4 respectively right now. But also with the rumors that they will almost certainly land Paul George(unfortunately) will probably prevent them from taking someone who will just be replaced in a year. They are better off taking their PG of the future, I think if Ball is going to succeed in the NBA it will only happen in LA, because he will be happiest there and he is a perfect fit for them so they will be dumb to pass on him even though he comes with an annoying dad(happy Father’s Day) but even if they do take Jackson the Celtics should just take Tatum he is just a little less talented than Jackson but not by much and it will start the slide in the draft for Ball who I think would end up with the Kings at 5 because I doubt the Suns need another PG. it should be interesting though. We will all just need to wait and see

  34. crazysull

    Boston knew they were running out of the Net’s picks so they needed to restock.

  35. justinept

    This is so dumb for the Celtics, and it really makes no sense unless they’re trying to package picks for Butler. Seriously, the plan as being presented right now is this:

    The Celtics just gave up the chance to draft a potential franchise PG for the chance to draft an offensively-challenged, defensive minded SF with the 3 pick… who will compete for playing time with an offensively-challenged, defensive-minded SF they drafted a year ago with the 3 pick… all the while hoping to push their current starting SF to a back-up role by using all their cap space to sign a good-but-not-great SF?

    Seriously… that’s the grand plan?

  36. gronk

    I’m trying to stay positive as a Boston fan. But part of that positivity was thinking we had a chance at the ’19 #1 overall if the Lakers pick didn’t convey. That’s dead!

    • justinept

      Boston has to be angling for a much bigger play. This doesnt’ make sense otherwise. Can’t trade out of a franchise PG for a SF when you already have two SF’s and you’re trying to sign another in FA.

  37. Not sure that this year was the year you had to make a move like this, with the surplus of talent 1 through 8.

    2018 would have been the year to go all-in. But they really aren’t giving up a whole lot to get Fultz. Basically 1 future 1st. But still just to move up 2 spots.

    I’ll just hope the pick becomes #1 overall both years. That’d be full-blown Process.

    So then looking at the Roster. I really really really really really do NOT want them to go out and sign anyone in this year’s FA class. I don’t need 20M going to JJ Reddick. Don’t want anyone over the age of 28 and I don’t want to give more than 2 years to any of these guys. Keep the cap space open for 2019 FA class.

    If you can get Gallinari to take a 2 year deal to start at SF, or take on a reclamation project in Casspi or Derrick Williams on a cheap 2 year deal to play some minutes at SF in a PT situation with Covington.

    Now the main questions going forward:
    1. Can TLC play a full season similar to how he did in the last 7 games of the year? Can he improve on his shooting to be a starter at SG/SF?
    2. Can they move Okafor for something of value?
    3. Will they be aggressive and use Gerald Henderson’s non-guaranteed deal in a trade?
    4. Can you find a diamond in the rough within the 2nd round?

  38. Celts worse case scenario…
    -C’s trade 2017 #1 with Philly for Lakers 2018 #1
    -Lakers pick falls out of #2-#5, so C’s get Kings 2019 #1 instead
    -Kings win lottery in 2019, so C’s get Philly’s #1 in 2019 instead
    -With Fultz, Embiid, Sacic, and Simmons, Philly makes playoffs in 2019 and pick at #16

    • kawunder

      Ok, people need to learn how to read. In 2019, if the lakers pick isn’t 2-5 and the sixers keep it, the celtics get the better of the sixers or kings pick, unless it’s the 1st overall pick. The sixers will keep that and the celtics get the other pick. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING IN THE ARTICLE! It gives both teams what they want and need!!! Sixers get balance and an opportunity to have a “big 3.” The Celtics can either get balance by taking Jackson or Tatum orrrrr trade or for Butler. It’s a win-win.

      Also, for those bashing Fultz for choosing Washington over other schools, why don’t u use ur google machine and find out why…u may be shocked to hear he’s a humbled kid that chose loyalty over winning…PLEASE READ SLOWLY…

      • Regi Green

        Please understand that this article has been updated numerous’re reading it on the 19th,some people on here read it on the 17th before details were known.the way you read it isnt necessarily the way it was writen when others read it.

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