Markelle Fultz Will Not Work Out For Kings

7:06pm: Although he may swing by Sacramento for a meeting prior to the draft, Fultz is not expected to work out with the Kings after all, James Ham of NBC Sports California reports.

1:09pm: Voilin has followed up her initial report, tweeting that Fultz’s workout with the Kings is still likely to happen, but appears to have been pushed back closer to the draft.

11:46am: Multiple sources tell Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee (Twitter link) that Fultz won’t visit the Kings on Sunday after all, shooting down The Bee’s earlier report. According to Jones, a visit is possible, but it’s not scheduled for this weekend.

10:08am: Despite rumblings that Markelle Fultz may only work out for the Celtics, the odds-on favorite for the No. 1 pick has reportedly lined up a meeting with another team for this weekend. According to Ailene Voisin of The Sacramento Bee (Twitter link), Fultz is scheduled to participate in a workout with the Kings on Sunday.

The fact that Fultz is on track to work out for the Kings is somewhat unexpected. The general belief was that if the former Washington point guard were to audition for teams besides the Celtics, his logical next stops would be Los Angeles and Philadelphia, since the Lakers and Sixers hold the second and third overall picks, respectively. Sacramento has the fifth and 10th overall selections, and there’s virtually no chance that Fultz drops that far.

The Kings have allegedly had internal discussions about the possibility of packaging their two top-10 picks to move up in the draft, though their target in that scenario was believed to be Kentucky point guard De’Aaron Fox. Celtics GM Danny Ainge confirmed last week that multiple teams have contacted him to ask about the No. 1 pick, so it’s possible the Kings are one of those teams, and are doing their due diligence on Fultz in case a deal materializes. Still, a trade of that magnitude would be a surprise.

Even if the Kings don’t ultimately have a chance to draft Fultz, the fact that he’s willing to meet with the club is a great sign for a front office that has had a hard time attracting top prospects for workouts in recent years.

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61 thoughts on “Markelle Fultz Will Not Work Out For Kings

  1. jacobsigel1025

    Sacramento is definitely trying to package their two top ten picks to move up to #1 but the Celtics probably aren’t interested

  2. acarneglia

    Sac probably wants to do like the 5 and 10 picks and one of their young bigs for the 1 pick

    • formerlyz

      That would be pretty interesting for Boston, if you think about it, but I don’t think it will happen. But if you go into it, they could get Cauley-Stein and draft Isaac at 5, which would be a perfect fit for them, and then maybe grab Donovan Mitchell as a potential Avery Bradley replacement down the road, at 10. I would also think they’d need to grab another asset there b/c I don’t consider that enough to move the pick.

      • Boston2AZ

        Cauley-Stein, #5 and # 10 for the #1 and you don’t think it’s enough? It’s Markelle Fultz, man, not Lebron.

        • formerlyz

          Boston has the leverage, obviously. The point is they could use that pick to make a deal with anyone, and get more than just the 2 draft picks.

        • Cauley Stien is not very good.

          The number 10 pick gets you what, an NBA starter? Not a for sure all star.

          • formerlyz

            Cauley-Stein can guard all 5 positions, protect the rim, and rebound, and he isn’t a ball stopper that can make plays for teammates, and would therefore fit the Celtics offense

          • kylewait89

            That wholly depends on how you view his narrative. When he is a bench player, he has a hard time making an impact. When he starts, he averages 13 and 8. Now that isn’t a guarantee that he gets better with a better roster but it usually is the case for a big who doesn’t require the ball.

            Packaging him, the No. 5 who potentially is Markannen, Isaac or whatever player is there after Fultz, Ball and presumably Jackson from Kentucky and Tatum. That means a guy like De’Aaron Fox could run the second unit. Or they could grab Donovan Mitchell at the 10 spot. The Celtics from the get should have been trying to get a package for the pick.

            I won’t lie, I am biased as a Kings fan. I just don’t hear of many packages to land the No.1 and this makes a lot of sense for the Celtics.

        • westcoastceltic

          I like this deal but im at the point just roll with Fultz as hes insurance for Isaiah in case hes dealt or gets injured. Plus we already need minutes to develop to Brown who I expect to really play big next season potentially take Jaes job. With that said I like this deal only if Danny were able to flip 5 or 10 for a player that would help and still leave us enough space to sign a max or near max free agent.

  3. KnicksCavsFan

    I absolutely think that trading the #1 pick for Sacs 5 and 10 is the smartest thing to do. At 5 they can still get another G to mix with Isaiah/Avery, they an get a PF/C to match with Holford and still have plenty of cap space to after a top FA. They can dangle any surplus players to improve their depth.

  4. rbm915

    The Celtics should not trade down unless they believe that they can get the best player in the draft at #5. The one thing the Celtics lack is high end talent. They should be prioritizing getting the best prospect possible rather than settle for a lesser prospect to collect more assets.

    The only way trading down makes sense is if either 1) the Celtics believe the best player can be selected later in the draft or 2)another team grossly overpays for #1.

    Trading #1 for #5, #10, and Willy Cauley-Stein would be a mistake for the Celtics.

    • Boston2AZ

      I respect your analysis. It’s just that I don’t think that Fultz is a lock as the best prospect available. It’s always difficult to project what a player will become, but living out here in PAC-12 country, I can tell you that Fultz didn’t seem all that impressive the times I got to see him. I DID think that he was a better player than Ball, but then again, I wasn’t impressed with him at all, so that’s not saying much.

      I think the Celts would be better off with someone like Fox and a big with some upside, in addition to a quality FA signing. I guess a lot of it has to do with what they decide about IT either this offseason or next. Either way, it looks like they’ll get some quality added to the roster and, as you said, that’s what they need. Thanks!

      • formerlyz

        I’ve said for a long time that Fultz didn’t impress me much in college. He was never guarantred number 1 until the lottery took place, amd all of the sudden he’s a consensus pick…Personally, I was wowed most by Isaac. I have questions about Fultz motor. He definitely made things look easy, and he has those long strides that lets him get to the rim pretty easily, but I’d like to see how that plays against bigger and quicker defenders. He also isn’t a good defender. He can block some shots, but that doesn’t really mean anything if he doesn’t improve in other areas on that end of the floor. And nobody talks about it, but the jumpshot isn’t a given either.

        • AdamPatterson123

          I am so tired of this “wowed by Isaac” or “impressed by Isaac” nonsense. I watched him ASK OUT of a game at Syracuse ( a much, much lower ranked opponent) because they were doubling him on defense and cost his team the game. I NEVER saw him take control of a game and pull his team out.

          • formerlyz

            Wowed may have been strong phrasing, but he stood out the most for me. I made it an effort to watch each guy at least 10 times, some more, and in all the big games (which is hard for me b/c I hate college basketball with a passion). The game you’re referring to might be the one where he tweaked his ankle, but I don’t entirely remember. I do remember the poor offensive, non aggressive effort by him in that game, but offensive aggressiveness is one of the things I’ve said a few times that he needs to improve over time.

            • AdamPatterson123

              The ‘Cuse game his excuse was “asthma”, but it coincided with his shot not being there, him getting doubled every possession, and just getting out way outplayed. He just looked lazy, disinterested,easily off his game. I know he does struggle with severe asthma as well, and just from a pure basketball perspective in a faster paced league, aren’t I a little concerned he may not be able to keep up?

              • formerlyz

                I actually didn’t realize that about the asthma, but now that you mentioned it, I remember them saying it during the game. Well, if that’s the case, I would agree that’s a red flag. I have asthma. It’s pretty bad. It’s actually been mostly under control the last few years, but just last week I had a really serious situation. I don’t know the extent of what e has though. When I played sports, it would come into play at times, and when it does, there’s very little you can do. The only thing you can do is try to control it during times where there isn’t an issue. If they can do that, I think he should be fine, as there are other athletes that deal with it. I don’t think effort will be an issue with Isaac. His defensive effort was the first thing that stuck out to me. Effort is something that turned me off a little on Fultz though, and I’ve heard other people that felt that way about him. I would still take Fultz over Isaac, obviously, but I like Isaacs potential, and I like that even if he doesn’t improve his strength, ball handling, and become a more aggressive offensive player, he’ll definitely be a difference maker on the defensive end

  5. socalbum

    Long time Celtics fan here who thinks the 5 & 10 picks for no. 1 is intriguing, but only if the trade is expanded where the C’s can also obtain Papagiannis. Not sure what C’s would have to include, a player like Bentl?

  6. Z-A

    That would be interesting. Is Frank Ntilikina going to come over next year or is he draft n stash? Whomever is there at 5 out of Jackson Tatum and Isaac plus Frank would be good short and long-term for them. Add in WCS or Labissiere.

      • Z-A

        Most mocks have him at 9. If you have Markkanen and Smith Jr as Top-9 then he falls to 10. Like some Mocks I’ve seen are dumb, nbadraftnet has Dennis Smith JR going to the Wolves b/c they need another PG for some reason. If you have Dennis Smith Jr and Frank Ntilikina as your choice at 9, who do you pick as the Mavs?

        • formerlyz

          I don’t have Markannen top 9 guaranteed. It depends on what the Mavs do.

          That’s an interesting question. I don’t think both will be there at 9. I haven’t had a chance to check out enough game action of Ntilikina, so I have to go by what I’ve heard, read, seen on workout videos and stuff like that. With that being the case, I’d say Smith b/c I have a much better idea of what I think about him. Ntilikina has a lot of upside though, probably more than Smith b/c of his size, and his already good defense probably gives him a higher floor. Theyre both more combo guard than pure PG, but from what I’ve seen, I think Smith definitely can be a lead guard, whereas there are questions if Ntilikina is more of a 2. I like Smith to be more useful quicker, so if I’m Dallas, I’d have to go with him unless I think Ntilikina will definitely develop offensively and be a legit 2 way star.

  7. Dionis

    Fultz will be special but Sacramento would be stupid to move their picks. If they draft Fox and bring over Bogdanovic they will be set.

    • formerlyz

      If they can get Fox, that would be significant for them, but they should probably look to go with Tatum and Mitchell at 5 and 10 when he is off the board. I don’t see Smith or Ntilikina still being there at 10

      Actually, I for some reason mixed up a couple of pieces on their roster. Jonathan Isaac is definitely still a possibility for them over Tatum at 5. Tatum is a scorer, which I feel like they need at the 4/3 spots. But Isaac is the better all around player with the higher ceiling. It probably depends on how they feel about a couple of their other young pieces

      • kylewait89

        Drafting Mitchell might work but then there is the Buddy issue. They really see him as a star so unless they see Mitchell as a possible PG, I don’t see how he works for them. I agree they should look at Tatum or Isaac. The issue is, who do they get at 10?

        • formerlyz

          I see Mitchell as being a versatile combo guard. You could theoretically play them in smaller lineus at the wing positions. Also, if you take Tatum, and you have Hield, you don’t need a ball dominant PG IMO. You just need someone that can make plays and defend, like Mitchell can.

  8. mcase7187

    C’s don’t do it we have enough draft picks and young players in less you’re getting a stud don’t trade it

  9. dust44

    I like it. Trade down. Get the Kings to put in there Cauley-Stein 2. U get a rebounder/rim protector. And with the quality depth in this draft u get 2 future starters as well. Maybe Tatum to go with Brown on the wings. More length.and maybe Markkanen at 10 who can also shoot. And if u can get Heyward to sign then u have a chance to compete with anyone

    • formerlyz

      Do you go Tatum for his scoring or go Isaac with more defense now, though with the outside shot, but all around upside?

    • AdamPatterson123

      “Chance to compete with anyone”. You mean the 2004 Detroit Pistons? That team would have zero elite players.

        • AdamPatterson123

          That would be two “B+” players. In order for a team to win a title, they need at least one top 10 player in the league, and neither Thomas or Hayward are top 10.

          • Connorsoxfan

            I disagree. Two B+ players surrounded with one of the best supporting casts in the league and a great coach had a shot. Likely? Not really. But that team would have a shot at Cleveland, and I think the “we can knock off Cleveland” narrative might draw a couple good FA deals for Boston.

            • dust44

              I said compete.. not necessarily beat the Cavs. But did anyone watch the product they put out there when Thomas went down. And don’t give me that they won one game crap. That’s not competing. The only way to have a shot at competing with the Cavs and Warriors is to be deeper. That would give the Celts 3 for the price of 1 Fultz who isn’t a lock to b an all star.

  10. Connorsoxfan

    I would trade 1 if I was Boston for 5, 10, and WCS. Draft Jackson/Tatum at 5, likely Tatum don’t see Jackson sliding there. Take Markannen or however you spell it at 10. That’s a good team now, and in the future. Adding 2 lottery picks and a 3rd recent lottery pick to a team that was just the 1 seed would be insane.

    • AdamPatterson123

      Um, hey bozo, we already have a team stacked with marginal stars. We need a elite level players. Tatum won’t be an elite player. Markannen won’t be an elite player. WCS may not even be in the league in 5 years. Fultz has a chance to be special.

      • Connorsoxfan

        I think Tatum could be an elite player, I actually like him more than Fultz. WCS fills a role on defense and fits the offense well. If they add Hayward they don’t need a star through the draft. I actually love that trade and I’m not sold on Fultz anyway. He doesn’t even really fit in Boston.

        • AdamPatterson123

          Josh Jackson could be an elite player. Josh Jackson could be an elite player. The rest of the top 10 could be really good to great players, Tatum included.

          • AdamPatterson123

            Sorry Josh Jackson and Markelle Fultz are the only two players in this draft, IMO, to have a chance at being elite

            • formerlyz

              I think Jackson, Fultz, Fox, and Isaac all could potentially have a chance to be elite. Doesnt mean they’ll get there, but those guys have a shot at it. Tatum has a chance to be a really good scorer (kind of reminds me of Jabari Parker/Melo/Paul Pierce)

            • Connorsoxfan

              Depends on how strictly you classify elite. I would consider Thomas to be elite because of his scoring, but in your previous comment you stuck him in the 2nd tier, which is reasonable. But if Tatum can be your Paul Pierce, that’s great. Fultz has a higher ceiling, but I’m not sold entirely on him reaching what people think he can be. Tatum, Markkannen and Cauley-Stein just seems safer and potentially better. Markannen could end up being Kelly Olynyk, or he could end up being Dirk. We just don’t know. But I love Tatum and WCS fits really well with this team so I’d still make that deal. Plus you could flip Markannen and Jaylen Brown and Rozier with a future first for a star player if you don’t want to downgrade all your trade chips.

            • kylewait89

              I’m still looking for the differentiation in Justin and Josh Jackson. Same size, one slightly older but here is the other side to that. Justin Jackson has good shot mechanics while Josh doesn’t. I don’t see how you rate a guy with poor shot mechanics as one of two guys that could be stars while ignoring the guy almost identical to that same player.

  11. Tampadelphia Ed

    Can’t see this happening. Boston doesn’t want or need more picks in this draft. They’re only trading #1 for an established star. Why do this trade?

  12. Rickel

    Need to remember that the Kings’ front office is no longer incompetent. The additions of Scott Perry, Ken Catanella, and Luke Bornn is encouraging for their fans. Prospects are coming to workout in Sacramento that wouldn’t have previously.

    The Kings draft-related transactions from 2016 look favorable to the franchise – and I would anticipate the team remaining active around this draft also.

    I would NOT anticipate Sac moving an existing building block and BOTH lottery picks to move up. Too steep a price when there are sure to be good options at 5 and 10. The Kings have the most overall draft selection capital of any team this year.

  13. Z-A

    MLB traderumors there’s like a million people. Anyone ever notice there’s only like a dozen of “us” that talk on here?

    • formerlyz

      I noticed it a few years ago. At least there’s more people now though. This is a great website. I use it for everything.

  14. bob67wo

    Fultz is the clear number one prospect in the strongest draft in the last 6-7 years. People on here are just dumb. You act like Jimmy Butler is worth 12 top five picks one day. Then say Fultz for #5 , #10 and a Boarder line starter in Cauley Stein is the next best choice. Please. .. Celtics only play here is take Fultz this year. Keep taking international stash players like the spurs do. And next years draft is loaded with forwards and centers.

    • Z-A

      The perceived depth of the draft devalues the #1 pick this year more than in any other year.

      In other years there’s like 1 to 3 guys that the league acknowledges as having the ability to be great players. Here there are about 8 or 10. Monday Morning QB style you can say well there’s All Stars found outside of the top couple picks, but going into the draft if the league thought they were that great coming out of college they’d have gone #1 through 3. Like Kawhi wouldn’t have gone 15th.

      The gap between 1 – Fultz, and 3 or 4 or 5 – Jackson/Tatum/Isaac is not that big. Fultz is the most complete guard, but you could say is the most complete forward and he’s slotted at 4th overall. It’s not like this draft has a bunch of Centers and foreign guys that are big question mark upside guys. You look at these prospects and you see the skills and you can envision how they’d turn out more so than in year’s past.

        • formerlyz

          I don’t know that I can say that I agree with that. Probably the phrasing. He’s probably currently the most polished

      • kylewait89

        While Tatum or Isaac could be the most complete forward in the draft, it doesn’t change the fact that both have legitimate size issues along with defensive holes. Add in Isaac and his asthma issue and I don’t see how they measure up to a guy who really only needs to fix a couple small things in his game.

  15. dust44

    Think, if u trot out a lineup of IT, Fultz, Brown, Horford and Amir Johnson. With Smart, Bradley, Crowder, Rozier and Olynic. Or u have a lineup of IT, Gordon Heyward, Brown, Horford, Cauley-Stein. With Tatum, and Markkanen plus Amir Johnson added to that bench. Deeper then every one

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