Warriors Acquire Jordan Bell From Bulls

10:49pm: The trade is now official, per the NBA.

10:27pm: The Bulls drafted Oregon’s Jordan Bell at No. 38 and will trade him to the Warriors, tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical. Chicago will receive $3.5MM in return, the maximum amount allowable in a cash deal this season and a record amount for a draft pick.

Golden State is hoping to duplicate the success it had with Patrick McCaw, who was drafted 38th a year ago. Bell, a 6’9″ junior, was considered a possible first-round pick after a stellar junior season with the Ducks. He averaged 11.0 points, 8.7 rebounds and an impressive 2.3 blocks per game.

Chicago had waited several years to receive this selection from the Kings, but it turned into a second-rounder instead of a first due to protections. It was the last selection of the night for the Bulls, who came away from the draft with just Lauri Markkanen at No. 7.

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13 thoughts on “Warriors Acquire Jordan Bell From Bulls

  1. andyr5440

    Why do the bulls think that saving money at this point is going to make any difference?!
    NOBODY is going to come to this disaster of an organization of free will. Their only hope is to build with young players. These guys are idiots

    • dyltown22

      Bro chill. I’m a warriors fan and I could care less about the bulls in all honesty. All though this move was questionable, the Butler trade was a huge step in the right direction. They, unlike most NBA teams, realized they may be good, but not nearly good enough to actually compete for a title. Not only did they just get significantly younger, but they freed up more cap space to provide for the future. Although this year might be rough, they have set themselves up for a luxurious future. Y’all bulls fans needa chill!

      • The Butler trade might be fine.

        The Jordan Bell trade was a pure cash grab.

        The Warriors thought Bell could help them. The Bulls thought Bell couldn’t help them.

        My expectation? The Champs might know what they’re talking about.

  2. formerlyz

    Yoooooooo amazing pick for GS. And if it wasn’t a bad enough night for the Bulls, they help GS get a defensive big that fits them perfectly. Wow

  3. Jay Patel

    Offensively this guy needs work, but as a defender he can be a player. I think a reason why we bought his rights is basically McAdoo, Looney, & Jones couldn’t even make it. West was the only backup to Draymond Green and basically at points in the season looked slow. Jordan Bell makes Looney expendable. I also think if we don’t sign a veteran Center (Zaza and McGee are Free Agents) the I think Bell and Jones could fight for the starting job.

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