Clippers, Knicks, Others Renounce UFAs

Several NBA teams have renounced their unrestricted free agents, eliminating any form of Bird rights the team had on those players, per RealGM’s transactions log. Here’s a breakdown of which teams renounced their UFAs and what those moves might mean:

Los Angeles Clippers

New York Knicks

  • Players renounced: Ron Baker, Justin Holiday, Derrick Rose, and Sasha Vujacic.
  • The thinking: The Knicks needed to clear cap room to fit in Tim Hardaway Jr.‘s offer sheet, so these moves aren’t really a surprise. The one interesting name is Baker — the club also withdrew its qualifying offer to him. He has reportedly agreed to a deal with New York already, but if the team doesn’t need his QO or FA rights to complete that signing, it may just end up being a two-year, minimum salary contract that could be finalized once the Knicks use up their cap room on other players.

Atlanta Hawks

Detroit Pistons

  • Players renounced: Aron Baynes and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.
  • The thinking: With a $125.266MM hard cap now in place, the Pistons will have to keep team salary below that figure for the rest of the league year.

Brooklyn Nets

  • Players renounced: K.J. McDaniels
  • The thinking: McDaniels’ cap hold likely had to be eliminated from the books in order to fit Otto Porter‘s offer sheet.

Phoenix Suns

  • Players renounced: Ronnie Price
  • The thinking: I don’t see any obvious reason that the Suns needed to renounce Price’s minimum salary cap hold, but there’s no reason to keep it on the books either — if the team wants to eventually re-sign Price, it can use cap room or the minimum salary exception to do so.
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