Knicks Sign Tim Hardaway To Offer Sheet

Tim Hardaway Jr. has signed an offer sheet from the Knicks, Shams Charania of The Vertical reports (Twitter link). Adrian Wojnarowski of tweets that the deal is for $71MM over four years.

The deal contains a player option on the final year of the deal, Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today adds (Twitter link). ESPN’s Ian Begley tweets that the contract contains a 15% trade kicker. The Hawks will have two days to make a decision on whether or not to match all the terms of the deal.

New York currently doesn’t have the cap space to make this lucrative of an offer. However, the organization has an easy path to opening up cap space in that it can simply renounce the rights to Derrick Rose, as ESPN’s Bobby Marks notes (Twitter link). Rose has a cap hold of approximately $29.7MM.

Hardaway Jr. was drafted by New York with the No. 24 pick in the 2013 draft. The Knicks traded him to the Hawks in a 2015 draft night trade that netted them Jerian Grant. Grant was traded to the Bulls during the following offseason as part of a package that brought Rose to the Big Apple.

Tim Hardaway Sr. tells Marc Berman of the New York Post (Twitter link) that his son has no “bad blood” with the organization. The shooting guard knows that the executive who traded him is no longer with the organization.

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43 thoughts on “Knicks Sign Tim Hardaway To Offer Sheet

  1. liamsfg

    The Hawks have to match..

    He’s their only guy left, the team needs a face. I love Shroeder but TH2 is the crowd pleaser in Atlanta.

    • GuruGray

      If Hardaway Jr. is the face of your franchise, then you have some serious issues

    • knoxchristopher79

      You really don’t wanna commit too much money to anyone right now because my thought is that we’re gonna build around prince and Schroder. With a top 3 protected and a lotto protected pick and our pick next year, we can find a way to trade one of those and get pieces quick. It may not take long but it’ll take atleast a year of sucking

  2. Bransonreynolds

    When free agency started I was thinking “why sign KCP to a bunch of money when you get THJ for so much cheaper?” Needless to say I was wrong.

    • i hope they match too….why if you have Lee under contract too….trade oquinn to celtics for smart

  3. Anthonybadabucchi

    Not gonna lie was very upset when they traded him would love to see him back in knick blue and orange but wow that contract is ridiculous!!!

  4. kahnkobra

    If this contract wasn’t hideous enough, they included a 15% trade kicker!!. makes it that much harder to move him. unreal

  5. H.Henderson

    So the Knicks organization stated that they weren’t going to overspend on any free agent, then offer THJ2 4 years @ 71mil with a 15% trade kicker. Smh

  6. formerlyz

    I could have seen $11-15 million per, but ya…this is definitely an overpay, and the trade kicker being added is bad. They’re paying Noah and THjr 36 million this year…that being said, still not as bad as the Heat’s Olynyk deal

    How much space would they have when Atlanta doesn’t match?

      • formerlyz

        I was thinking of a few things early today…I’ll copy/paste it. Obviously, not sure if they can go in this direction at this point, but I was wondering about it. Obviously disregard the stuff redundant with the Hardaway signing, but with their remaining space, can they maneuver some kind of combination of this…

        “There are some good options left on the FA market that they might be able to get under market, with how everything has died down (well, scratch that after tonight lol)…Afflalo and Tyreke Evans are FAs. Shelvin Mack is a FA. Tony Allen, Kj McDaniels, Ian Clark are also FAs. Maybe add some combination of them on cheap 1/2 year deals, and see what happens?

        I’m not sure you’ll be able to move Melo with his trade kicker, and you can still try to build around him and Porzingis, and try to work around Noah, with Ntilikina getting a chance to develop”

        • H.Henderson

          Agreed. I get that they want to get younger but come on, almost 18per year. If Hardaway Jr plays consistent defense and averages 12pts 3assist 3rebounds, then the 15% trade kicker isn’t bad. That’s a huge IF though.

          • formerlyz

            Just that one…which I specified. I was asking how much space they have left to maybe sign a couple of those guys I mentioned. Like do they have enough space to grab Shelvin Mack, Tyreke Evans, and Tony Allen/KJ McDaniels? Do the knicks have the full MLE or is it just the room exception? B/c I figure Mack is probably worth around $5-7 million, and you might be able to get Evans at near the MLE for a year…

            • Luke Adams

              Knicks won’t have full MLE since they’re using cap room for the Hardaway sheet. Just room exception. Also I believe the Hardaway sheet uses just about all the cap room they have left, so that room exception might be all they have left to use if the Hawks don’t match.

              • formerlyz

                Well…that doesn’t bode well for them then lol…they might still be able to grab Tony Allen, if he were willing, but likely not. If they were using all their space for this, it makes it all the more questionable. I like THjr. I don’t think it’s a massive overpay, but the variables make it worse than it is. There are cheaper options on the market you can get comparable skillset/production from, and grab multiple pieces

  7. xabial

    Of course year 4 is a $19M Player option..

    They don’t know Team options non guarantee are

    I expect this crap from Jackson– and I was one of Jackson’s biggest fans. Contract negotiation isn’t Jackson’s forte. Phil should’ve added a team option or partially guaranteed last year of Noah’s contract.. They were made for players like Noah: bums who played 29 games because of Shoulder Surgery; was turning 32 year 1 of the contract.. Still got FOUR YEARS FULLY GUARANTEED!

    At least Hardaway Jr has youth on his side but they never learn guaranteeing all four years.

    Player Option and 15% trade kicker?

    Really Steve? And you want to be President?
    replace Phil?

  8. fckphil

    im reading alot of people dont like the contract…welcome to the new NBA…Otto Porter isnt much better than TH2 and got 106mill, Tyler Johnson got 66 last year, Luol Deng got 72mill….so I dont think its a bad becomes a better deal if the trade Lee and Melo…

      • fckphil

        either way the new Nba pays bums way too much…thats the point i was trying to make. if you were building a team would you give these guys that much money???…i know i wouldnt…

        • formerlyz

          Well, it’s not money that matters. It’s percentage of the cap. Increases in salary reflect the cap increasing exponentially. So a lot of these guys are worth what they get. There are over pays though. This one is an overpay, but it was likely done to disuade Atlanta from matching. The trade kicker is what makes it bad, as well as the fact that team is already stuck with Noah. I wouldn’t call the money a massively exorbitant overpay though

    • 2016 contracts were full of ridiculous overpays because the thought was the cap was going up much more than it did and would. But at least guys like Noah and Deng were starter caliber players their entire career. Porter is on a different level than THJ (two-way player who checks all the boxes). A starter on a contender. THJ is just a volume shooter with subpar skills otherwise (particularly defensively), and has a ceiling of an off the bench scorer. Rebuilding teams should never use long term cap space for a player like that (let alone lock him in with a trade kicker). Without this deal, some significant cap space might clear next year. Now, no shot. Proof is in the pudding. Hawks have a world of cap space (in fact, they’re far below the minimum). If this deal isn’t a joke, they’ll match it.

  9. Soxfan912

    So the Knicks traded Hardaway Jr for Grant, Grant for Rose and are now (basically) cutting Rose for Hardaway Jr? This team is going places!

  10. crazysull

    If the Hawks match this they would be stupid. They are starting a complete rebuild and you don’t start a rebuild by paying someone $71 million. Let the Knicks have another bad contract. The Hawks need to now shed Shrowder(or however you spell it) and his awful contract along with all their other bad contracts. They need to start compiling draft picks to help speed up the process. If they don’t they will just end up like the Nets. And the only time you are rebuilding and you pay someone $71 million it better be a star, and Hardaway Jr. isn’t exactly a star.

  11. Chris

    If you actually watched Hardaway Jr play, last year he was the Hawks second best player imo behind Paul Milsap. I believe he proved that he has what it takes to be a team’s second option on offense and is still relatively young.
    However with the 2 teams involved the deal doesn’t make sense:
    For the Knicks: huh? I thought you were tanking? Why do anything to screw up your lottery position. This move certainly isn’t enough to make them a contender
    Hawks: this would be an okay salary to match IF you hadn’t gave Bazemore the same amount last year. What an albatross

    • fckphil

      i was praying for them to tank…Porter Jr. and Porzingis wouldve had us in contention in 3 years (wishful thinking).

  12. Painful. Even Jackson never signed a contract this stupid. Is Isiah back? Anyway, hands down the worst move by any team this offseason. THJ is worth around the midlevel to a contender with their starters in place. His ceiling is as a scorer off the bench (volume shooter, that’s a subpar creater, distributor and defender). Rebuilding teams don’t sign backups to large contracts with trade kickers. PRAY THE HAWKS WILL MATCH, BUT KNOW THEY’RE NOT THAT STUPID.

  13. padam

    Just when you think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, the Knicks go and do this. Not that he isn’t a nice addition, but the fact he’s being grossly overpaid and hinders any free agent activity next year. Either commit to a rebuild or go for it, but don’t conduct stupid signings that point in neither direction.

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