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There’s a near-unanimous view around the league that Paul George will sign with the Lakers next summer despite Friday’s trade to the Thunder, writes Zach Lowe of Lowe states that the chances of George heading to L.A. are about 75%, and the Celtics and Cavaliers had that in mind as they were working to obtain him.

The Lakers also subscribe to that view, which is why they weren’t willing to part with Brandon Ingram or Lonzo Ball to get George from the Pacers now. Lowe adds that Indiana didn’t have any interest in former Lakers point guard D’Angelo Russell, who was subsequently dealt to the Nets.

The ESPN writer shares more information about Friday’s major deal:

  • The Celtics wanted to see if they could land Gordon Hayward in free agency before completing a trade for George. They were reluctant to deal two starters in exchange for George without knowing whether they were getting Hayward.
  • Boston’s last offer for George didn’t include Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, the 2018 Nets pick or the Lakers/Kings pick that Boston received from Philadelphia. There were reports that the Celtics offered Indiana three picks at some point, but Lowe believes those were a combination of Boston’s future selections and protected 2019 first-rounders from the Grizzlies and Clippers. All of those draft choices could have fallen into the 20s, Lowe notes, and the Pacers wanted something more likely to be in the top 10.
  • A three-way trade involving the Pacers, Cavaliers and Nuggets was discussed on Friday. The deal would have sent George to Cleveland, Kevin Love to Denver and Gary Harris, Trey Lyles and a protected first-rounder to Indiana. Lowe describes the Cavaliers, Nuggets and Celtics as “stunned” when news broke that George was headed to Oklahoma City.
  • The Trail Blazers tried to get George on draft night, offering a package that included several picks and at least one player, but the Pacers turned it down.
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17 thoughts on “Latest On Paul George

  1. CAVS0223

    Indiana made one of the dumbest trades of all time with this one. Thank God Larry Legend isn’t in any way involved with this one.

    • What did you seriously expect to get for one year of him? You’re not going to get a haul for a guy who’s all but guaranteed to bolt straight afterwards. You’re valuing the player, but ignoring the contract.

      • Connorsoxfan

        Well if the reports above are true that’s what you should expect. Both specific offers were better. Impossible to speak on the Blazers offer as of right now.

        • Probably best deal available to send him to the west. Possibility still they can land the eighth seed.

    • Actually GM Larry Legend turned down four 1st rounders (one of which became the #1 overall pick in 2017) for George at the last trade deadline.

  2. The deal is better than the three way deal with cavs and nuggets.. that wa pure trash the pacers were getting.

    They should have waited to see what the Celtics are going to do with Hayward. If they sign him, they would have gotten much more from them.

  3. Thronson5

    As a Lakers fan this was the best trade that could’ve went down involving Paul besides him going to the Lakers obviously. If he went to Cleveland, Houston or the Celtics I feel like he wouldn’t stayed with one of those teams but I do not think he will stay with the Thunder at all and will definitely be a Laker next off season. My only problem with the Lakers right now is they plan on letting Randle walk in free agency from what I’ve been reading to free up the cap space for another star player but Randle is a relented player and I think they shouldn’t just let him walk, they should at least try to trade him and get a piece that can help the team even if it’s a good bench player

    • bravesfan88

      I HIGHLY doubt the Lakers would just let Randle walk for absolutely nothing. That does not sound like something even me or you would do, much less The Magic Johnson, who has more basketball knowledge than all of us members combined…

      In regards to trading Randle, the Lakers have an abundance of options. As long as Magic is the decision maker, I just CANNOT see any situation playing out with Randle just up and leaving without any form of compensation..

      Randle just leaving for nothing, would be a complete disaster and the absolute worst case scenario..Like I said, NO WAY Magic let’s that happen…

      I could maybe see Magic and the Lakers doing a sign and trade. That is, if they are pushed up against a wall with no other good options…However, I doubt Magic even let’s the situation get to THAT point. Most likely, he will work out a trade prior to having to make a desperate choice like that…

      • bravesfan88

        More importantly, all of this is SOLELY under the assumption that Magic and the Lakers do not envision Randle as part of their future plans…Which, personally, I think it would be stupid not to include Randle as part of their future plans.

        Each and every year, Randle takes another step forward in his development towards becoming an all-around, all-star caliber forward. He has a good to solid mid-range game, he can seldom step back for a deep ball, he’s an excellent option for the two-man pick n roll…Him and Ball could be pretty nasty, if they can get down aMD work on their pick n roll plays and situations…But yeah, he can score down low, he’s a pretty solid rebounder, and he’s a VERY UNDERRATED passer and playmaker.. He has excellent court vision for a big, and makes solid passes to set guys up well…

        He is extremely talented, with a versatile game. He is still very young, and he solely just continues to work hard and dedicate himself to getting better and better every season…Who wouldn’t want that type of player as part of your young core moving forward?? To me, not wanting Randle, would be pure insanity…

  4. Z-A

    Deal helps the Thunder in 2 ways, upgrade immediately over Dipo and Sabonis (even tho I like Sabonis) but it gets them out if Dipos contract. Would have been an awesome trade if they sent Adams or Kanter bc they are both over paid.

  5. Z-A

    Celtics offer was trash. Blazers offering all 3 in 2017 would have been good + Crabbe off their books. Still would have to dump someone else to get under the cap though. A third team would have to take Leonard or Turner as a 3 way or separate. Nuggets deal was better than Dipo/Sabonis though purely bc of money.

  6. Randle? He’s got no jump shot no right
    hand plus flat footed on defense. I see
    him being traded by February deadline.

    • bravesfan88

      Part of his defensive inefficiency was due to him constantly having to deal with his own man plus Russell’s after D-Lo’s man miraculously always beat his matador defense…OLAY!!

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