Atlantic Notes: Celtics, Powell, Russell

The Celtics made a number of headlines with their acquisitions of Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving this summer. Now, A. Sherrod Blakely of CSN New England writes, it’s time to focus on who might make up the core of the team’s second unit.

Having traded Avery Bradley in a cap clearing maneuver to sign Hayward, the Celtics will turn to Terry Rozier to serve as a game-changer off the bench. His ability to pick up scoreer on the perimeter will be valued, as will his ability to knock down shots now that Isaiah Thomas is a Cavalier.

Another player who could see a bigger role with the Celtics in light of the Irving trade is Jayson Tatum. The third-overall pick will see extra opportunities than the C’s may have initially expected now that Jae Crowder is out of the picture.

There’s more from the Atlantic Division:

  • While he may well end up playing through the final year of his rookie contract and hitting restricted free agency next summer, Raptors guard Norman Powell is also eligible to sign a contract extension before the start of the regular season. Blake Murphy of The Athletic writes that such a deal could look similar to that which Josh Richardson recently signed with the Heat.
  • Just how well D’Angelo Russell responds to his change of scenery in Brooklyn could impact Nets general manager Sean Marks‘ legacy, Brian Lewis of the New York Post suggests.
  • If Michael Beasley was brought in specifically to replace Carmelo Anthony in the Knicks lineup, it’s news to him. The forward is eager to play alongside the 14-year veteran. “Listen, Carmelo’s been like my mentor,” Beasley told Steve Popper of USA Today. “If you watch my game, really watch my game, my jab series, all that, I’m literally just Carmelo on the left side of the floor. Like I’ve known Carmelo since I was 13 years old, one of my best friends, one of the best players I’ve ever met. Me and him are from the same area. I can’t wait to play with him.”
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7 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Celtics, Powell, Russell

  1. the dude


    1. If the Celtics were always gonna pick Tatum and admittedly hung 1st pick knowing everyone thought they’d take Fultz, is it ok to consider JT the real number 1?
    2. Anyone else think Russell, Crabbe, Allen and a possibly point to prove Carroll will be better than the bulls, hawks, Knicks, magic, Sun’s, possibly blazers, or maybe even the jazz? Ok not the jazz. But honestly that number 1 the Cavs have they should shop early just in case. I have a feeling but I could be wrong.
    3. I hope me lo gets traded and biz somehow does replace him and makes the all star team. Seeing as a me lo trade is possible, the east is weak and there’s still a small chance Beasley can have a perfect storm year of confidence and opportunity, it could happen, but it is very unlikely. Still be a dope storyline tho.
    4. Off topic of the article, anyone know if you have a two way player and you use up the allotted call up games, can you up their contract if you want to keep using them, or do you have to take a chance and waive to resign?

    • Philly Fan

      1. Tatum shouldn’t be considered the real number one pick because he wasn’t.

      2. Brooklyn will not be better than the Blazers or Jazz who are both playoff contenders in the West and the only way they’re better than the Knicks is if Melo is traded.

      3. The East isn’t as tough as the West but it isn’t a rec league. There’s absolutely no chance Beas will be an all-star.

      4. A two-way player can have their contract converted to a regular contract without risking another team picking him up.

      • the dude

        The Beasley comment isn’t something I expect, just thought it would be funny if that happened. And I listed the team’s that I thought might have troubles. Portland and Utah might be better but could lose more games against western teams and it’s possible they end up with a rough record

        Also anyone remember when George McLoud made the all star team? I was only thinking beas in that sort of situation

        • x%sure

          Speaking from the future… the next step in your Beasley plan has occurred! Next step is for Zinger to open the year with a low shooting %…


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