Southwest Notes: Rockets, Moore, Long, Cunningham

The Rockets enter the 2017/18 campaign with last season’s Most Valuable Player runner-up in James Harden and offseason acquisition Chris Paul, widely viewed as one of the greatest point guards ever. A deal for Carmelo Anthony has not materialized but Houston is still an improved team, David Aldridge of writes.

Aside from the acquisition of Paul, the Rockets have been in headlines all offseason. Tilman Fertitta purchased the Rockets for $2.2 billion, Hurricane Harvey hit the city of Houston hard, and even to this point, Anthony to Houston rumors persist. Nonetheless, head coach Mike D’Antoni believes his team is in prime position for success.

“The biggest advantage is for 48 minutes we have a Hall of Fame point guard (either Harden or Paul) on the floor. That’s huge,” D’Antoni said. “And both of them can play off the ball real well, they’re both great shooters, and both can exploit the defense when the ball is kicked … whoever initiates it would normally finish it, but if they have to kick the ball over to the other guy, they’ll finish it.”

Aldridge also breaks down the team chemistry heading into the season and expectations for a team that won 55 games last season.

Below you can read additional notes around the Southwest Division:

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4 thoughts on “Southwest Notes: Rockets, Moore, Long, Cunningham

  1. x%sure

    Spurs link: Some people just don’t care for Patty Mills. He signed for $48MM but was not mentioned by Powell, who in reviewing the Spurs PG rotation “with no clear-cut answer”, did however mention the #23 pick and a G-league player, both optimally 2s.
    But every time I saw Mills he was dynamic..
    There is also Parker and Murray at the 1 and Green, Ginoboli and Anderson at the wings, so points for depth at least.
    Fans thought Aldredge would deliver a top-5 pick… THAT is a problem. They need to stop scorning a player who is not moving.

  2. Patty is great – incredible motor and activity. Unfortunately that was the best thing about him coming off the bench. Hopefully Murray can do the same, and I feel like Parker is an upgrade over the Parker we’ve seen the past two seasons.
    I also hope Aldridge finally ‘gets it’ after a full season/offseason/training camp, and still believe he can be a nice complement to Leonard.
    They should have let Pau go.
    Also, I know the whole listed height debate – players don’t play in their socks, but Jonathan Simmons was 6’4″, and looked it. Couldn’t shoot like a 2, too small to play 3, and at his age, with athleticism and hustle the only tools in his box, he doesn’t project to improve much.
    I’d love the Spurs to take one of NOP’s big guys in Feb.

  3. formerlyz

    Harden is going too have to be the one to acquieste for them to succeed. Otherwise, Chris Paul essentially becomes a glorified Patrick Beverly while Harden dribbles


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