And-Ones: De Colo, Okafor, Shumpert, Wright

French guard Nando De Colo has enjoyed some of the best seasons of his playing career in recent years, including earning EuroLeague MVP honors for CSKA Moscow in 2016. However, while De Colo is happy to continue playing in Europe and is concentrating on that for the time being, he admits that he hasn’t closed the door on the possibility of an NBA return.

De Colo spent two seasons with the Spurs and Raptors from 2013 to 2015, but never got to play a significant role during his first stint in the NBA, as he tells Spanish media outlet Farhampton Magazine (link via

“The truth is that going to San Antonio was a somewhat complicated decision because I knew I could continue in Europe,” De Colo said. “I had contacts with Barcelona, for example. On the other hand, I wanted to go to the NBA and see how it was. In the Spurs, I didn’t have the opportunities I expected. I think that is a part of life that you can’t control.”

At age 30, De Colo still has time to return to the NBA, but given his starring role for CSKA, it’d be no surprise if he decided to remain overseas to finish his career.

Here are a few more odds and ends from around the basketball world:

  • The Timberwolves don’t have any interest in Jahlil Okafor, according to Darren Wolfson of 5 Eyewitness News (Twitter link). Okafor, who had his 2018/19 turned down by the Sixers, remains on the trade block and may even end up seeking a buyout.
  • Cavaliers swingman Iman Shumpert will be sidelined for at least the next five to seven days due to knee soreness, the team announced today in a press release. Shumpert, the subject of trade rumors throughout the offseason, is averaging a career-low 18.2 minutes per contest early this season for Cleveland.
  • Longtime NBA forward Dorell Wright, who appeared in 549 regular season games over the course of 11 NBA seasons, has signed in Germany with Brose Bamberg, the team recently announced (via Twitter). Wright last played in the NBA for Portland during the 2014/15 season.
  • Former NBA forward Al Harrington has taken an unusual career path since his days as a player ended, having gotten into the medical marijuana business. David Aldridge of has an interesting and in-depth look at Harrington, who wants to encourage the NBA to consider the benefits of medical marijuana.
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97 thoughts on “And-Ones: De Colo, Okafor, Shumpert, Wright

  1. Thomas Swanson

    Baby Al Harrington (Jermaine O’Neal was his mentor) to Toronto for Jonathon Bender. Worst trade the Pacers ever made!

      • Thomas Swanson

        Your right. Baby Al was Jermaine’s project. I think, not sure, Harrington was a rookie when the Pacers played the Lakers in the finals. They had Rik Smits, Dale and Antonio Davis, Jalen Rose I think, Reggie, and Mark Jackson. Antonio for Bender is the worst trade the Pacers ever made.

        • nsideindy

          Can’t disagree…that was a bad one! If you are a Pacers fan, check out the link. There’s some others that are right there with that one (including a Baby Al trade & the Michael Jordan pick)

          link to

  2. x%sure

    Cavs have done Shumpert no favors. He may as well relax until coach Placeholder names him above slumpin’ Smith.

  3. Thomas Swanson

    Thank you for the article. I think Brad Miller to Sacramento for Peja Stojakavic (was always hurt) was a stinker too. The Kawaii Leonard trade was probably the worst.
    Looked up 2000 Finals. Pacers had Smits, Dale Davis, Austin Croshere, Sam Perkins, Chris Mullins,
    Reggie, Mark Jackson, Jalen Rose, and Bender. I think they had Antonio and Byron Scott the year before when they lost to the Knicks. I saw those games. Will we ever see them again?

    • nsideindy

      Those were good teams and fun to watch…especially when Reggie heated up. Forgot about Croshere – – a key player, but always a little disappointing. Loved Antonio Davis! I don’t know that we will see those days any time soon, but they looked good against Cavs tonight. Just Oladipo for PG is looking like a good trade right now…plus we get Sabonis.

  4. Thomas Swanson

    It would be funny if Kevin Pritchard got executive of the year for the trade. I want to see George stay in OKC and Lebron in Cleveland. Like Dwight Howard shot the Lakers down, I hope they still do and somehow SHUT LAVARR BALL UP!!!!!!!!! I remember Reggie called Dale and Antoinio the bruise brothers. Reggie’s game against the Knicks may have been the best I’ve ever seen. It had to have caused some heart attacks.
    I like Collison. I like Oladipo (but I’m from Purdue) and Sabonis (he has the best trainer in the world, his dad!! Running Europes basketball federation now). I think if Turner gets healthy and Bogdanovich gets comfortable playing small forward, I can see them as high as a 6 seed.

    • nsideindy

      I hadn’t thought about it…but if they continue to play like they have, Pritchard will definitely be in consideration for Exec of Year. That would be a bit ironic. I don’t like the Lakers, PG or LeBron. They deserve each other as long as they don’t win – – hahaha!
      Which Reggie vs. Knicks game – the 9 points in 8 seconds or the Spike Lee game? The Spike Lee game was my favorite.

  5. Thomas Swanson

    I watch The Jump on ESPN. I liked it when Stephen Jackson was talking about Ron Artest going into the stands after Ben Wallace’s brother. Jackson said Artest asked him in the locker room afterwards if he thought he’d get in trouble. LOL
    Read Herb Simon is getting close to turning the Pacers over to his son.
    I think Larry Bird resigned the first time because he didn’t want to be blamed for signing
    Roy Hibbert to a max contract, and this time he didn’t want to be responsible for PG13. He knew at last years trade deadline that George was leaving!

  6. Thomas Swanson

    I’m talking about the Reggie 9 points in 8 seconds. I was screaming!

  7. Thomas Swanson

    It’s funny, I live in Cleveland, but grew up in Indiana. I can tolerate Lebron, but would prefer watching the Pacers any day. I hope Herb Simon’s son doesn’t move the franchise. I think it’s funny that Collison was George Hill’s backup. Went to Dallas then Sacramento. Hill goes to Utah then takes Collison’s place in Sacramento (for $9 million more). I hope they make the playoffs, I can watch every game!
    I think they’re like $5 million under cap. They could be player at trade deadline.

    • nsideindy

      Seattle Pacers wouldn’t sound right! I’m probably getting carried away, but if they keep playing like they have (IF), I don’t know where they would add at the trade deadline. They still have Myles Turner coming back and Glenn Robinson. Lots of depth on this team for a change.

  8. Thomas Swanson

    Robinson will be a free agent and is supposed to be out until March. They tried to trade Thadeus Young and his $14 million contract during offseason. Him, Collison, Bogdanovich, Jefferson, and Joeseph wiil have player options. Stephenson a team option, hahahaha!
    It scares me they’ve never been able to sell out games with a nice arena, a decent coach, and decent players. Seattle is to the NBA what Los Angeles is to the NFL. Same situation. I read the Pistons being mentioned.
    Here a lot of people think Lebron will eventually buy the team from Dan Gilbert. He owns a mortgage company and the casinos here. The Cavs are a toy to him. I think he’ll give Lebron his $40 million.
    I think his wife and young daughter will keep him in Akron where he grew up. Lebron has said he’d like to play against his 13 year old son, Lebron Jr. in the NBA. I read North Carolina, Kentucky, and Duke have already offered him scholarships. I think Lebron feels his kids are safer in Akron.
    I’ve watched all the Purdue football games and all the IU basketball games (Big Ten Network). Never watch Ohio State.
    J.R. Smith lives in the suburb next to me. He got busted recently for reckless driving along Lake Erie (I got busted for driving 31 in a 25 mph zone). I don’t think he’ll ever change.
    I hope Sabonis keeps getting better for Pacers. I think he has a lot of potential!

    • nsideindy

      Collison, Joseph & Bogdanovich are all signed through next season…no player option. Leaf looks like he may turn into a solid player and scorer too. Either way, they are more fun to watch and have a better future than the final PG years! I like your Cavs theories…make sense to me. I did see that the agents for PG & LBJ attended a Laker game the other night. Yes, it’s hard to watch Ohio State…no matter where you live!

  9. Thomas Swanson

    ESPN shows are from Los Angeles. They’re begging for Lebron and PG13. They’re tired of watching them lose. This is why I want George and Lebron to stay put. I enjoy watching them lose. When next summer gets here, watch, Lebron wants to be a billionaire. I don’t see him turning down $40 billion. His Lebron James Family Foundation in Akron means a lot to him. He grew up without a dad in Akron. He coaches his kids.
    What’s funny to me is the Cavs owners is still fuming over the Paul George trade, thought he had a deal agreed on, and had put in a conference call to George. The Pacers called Oklahoma City when they hung up. Danny Ainge thought he was going to get the final call. hahahaha. The poor Pacers stuck it to the rich guys!!!

    • nsideindy

      I think Pritchard was definitely trying to stick it to certain teams…but especially trying to stick it to PG. Or maybe he just knew how good Sabonis & Oladipo would turn out to be. What do you think will happen with LBJ if the Cavs struggle this year? I don’t see him wanting to be on a team that doesn’t have a shot at making it to the Finals.

  10. Thomas Swanson

    Make that $40 million over $30 something million. He doesn’t have to move to LA to get his tv, movie, and commercial money, he’s doing that now. I hope Leaf’s defense hurries up and gets better. He’s another whose dad played in the NBA. With playing time, I think he can get 15 a game. He’s one of their best 3 point shooters. I like Cory Joseph too. The Pacers haven’t had a backup as good as him in awhile.

  11. Thomas Swanson

    The other funny one was all Bogdonavich wanted was a chance to start. he Pacers signed him like 1/2 hour after Washington released him. Utah wanted to talk to him. Wish the Pacers would have signed him and Collison to 4 year contracts. At $10 million a year, they got a steal!

    • nsideindy

      I’ll bet they wish they had signed them to 4 year deals too! With Collison, I don’t think they knew he was going to be as good as he’s been. But if everyone else pans out the way it looks like they could (although it never seems to work out that way!)…they’ve got 2 years to find a good PG to replace him if he leaves.

  12. Thomas Swanson

    I’d give anything to see the Lakers mess up tampering again and not be able to sign PG13 or Lebron. If I see the Pacers maling any movements I think it’ll be with Al Jefferson and Lance Stephenson. I hope they offer long term extension to Myles Turner, Collison, and Bogdonavich. I don’t know if they’ll be able to rsign Corey Jefferson. They may draft a point guard.

  13. Thomas Swanson

    I’m a basketball finatic. A good friend of my sister’s worked for Tom Crean and still talks to him weekly. Before I die I just want to see the Pacers win a championship. I watched them win the ABA Championships. I watched Bobby Leonard do the telethon on channel 4 when they first joined the NBA to save them. Reggie and Billy Knight have been my favorites.

    • nsideindy

      I was pretty young…but remember the ABA Championships. That’s what got me interested in basketball (that and IU). Billy Knight was a good one (and underrated)…but my favorites are Billy Keller, George McGinnis and Reggie of course.

      Crean came in and did exactly what needed to be done at the time.

  14. Thomas Swanson

    George McGinnis was working as a psychology (pyschiatric) specialist for the Colts. I wonder if he still is. I grew up in Kokomo which was real close to Lafayette. I remember Billy Keller playing with Rick Mount on Purdue’s team that played UCLA in the national championship game. Crean got a job as a college basketball analyst at ESPN. Iu is a difficult job.
    I think the Pacers will lose Al and Corey Jefferson, Thadeus Young, and Lance Stephenson after this year. That’s $35 million off the books plus the $6.5 million they are under the cap. I think they are in good shape.
    I went to many Pacer games and Indiana-Kentucky high school all-star games at Market Square Arena. I enjoyed every one of them. Reggie’s picture on the outside of the arena should have been saved somehow.

    • nsideindy

      I think McGinnis is done. He has some fairly severe back problems. He and his mom both still live here. There was an article in the Indy Star earlier this year (or last) talking about how he was LeBron before LeBron. Good old Market Square Arena…Fairgrounds Coliseum before that!

  15. Thomas Swanson

    I fully expect the Colts to clean house after the season.
    I’ll never forget Jim Harbaugh throwing the Hail Mary on the last play of the AFC Championship game against Pittsburgh. Aaron Bailey was on his back and the ball bounced off his chest. Harbaugh was Andrew Luck’s coach at Stanford (I think he’s ok to play now. Irsay doesn’t want him playing with this offensive line, just like Peyton with his neck). Harbaugh is Crean’s brother-in-law. I hope he ends up with the Colts. I remember the line at the airports and onto 465 that night when they got back from the game!

    • nsideindy

      Harbaugh would be my first choice…if he’ll come. Lots of Gruden rumors floating around too. Captain Comeback! I would have never remembered Aaron Bailey’s name. I think Luck is really hurt (unfortunately). But you’d think Irsay could just give him something for the pain…hahaha!

  16. Thomas Swanson

    Did you know Bobby Knight married a former IU cheerleader who was dating one of his players? The player transferred. I think it was Mike Giomi.
    My cousin dated a player named Steve Green on the undefeated 1976 National Championship team. He played for the Pacers too. He played with Quinn Buckner, Kent Benson, and John Laskowski at IU!!!

    • nsideindy

      I remember Steve Green very well – – a typical IU player (in a good way). I’m not buying the Knight-IU Cheerleader one! I’ve heard a lot of stories about Knight…but that’s a new one!

      • Thomas Swanson

        I lived in the neighborhood where Irsay got caught with all the painkillers. He needs them now. In Cleveland we just laugh about the Browns. I can’t remember if Eric Dickerson was with the Colts then. I think so. What I remember most about Indy is waking up and seeing the Mayflower outside the Hoosier Dome in the Indy Star. I’ve been seeing on ESPN they are saying will the Colts draft another quarterback? Saying Luck will lose the strength and accuracy in his arm. Peyton did lose strength. I think it’s funny that Jim Mora refused to go to Peyton’s statue unveiling. He still hates Irsay. He will always be remembered, “Playoffs.” I remember in New Orleans he said the offense sucks, defense sucks, defense sucks, and coaching sucks. I hope Harbaugh does take job. He’s been known for turning teams around fast. I think Andrew would be happy!

        • nsideindy

          I was hoping that Luck would come back for at least the last game of the season so they could know that he was healthy and they could avoid all the “draft a QB” drama. Now we have speculate and wonder. Although it would be a huge cap hit if they cut/traded Luck next year. I don’t necessarily believe it…but one of the local talk shows said that Luck loves Harbaugh, but doesn’t necessarily want to play for him again. Jim Mora – – used to hang out at the Keystone Grill all the time

      • Thomas Swanson

        It’s true I guess about Knight and the cheerleader. Check out Mike Giomi. Knight was with Gene Keady last weekend at Purdue celebrating the 50th anniversary of Mackey Arena. He started saying this is the first time Purdue fans have clapped for me. I’ll always remember when he was fired he said “When I die and my time has passed, I want to be burried upside down so everyone can kiss my ass.” I waited outside a Borders downtown for 3 hours at his book signing.

  17. Thomas Swanson

    Damian Lilliard outscored Lonzo Ball 32-0 tonight. Now that’s funny!!!

  18. Thomas Swanson

    I expect the Colts to take an offensive lineman in the first round of the draft. Gruden has been linked to a lot of years, but I don’t think he’ll ever ESPN. The Colts offered all their high priced players for picks at the tradeline. If they want picks I can see them trading Luck like they did Manning. I like Brissett. Tuerner came back tonight. Pacers lost. Guess the Pacers will have to put him on IR! Wonder if they’ll pay him the max after next season (begin offering after this season).

    • nsideindy

      Missed this one earlier. Yes, I do think they’ll offer max money to Turner…assuming he continues to progress and doesn’t get hurt. I was kind of interested in seeing what adding Turner would do tonight. Obviously, he should only help (a lot)…but they were on a really good roll for a few games, so you almost hated to see them mess with a good thing!

  19. Thomas Swanson

    I’d like to see the Colts trade down in the draft and find a way to take the left tackle (move Castanzo to right tackle, left guard (they say Quentin Ross will be probowl like Ryan Kelly) and running back (I like Josh Adams a lot. He’s big.) from Notre Dame. I “never” miss their games. Notre Dame is just as big as Ohio State here. That’s why they are giving Deshone Kizer a break. (except when he pulled a Johnny Manziell and got caught in a bar a couple nights from a game. He was with Browns players along with Travis Kelsey and Kareem Hunt of the Chiefs. They are from here.
    I was at a Notre Dame-Purdue game in South Bend in a pouring down rain. Notre Dame led 42-0 at half and quarterback Tony Rice anialted Purdue! Turner is a free agent after next year isn’t he?

    • nsideindy

      The Pacers have control over Turner through ’19/’20. But barring injury, they are pretty committed to signing him. He seems to like it here (but PG seemed to like it too), so he’s not a worry yet. I like ND…but not much of a Kizer fan. The Browns have no receivers, but he’s been pretty bad and wasn’t all that good at ND either. I don’t know much about him, but rumor has it that the Colts like Arden Key (DE/OLB) from LSU if they have a top 5 pick (or Barkley if he were to be available). A little bit of a breather this week for the Irish!

      • Thomas Swanson

        Have you seen Josh Adams play? He’s good! Mike McQuigly (spelling?) and Quentin Ross are the highest rated left tackle and left guard in the draft. Watch the Notre Dame-Miami game and we’ll see how good they are!
        With Joe Thomas maybe retiring the Browns don’t have anything. They truly are the worst franchise in professional sports.
        P.S. Do the Colts want Trent Richardson back? He’s doing well in the Canadian Football League.

  20. Thomas Swanson

    Watching OKC and Boston. Like to see these 2 in the Finals. Tired of Cavs and Warriors. Did you remember Seattle drafting Kevin Durrant? Portland took Greg Oden. I was in Indy when Mike Conley and Greg Oden played at Lawrence North. Felt sorry for Mike’s dad. Oden was a load to handle. Remember Oden sending his nude picture to his ex-girlfriend on the internet. Bad move!

    • nsideindy

      Just about anyone but OKC for me! I know this would help your “keep PG out of LA” plan…but for me, it would be rewarding PG (which I can’t have!). I’m a Durant fan…so do remember the Seattle days. I definitely remember Oden & Conley – – I met Oden at the Flakey Jakes in Castleton back in the day. I don’t remember the Oden pictures…but do remember when PG sent nude pictures. To a guy.

  21. Thomas Swanson

    Didn’t PG get a stripper pregnant in Florida and have to go to court over a paternity suit. I think that was the year the Pacers led the Eastern Conference at the All-Star break and Hibbert was an all-star. They fell apart the second half.
    Did Simmons guard Collison tonight? 6-11″ vs. 6-0″. Talk about length!
    I guess Seattle has an arrangement with the NBA to keep the name Supersonics when they get a team. Sacramento came close!

    • nsideindy

      He did get a stripper pregnant. I know he had offered her a large lump sum at one time…but she wanted ongoing support. Either way, they must have worked it out because she spent a lot of time in Indy last year and she is now pregnant again (Yes, he’s the dad on #2). Didn’t see the Pacers tonight…just the box score.

      • Thomas Swanson

        I saw him on television when the Lakers stuff started saying he wanted to go to the Lakers because he wanted the Hollywood treatment. I strongly believe the Lakers were and are tampering.

        • Thomas Swanson

          I remember when Reggie was messing around with the blonde on the television commercial for the pools, spas, pool tables, etc. I remember his house burning down in Geist. Never did find out if his ex-wife did it!

          • nsideindy

            The Watson’s girl! Everybody seemed to think it was the ex-wife…but no one ever charged her with anything. However, where there’s smoke…there’s fire. Hahaha!

  22. Thomas Swanson

    Back in 1970 (I’m 60 now) I managed a Pizza Hut in Carmel. I’d give the Pacers Tom Owens and Clem Johnson 1/2 off discounts to keep coming back. My college roommate worked sales for the Pacers1

    • nsideindy

      There’s only 1 Pizza Hut that I know of in Carmel…Rangeline Road. We ate there often.

  23. Thomas Swanson

    That’s it! There’s a Long John Silver across the street. I think Owens and Johnson lived in Zionsville. I know Rik Smits does now. They brought their families in. I’d make sure the other customers left them alone. I ate a lot of pizza! I lived in the Woodland Hills Apartments. They had a 9 hole golf course. I guess Carmel bought them out and tore them down.
    I said J.R. Smith got busted in a speed trap along Lake Erie. Avon Lake is a lot like Carmel.

    • nsideindy

      Was that Mohawk Hills (rather than Woodland)? My grandparents lived there and I played on the golf course a few times. The apartment complex is still there (it’s called something else now)…but the golf course is long gone. I drive past it once or twice a week. The Long John Silvers turned into an Arby’s…and now the Arby’s is gone. I have heard of Avon Lake…but never been there.

      • Thomas Swanson

        Yes it was Mohawk Hills. I had read the city of Carmel had bought the apartments and wanted to turn it into a project. I liked it there. At Pizza Hut we had Long John Silvers across the street, Ponderosa on the other side, and I used to trade pizza for chicken with a buddy who managed the KFC just down the street. Employees liked that!
        Avon Lake used to be a wooded area. Lot of deer here. A lot of Cavs players live in this area.
        The media likes to criticize the Browns. The fans look at them as a comedy. If they were winning, people might not care about them.
        Kizer never should have started this year. I know he had a lot of incerpections at Notre Dame last season. I look at Notre Dame going 4-8 last season with the same players and Kizer at qb.

        • Thomas Swanson

          Can’t spell. Kizer likes throwing interceptions. The managementwith the Browns can’t get any worse. Pep Hamilton is the offensice coordinator and Ryan Grigson works for the Browns now!

  24. Thomas Swanson

    Simmons guarding Collison might explain why he didn’t score much tonight. I rememer the U.S. and Russia in the old days in the Olympics. Many said Arvidas Sabonis was the best player in the world. I watched Domantis son at Gonzaga. I hope he becomes an all-star someday. He was a center at Gonzaga and Myles Turner was a power forward at Texas because of his 3 point shooting. I wonder if the Pacers will ever try that!

  25. Thomas Swanson

    That was the Watson’s girl on the commercial Reggie was messing with. Do you think Donnie Walsh will die in Bank one Life Arena. The count the years he was with the Knicks as being with the Pacers. Larry definitely used him. How long’s he been around the Pacers? 50 years?

  26. Thomas Swanson

    Brady Quinn had a mansion on the lake here. Johnny Manziel lived here too. Does Irsay still live on 86th street near Zionsville? Every time I get to see the Pacers they show Bird and Donnie Walsh (with his cane) sitting next to each other. They say Bird still shows up to his office every day. I wish they would have kept Frank Vogel. He turned the Pacers around fast after O’Brien was fired!

    • nsideindy

      Irsay lives on a big compound in Carmel. It has servant quarters, guard shack, a pool (of course), etc. You can’t really see much from the road. A couple years ago, I ran into Bird walking out of a Super Cuts near Ditch Road! Agree on Vogel.

      • Thomas Swanson

        Pacers lost 3 in a row after leading in the 4th quarter. Wonder if Stephenson played some at small forward. Saw he had double figures in the 3rd quarter. Coach says it’s part of learning process.
        I remember Irsay having the ranch on 86th street. I think he was with his step mom. Saw him on tv today. He looks real old. What are they saying about him getting caught saying he thinks Andrew Lucks injury is in his head? They said here there’s no way they can trade Luck with his contract.
        I imagine Bird will be like Walsh. He’ll be around as long as they let him.
        I miss the golf course at Mohawk Hills. Teed off once. Luckily people had a bike in front of their patio glass door. I lived next to 9th green. Practiced putting in evenings.

        • nsideindy

          Since Turner has come back they are 0-3. I love Turner…but they need to play him inside a little more. His skills are better suited for closer to the basket. And he is 7 foot tall!
          Many are worried that Irsay is going to chase Luck away with his comments & general senility. I don’t think it will happen unless he really does have a career ending injury. Too much $ at stake for both sides. It appears more and more that Polian’s main job was to keep Irsay out of the way.
          If I remember right, the 9th green was in the back of the complex?
          I’m sure Bird will be welcome as long as he wants!

  27. Thomas Swanson

    I get my info from (my favorite),,, Indy Star, ESPN, Fox Sports, and a ton of games.
    Michigan State beat Penn State by 3 in OT. Game lasted 7 1?2 hours due to rain. Poor fans!

  28. Thomas Swanson

    They could trade Luck to the Browns after the season, but management would mess up the paperwork!

    • nsideindy

      Haha! I may be wrong…but I think it was probably better for the Browns that they “missed out” on McCarron. That seemed like a lot to give up for him. What do Browns fans think?

      • Thomas Swanson

        The Browns fans are mad as heck at the owner and GM. They think they sabatoged the trade. Coach Jackson was McCarrons quarterback coach in Cincinnatti and wanted him. The Browns have to be the worst sports franchise. Now Josh Gordon is coming back December 3 and says he’ll be the best wide receiver in NFL history. He must still be doing drugs.

        • Thomas Swanson

          Jackson is a good offensive coordinatorbut not much of a coach. He’s won 1 game here and didn’t win any in Oakland. The Browns owner was part owner of the Steelers. There are as many Steeler fans here as Browns.
          Cavs are humorous. They can beat the good teams,but are horrible against the bad ones. They are saying they are not playing hard enough.

          • nsideindy

            I’ve got to think the Cavs will get it going for the 2nd half of the season and will have a shot at the end. Boston appears to be good and the Bucks have enough talent to be good…but the Cavs have LeBron and experience.

  29. Thomas Swanson

    Why isn’t Sabonis playing? McMillan said he was planning on playing Turner and Sabonis together.
    Stephenson had his season high last night, then 6 tonight. Jefferson came out of nowhere and scored 19. I think McMillan is trying to find a lineup that works.
    The 9th hole was off to the right as you came through the entrance. I could play it all night.
    I saw the end of the Colts game last week. Brissett got blindsided from the back. They keep saying they need to move Castanzo to the right side and give him a pay cut. Their new coach will have his hands full. I hope they don’t trade Brisett.
    I’d think Bird is part owner. I wonder how much he had to do with the new acquisitions. I wondered if the Pacers played Jefferson tonight to get teams interested (Charlotte, Porzingas blocked 4 of his shots in a row last night.)

    • Thomas Swanson

      That was 4 of Cody Zellers shots in a row he blocked. Zeller never could jump. His brother’s either.

      • nsideindy

        Didn’t one of the Zellers play for the Cavs for a brief period of time?

        • Thomas Swanson

          Ty Zeller played for the Cavs. They traded him to the Celts. He signed with the Nets. He played at North Carolina, Cody at IU (their first game is Friday at 7 on BTN), and Luke tried to play at Notre Dame. He was with San Antonio for a little while.
          The A.J. McCarron thing is getting funny. He was hurthis rookie season. He’s petitioning the NFL to make it count so he can become a free agent after the season and sign with the Browns. That way the Browns don’t have to draft another quarterback.
          Luck would fit in here. The Browns do have an offensive line and a ton of draft picks.

          • nsideindy

            Would McCarron want to sign with the Browns if Jackson is fired? Or will he be back regardless? Also, if the GM and/or owner really did sabotage the trade…will they shell out the money to sign him? Could get interesting.

            • Thomas Swanson

              He wants to play. They said the owner is already looking for new management to add on or replace the existing one. Haslem the owner brought in a bunch of analytical people last time. They did worse than Grigson (who is here now) on the draft.
              Everyone is asking why they didn’t go after Garrapalo. The Pats called the 49ers in the morning and had the deal in the afternoon.
              The owner wouldn’t have much to say about getting McCarron. They’ve always sold out games, even losing. That’s starting to change.

              • Thomas Swanson

       is our newspaper. We have a guy who has a daily tv show here. They rip the Browns up good!

    • nsideindy

      I didn’t see any of tonight’s game and just looked at the box score. Sabonis is out due to a minor calf injury. I was wondering if Turner got into early foul trouble and decided to leave Jefferson in since he was semi-hot. Plus the trade showcase factor.
      Brissett’s OK and I do hope they hold onto him for at least another year…but I don’t think he’s a top 20 or maybe even top 25 QB. You’ve got to have a really good team around him to win in my opinion. To me, he’s one of the best backups in the league (and would be a step up for the Browns!)…but I’m hoping they don’t decide to build around him.
      My grandparents lived in the first building on the left after you came in the entrance. Did they have the bar at the clubhouse/pool when you lived there?

      • Thomas Swanson

        I was in the back building on the right. Yes we had the bar and indoor/outdoor pool. I knew maintenance so you could get in the indoor pool at night.
        I looked up Irsay’s mansion on Google. He has a tennis court too. Wonder how much it’s worth!

        • nsideindy

          The indoor pool was nice – – a lot of times no one else was there. It was a great place to take a girlfriend back in high school!
          Just checked it out – – Irsay is worth 2.7 billion

          • Thomas Swanson

            Does Irsay still have the business him and his dad used to run or is the Colts it? I remember him and his stepmom having to go to court in Noblesville over the 86th and Ditch ranch after his dad’s death.
            I miss the Christmas trees at Mohawk Hills too. They’ve probably cut them down now. I liked the indoor pool better than the outdoor pool.

            • nsideindy

              I don’t know if he still owns the business. You never hear anything about it…so probably not? I’m pretty sure it was a heating & air conditioning business. Yes, most of the trees are gone – – they put in a roundabout at that Keystone intersection (and every other intersection on Keystone) and cut down most if not all the trees. Wonder if they still have the hot saunas!

    • nsideindy

      Most Colts fans are pretty tired of Castanzo. I guess he’s the best they’ve got…but that’s not saying a lot.

  30. Thomas Swanson

    I wish I could have seen the game Brissett got sacked 10 times. That’s probably when Luck decided his shoulder hurt. Peyton was Andrew’s babysitter when he was young. I wonder how much advice he’s giving him.

    • nsideindy

      I don’t know…but I get the sense that Peyton has stayed out of things for the most part so far. However, with all that has happened this year, you would hope that Luck has asked for advice. Obviously most Colts fans would be crushed if Manning signed on with another organization

  31. Thomas Swanson

    When Dungy was talking about what Irsay said, he also said he wished Peyton would hurry up and make up his mind between management and broadcasting. He said if Peyton went into management, he wanted to work for him. Peyton and Jon Gruden both attend a lot of University of Tennessee games. I think he might consider the Titans. Andrew has it good. His dad is the head of the NCAA and is in Indy. His dad and Peyton’s dad are best friends. They were on the college football playoff committee together. Andrew has good people to fall back on. The Browns really could take him. They were so far under the cap last summer, they were signing anybody trying to get to the minimum. Their highest paid player is offensive tackle Joe Thomas. None of their quarterbacks make anything.

    • nsideindy

      i hadn’t heard the management vs broadcasting comments. That’s pretty interesting. He’s obviously got a lot of options…but I know a lot of people around here expect him to come back. I’m not so sure…although I do think he’d come here before the Browns! If Thomas retires, they’ll have an extra $10 million or so. But a nearly Colts-bad offensive line.

  32. Thomas Swanson

    The Browns just signed Thomas this week for another year making him the highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL.
    I saw article on Dungy on Blue Stampede, the Colts site. Guess Dungy was on with Bob Kravitz and during break thought the microphone was off and made the Irsay comment.
    He had to go on tv to retract it saying Irsay said it, but not to him. He then said if Peyton went into management, he would work for him. Said he wished Peyton would hurry up and make up his mind. If you look up Tony Dungy they might have it.
    They said last week the Browns were paying Brock Osweiler $900,000 a game to start for the Broncos. I don’t know if he counts against the cap.
    Fox sports announcer Colin Coward has been saying all year he thought the Colts were holding Luck out intentionally. He thinks they’ll trade Jacoby Brissett and their draft pick to get more picks.

    • nsideindy

      I’ll have to check out the articles you mention. This is with Dan Patrick…not Kravitz. Right? I think they may be open to a trade for Brissett…but I think they are going to want more than what he’s worth. I’ll trade him to your Browns…but I’m likely to ask for the same 2nd and 3rd that you were willing to give up for McCarron. Did you see the Bengals were supposedly going to sign Kapernick as the back up if they traded AJ?

      • Thomas Swanson

        They are fun to watch now. They’ll take some time to get chemistry right. They have the best point guard and center (1st and 2nd string) they’ve had in a while. Oladipo is better than Monte Ellis. Thadeus Young is starting to play like he’s on his contract year. Bogdonovich had 22 tonight.

      • Thomas Swanson

        You might be right. The Blue Stampede mentioned Bob Kravitz negative broadcasting style. I just looked up Dungy on Andrew Luck. There were several articles. I just glanced at the Star and read it mentioned Dungy saying he wished Peyton would hurry up and make up his mind between broadcasting and management. I think you’re right. It was Dan Patrick Monday.
        Ithought it was funny the Texans didn’t sign Kaepernick after the owner said the comments about the inmates running the prison. The owners are colluding, but no one will be able to prove it.
        Isn’t free agency before the draft? If McCarron doesn’t win his case with the NFL, the Browns could go for Brissett. There are no quarterbacks worthy of the top pick.

        • nsideindy

          Ohhhh…I think the negative broadcasting style is Dan Dakich. He had Ballard on yesterday and ripped him apart. All very valid questions about performance, injuries, Pagano, etc. In fact, he said that he saw a text from Andrew Luck from a few weeks ago when he was practicing that said “i don’t know why i’m out here. i’m nowhere close to being ready. I’m only out here to sell tickets,” If you are bored some time, you should check out the interview (WFNI – 1070 the Fan). Dakich was pretty blunt and definitely was calling him out. I doubt he ever goes on the show again! The Browns have lots of draft choices to trade for Brissett if they want him.

  33. Thomas Swanson

    Bobby Portis has had back to back 20 point double doubles since coming off suspension. The Pacers won, no wonder Sabonis is back. Bogdonovich had his season high tonight.

    • nsideindy

      I saw a lot of the game tonight. They may end up being a very streaky team this year. Sabonis does seem to be the common link for wins! I’m going to watch them play the Rockets on Sunday.

  34. Thomas Swanson

    All of Dungy’s comments are in the November 6 Indianapolis Star including about Peyton.

  35. Thomas Swanson

    I think the Browns have 2 first, 3 2nd, and 3 3rd round picks. With their luck with the top pick, and Myles Garrett being hurt all year, they might trade down again.

  36. Thomas Swanson

    I was telling you people here are saying Lebron wants to buy the Cavs. It’s on Hoops Rumors now. I think it’s on CBS too. He says if the oportunity came up, he would, but not necessarily the Cavs. I guess Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is worth $5 billion.
    Since Lebron was nice and forgave him for his comment when he left for Miami, and gave him a title and 3 finals, maybe he’ll make the people here happy and sell it to him.
    I’d still like to see the Colts make moves to get OT Matt McGlinchy, OG Quentin Ross, and RB Josh Adams from Notre Dame. I hope they do well against Miami tomorrow night. This group is exactly what Andrew Luck needs.
    I see Luck’s dad and the family closeness to the Mannings (and Peyton’s surgery). He won’t let Irsay get to him. Neither will his parents or the Mannings.

  37. Thomas Swanson

    The article I read is about Bob Kravitz in the Novemer 6 Stampede Blue. Look up Andrew Luck-Stampede Blue. I’ll have to read your article.

  38. Thomas Swanson

    Yesterday’s Stampede Blue says Anthony Castanzo would be best offensive lineman to fill a skilled position and would make a great tight end! Go for it! Also says from 2 days ago no one in front office is unhappy about Luck!

  39. Thomas Swanson

    Felt bad about Cavs owner having to spend so much on luxury tax until I saw he’s worth $5.7 billion. He makes money of the finals too. If Isaiah Thomas plays well, it’ll be interesting to see if he signs both Thomas and LeBron.

  40. Thomas Swanson

    I like Stampede Blue on the web. You were saying Luck didn’t understand why he needed to be in Indy. Stampede Blue and ESPN say he’s in Europe now having his shoulder looked at. Hue Jackson says DeShone Kizer is still quarterback of future. Wants McCarron as short term answer so Kizer can learn. If Jackson doesn’t win a game, I don’t think he’ll be here. I don’t think McCarron wants to be behind Andy Dalton 5 more years. I like Brissett better than Kizer and McCarron. I like Castanzo at tight end. Stampede Blue is interesting.

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