Jahlil Okafor May Push For Buyout

The Sixers have decided not to pick up the 2018/19 option on Jahlil Okafor‘s contract, something that will render the big man an unrestricted free agent this summer. Yet, sources tell Marc Stein of The New York Times (Twitter links) that Okafor prefers to not have to wait to change teams and may push for a buyout agreement with Philly.

Stein hears that Okafor is convinced that the team has had several workable deals on the table, though the Sixers have declined to make a move.

Okafor’s 2018/19 option was set to pay him $6.3MM and any team that acquires him in a trade this season wouldn’t be able to offer him a starting salary that goes beyond that figure in negotiations this summer.

The Duke product has seemingly been on the trade block since his rookie season with the club and his perceived trade value has fallen every year since.

Okafor has only seen action in one game this season—a game Joel Embiid sat out—and he made four of seven shots on his way to 10 points. The organization seems confident that Embiid can be the team’s center for the foreseeable future, evidenced by the unique long-term five-year extension it doled out to him earlier this month. Richaun Holmes and Amir Johnson also present barriers to playing time in Philadelphia, as Johnson has seen action at the five this season and Holmes should as well once he returns from his wrist injury.

The decision to decline Okafor’s option wasn’t solely based on his fit on the court. The Sixers are reportedly angling to make a splash next offseason and they want to maintain flexibility in order to do so.

Entering the 2015 draft, Okafor and Karl-Anthony Towns were widely considered the two best prospects in the draft class and his fall to Philadelphia at three was a shocking development for many. Okafor has played 104 games with the Sixers since being drafted and it’s possible we’ve seen the last of him in a Philly uniform.

Stay tuned to Hoops Rumors for the latest on the Sixers, Jahlil Okafor, and potential landing spots for the big man.

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29 thoughts on “Jahlil Okafor May Push For Buyout

  1. liamsfg

    Let the guy go, its not fair to just have him sit there when he needs to get some experience.

  2. Thomas Swanson

    Maybe the Suns owner could buyout Bledsoe and Chandler and pick up Okafor! Suns owner said today he’s in no hurry to trade Bledsoe. I don’t think paying him to sit at what he’s making is smart!

    • all in ad

      Sarver is smart….but also flipping crazy. Steve Kerr got them to playoffs…no one thought possible…..Sarver wanted him to take pay cut!!!

  3. Thomas Swanson

    That would be $27 million for $6 million. Sixers just picked up options for Simmons, Saric, Anderson, another, and have to resign Covington!
    Uh huh!

  4. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Stein hears that Okafor is convinced that the team has had several workable deals on the table, though the Sixers have declined to make a move.
    Oh I am convinced too, the Sixers are a Clown Show of an organization and bring disgrace to Philadelphia.

  5. Ayy-Aron

    Randle for Okafor straight up.

    Change of scenery for both as both won’t be retained by current clubs.

    • Thomas Swanson

      I like that one! Brook Lopez and Katavius caldwell-Pope are free agents along with Randle and want to sign 2 max free agents! Good luck! Free agents haven’t exactly been beating down the doors for the Lakers. Lebron and George aren’t guarantees!

    • liamsfg

      Not a terrible idea, but it would be nice to have Okafor locked in for 2-3 cheap seasons.

  6. How about the Celtics trade him into the injured player exception? They are a bit thin in the front court. Maybe they could get some use out of him and rehab him. Now that I have said that, I wonder if they have bigger plans for that money for a bought out veteran that can help them in the playoffs? Will the exception last till late in the season when buy outs typically happen?

    • x%sure

      Celts can wait until late and probably will, in case of injury. Baynes is doing well so it will be about the playoffs. Agree that Wizrds look like a good idea if he can buy out.

  7. Thomas Swanson

    I read the Celtics are considering bringing Gerald Green back (was waived by Bucks) to replace Hayward. He knows the play book already. He was with them last year!

  8. Thomas Swanson

    If Okafor gets his buyout (doubt it) he could sign with Celtics for minimum and they could resign Gerald Green!

  9. I still think Okafor has talent and could help a team. Maybe a good culture team like the celts, spurs, ATL, CLT could rehab him.

    Back to the celts, the problem there is that he really isn’t better than any of their bigs now except Yabusele, but would they be willing to bury the rookie?

    I think a real good fit for him would be the Wizards. They could use him.

  10. Thomas Swanson

    The Wizards wanted Paul George for Otto Porter. Beal , Wall, Porter, and Mahinmi have shot their
    chances of getting anyone. He’d be behind Gortat and Mahinmi. Horford can play power forward and center. Aaro Baynes isn’t great. Yabusele is a 6″8″ power forward. Marcus Morris is their only true power forward. Okafor would work with Horford playing some at power forward.

  11. Butch Crassidy

    I guess if he’s willing to come off the bench, he’ll be serviceable elsewhere. Would help if he developed a mid-range game.

  12. Thomas Swanson

    Worry about Okafor is he can’t guard anyone outside the 3 second area or have an outside shot!
    That’s why Sixers kept Simmons, Anderson, the guy from Europe (Timofy ?), Saric, Covington, and would like to keep Reddick and not Okafor. I think he’ll be with the Sixers until seasons end and go restricted free agent.

  13. all in ad

    Okafor should lose weight….get in shape….this is grown man Association….and be able to contribute when he gets the chance! And stay out of night clubs!

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