Chris Bosh Planning To ‘Keep Options Open’ As Player

Two-time NBA champion Chris Bosh, who has not played since the 2015/16 season due to issues with blood clots, has not ruled out continuing his career as a player, he said during an interview with NBA TV. Bosh said he would stay active in basketball while all but ruling out a position as a coach.

“Probably not coaching. It’s always very interesting. I’m always going to be around the game of basketball,” Bosh said (via Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel). “I plan to keep my options open as a player moving forward, but that’s not coaching. Maybe front office work, working with teams and spreading the game, maybe teaching the game to young people, that’s something that’s a very big passion.”

After Bosh, 33, made a surprise appearance as a guest at a Lakers practice last month, it was reported that he did not rule a possible comeback to the NBA.

Bosh reached a unique agreement with the Heat in July where his salary would longer count against the team’s salary cap after he was waived. Bosh’s blood clots were ruled career-ending following a medical review by the NBA and the players’ union the month prior. After not playing the past two seasons due to the blood clot condition, it was widely believed that the 11-time NBA All-Star would not play again.

“I don’t see how medical people will want to sign off and clear him,” a Western Conference executive said to TNT’s David Aldridge earlier this year about the unlikely nature of a comeback. “Unless something has changed with his health recently … I don’t know of a team that would want to take that type of a risk. If something were to tragically happen, it’s hard to recover from that. Very unfortunate.”

In his last season, Bosh was still a productive player, posting 19.1 PPG and 7.4 RPG in 53 games for the Heat.

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9 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Planning To ‘Keep Options Open’ As Player

  1. Connorsoxfan

    If he gets cleared, Boston should dip into the DPE for him. Can offer more $$ and he could provide some value, albeit in limited minutes. Can they just have him sit on the bench, pop him out for set inbound plays, and not play any defense so he can just walk, haha

    • Thomas Swanson

      You are right. No one will take the chance of being responsible for another blood clot!

      • yoyo137

        His health HAS to be the most important thing he considers in a comeback. Sadly Pete Maravich died on a basketball court at the age of 40 at a church pickup game. Quite fitting as religion, basketball, and family were his life but still tragic. If Bosh were to collapse on an NBA court, it would be absolutely devastating. The Hayward injury showed how time can stop in basketball, if Bosh collapsed it would be exponentially worse. Not just for his family, but the coach who played him, team that signed him, doctors who cleared him would have to answer the question “why did you let him play?” For your health, stay retired Bosh.

    • yoyo137

      Me too I’m thinking about maybe joining the MLB or becoming the president instead tho

  2. David Rutkowski

    Say what you want about bosh, the guy still cares and wants it! He is not like other players (derrick rose) who are mailing it in and have no passion for the game. Bosh would be out on the hardwood even if he had no legs or arms!

  3. Thomas Swanson

    The bottom line is Bosh wanted to play last season, but no NBA physician would clear him. For Rose, most would have hung it up already. Playing after 2 ACL surgeries on both legs shows passion. Would you do it?

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