League, Union Formally Discuss One-And-Done Rule

Draft eligibility rules have been a topic of conversation between the NBA and the Players Association, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN writes, and earlier today league commissioner Adam Silver and union executive director Michele Roberts went so far as to formally speak with the government’s Commission on College Basketball in Washington, D.C.

The commission – which includes executives, retired players and political figures – was formed in the wake of recent FBI investigations regarding corruption.

The meeting between the three parties is said to have been strictly informational in nature and, ultimately, what the NBA decides to do with regard to incoming players is up to the league and the player’s union.

As Wojnarowski writes, there’s a growing belief that Silver seeks to end the one-and-done rule implemented by his predecessor in 2005. In order for such a change to happen though, the union would potentially need to accept a mandate declaring that players who do choose to enter college would be obligated to stay for two years prior to declaring for the draft.

Silver has previously said publicly that the current one-and-done rule isn’t working for the college game.

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13 thoughts on “League, Union Formally Discuss One-And-Done Rule

  1. I do think adding a second year would make a huge difference. Instead of just going to a school (ie. Kentucky) for a year with the express idea of getting drafted next June, a kid would now start looking at where he may want to live for those two years, and which coaches/systems would allow him to develop to where he can come into the NBA and make an immediate impact.

  2. bosox90

    Another underrated part of this is that we will see the talent spread to more colleges in the country. Right now 3 of the top 10 recruits in the country could all go to one school to make the best freshman class. The next year, there’s a higher chance that the next batch of top recruits might look elsewhere, somewhere where they can shine for 2 years instead of one. We are UK, KU, Duke and UNC dominating this every year. I think with this change it will help, if only just a little bit, to spread the talent to more schools

  3. Itrainsontuesday

    Go the baseball route. And have the options be to get drafted out of HS or after 3/4 years of college. Only difference would be if you enter the draft you can’t go back to school, unlike baseball where there’s that option.

  4. 4wards

    Story is sketchy,it says if you enter collage you must stay 2 years,(1) can a kid go pro right out of high school(2)can a kid play overseas and then go pro after 1 year,or could a kid play AAU another year not go to school n go pro?

    • the dude

      The only thing sketchy is your reading. Adam Silver made some comments on what he would propose but didn’t go in to detail since its just talk

    • Thomas Swanson

      I can see high school kids going to the G League because they can’t stay academically qualified for 2 years in college.

  5. acarneglia

    Here’s why you don’t change it. A lot of these guys need the money. They have struggling families sometimes with only one parent and this is the only way they can support theirselves

    • ksucats

      This is a reason to change it so they get the money earlier. Your comment makes no sense

  6. dust44

    Need to change it completely. Can get drafted outta hs. If they don’t get drafted they must attend college for 2 years or go overseas or to the G League for 2.

  7. sportsjunkie24

    Why doesnt the nba get rid of 1 and done rule and let high school players come out of high school but force them to spend atleast a season in the d league before they could be promoted to the nba

  8. OCTraveler

    Current rule has students actually in school for one semester (those declaring for draft more than likely drop and began draft prep). – one way to change this would be to allow any player who declares but is not drafted can continue at his school without penalty as long as they remain academically eligible.this way a player could attempt to be drafted 3-4 times while in school and still play for the college and get an education.

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