Players Signed Now Won’t Be Trade-Eligible This Season

Due to CBA rules, players signed between now and the end of the 2017/18 season won’t become eligible to be traded during the season.

The NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement allows players who sign contracts as free agents to be traded three months after signing, or on December 15, whichever comes later. For certain players, that restriction extends to January 15.

Because the league moved up its trade deadline by two weeks for 2018, any player who signs an NBA contract on November 9 or later can’t be traded this season, since three months won’t have passed by the time the February 8 deadline arrives.

Although this restriction has technically been in place since last Thursday, no players have signed new NBA contracts since then, so it doesn’t yet apply to any specific players. But any player who signs a contract now won’t be eligible to be included in trades on or before February 8 — he’ll become trade-eligible after the 2017/18 season.

The one exception is for two-way players, since the same trade rules don’t apply to them. A player who signs a two-way contract can be moved 30 days after signing his deal. So far though, we haven’t seen any NBA teams complete a trade involving a two-way player.

For a full breakdown of which players are currently facing trade restrictions, check out the following lists:

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