John Wall Displeased With Wizards’ Roster?

Fresh off a loss to the Raptors in Game 6 of the First Round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs, Wizards’ point guard John Wall spoke at length on Saturday about changes he’d like to see to the Wizards’ roster next season, writes Candace Buckner of The Washington Post. When asked what type of players should be added to the roster, Wall pulled no punches, yet was quick to assure that his postseason evaluation was not directed at any particular teammates.

“There’s a lot that we can use. I really don’t have to say certain positions. There are certain things that people who have been around the team understand what we could use to help our team. It’s not throwing shade to anybody that is on our team because everyone that is on our roster gave everything they have to make it work and fit with the team, but at the same time, when it’s not working and then you try and you try and you try and it keeps failing over and over, then you have to make certain adjustments and certain changes.”

Wall further elaborated, telling reporters he is in support of the Wizards bringing in an “athletic big”, which could of course be interpreted as a slight at Marcin Gortat, who clashed with Wall when Wall was injured earlier this season, and little-used big man Ian Mahinmi who, in hindsight, was grossly overpaid in the spend-happy summer of 2016. Combined, Gortat and Mahinmi will make just north of $29.5MM next season.

Unfortunately for the Wizards, adding worthwhile free agents this offseason, per Wall’s imploring, will be no easy task. Washington already has nearly $116MM tied up in guaranteed contracts for 2018/19, not counting player options for Jason Smith and Jodie Meeks. Should both players opt in, the Wizards payroll would reach $124.8MM – $1.8MM more than next year’s projected luxury tax threshold of $123MM and nearing the apron – before free agency even begins.

Given that the $124.8MM figure only includes 10 players, the Wizards best tool will likely be their taxpayer mid-level exception, which is projected to be about $3.3MM less than the non-taxpayer mid-level exception and limited to three seasons rather than four. Players looking to cash in on a MLE deal this offseason stand to make about an additional $19.2MM over the life of a non-taxpayer MLE contract, thereby lessening the Wizards’ chances of luring meaning free agents to the nation’s capital this summer. For his part, Wall thinks players should nevertheless entertain the idea of coming to Washington.

“I think those guys that are watching and seeing understand what they can add and what we might need to make our team better to finally get over the second round or get through the first round like we didn’t this year.”

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19 thoughts on “John Wall Displeased With Wizards’ Roster?

  1. Senioreditor

    In 2019-20 Wall will make almost 38 million. Good luck building a team around him.

    • diller79

      The Golden State Warriors are paying Steph Curry 40 million in 2019-2020 and they built a pretty good team around him. So it can be done

        • diller79

          Not sure about that because they have the bird rights on Durant, Klay,
          And Draymond so they can keep and pay all of them for the foreseeable future

            • chiefivey

              yeah i agree, i dont think gs has many years left. 30-40mil each for 4 players is crazy

              • Dodgethis

                Not really. The warriors male more money than any other franchise. They also just privately financed their new stadium (being built as we speak). The bay area is the wealthiest place in the country. The warriors 4 superstars can attract veterans on minimum deals and the warriors may be the best draft team of the last decade. All without mentioning their owner is one the wealthiest people on the planet and his sole goal is championship rings. Money is a non issue.

                • Billy Winters

                  Joe Lacob, the owner of the Warriors, aside from his assets related to the team, he is one of the least rich owners in the league. Most owners in the league became billionaires outside of owning their team, Joe Lacob entire net worth is related to the basketball team. So no, the owner is not one of the wealthiest people on the planet.

              • Several of those guys have said they put winning over money. Okay, only one, Klay Thompson. But there has to be more, right?

                Number two… shoe deals pay big bucks.

                • yoyo137

                  And the most important thing: all 4 of those guys want to be there. They’ll find a way to make it work because everybody is on board with the plan.

    • Reflect

      That’s not his problem, the owners are the ones that wanted a salary cap. It’s their job to figure that out and build a contending team around people

  2. The only roster change that needs to be made is moving Wall. Ok, perhaps Gortat too. But Wall doesn’t seem to get along with anyone. Talented as hell, but seems to be a jerk with teammates.

  3. ChiCity773

    Paying Otto Porter Max Money Don’t Help Either Your can easily Find Another Otto Porter in Draft|FA far less cheaper

    • yoyo137

      Otto Porter was coming off a great season and was paid the same summer that Allen Crabbe was, when the cap was expected to increase by much more than it did. Can’t really blame the Wizards for that one, Porter is a good player who got overpayed by circumstance.

      • Sometimes you have to take your medicine and let them go. Nets overpaid on the offer because no one wants to play for a losing team like theirs, and dare Washington to match.

        And sure enough…

  4. Ramon Garciaparra

    The wizards do not advance out of first round because they compete against teams that either have a better superstar (Cleveland); suffered for years through the “process” (76ers); or have deeper rosters that were built more intelligently (Boston, Indiana, and Toronto). The Wizards need more than an athletic big to compete with these teams.

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