Draft Notes: M. Porter, T. Brown, Sixers, Wizards

As the Cavaliers prepared on Friday for what turned out to be their final game of the 2017/18 season, the team also had at least one front office representative present at Michael Porter Jr.‘s Pro Day in Chicago, a source tells Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com. Depending on how confident teams are about the health of Porter’s back, the young forward could still be on the board when Cleveland picks at No. 8 in this month’s draft.

While it’s not clear if Porter will last until No. 8, the Knicks – who hold the No. 9 overall selection – are also doing their homework just in case. As Marc Berman of The New York Post writes, “top-level” Knicks officials will travel to Chicago this Friday to work out the Missouri product. Porter said at last month’s combine that being drafted by the Knicks would be “awesome,” but sources tell Berman that the 19-year-old is probably a long shot to slip to No. 9.

Here are more notes and updates on pre-draft workouts:

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26 thoughts on “Draft Notes: M. Porter, T. Brown, Sixers, Wizards

  1. Dionis

    Michael Porter Jr is taylor made for the Chicago Bulls. I see the draft going like this:

    1. Suns-Ayton
    2. Kings- Bagley
    3. Hawks- Doncic
    4. Grizzlies- Jackson Jr
    5. Mavericks- Bamba
    6. Magic- Young
    7. Bulls-Porter Jr
    8. Cavaliers- Sexton
    9. Knicks-Mikal
    10. Sixers- Walker
    11. Hornets- Knox
    12. Clippers- Wendell
    13. Clippers- Alexander
    14. Nuggets- Miles

    I think Wendell will slip but with Jordan leaving LA he would give them a solid option to build with at be 5. Teodosic and Beverley are not permanent options at the 1 for LA, Alexander can become their franchise guard behind Beverley the first season.

    • x%sure

      That’s a great draft for LAC– both players should go earlier.
      The only way CLE takes Sexton is if they know James is leaving.

      I think the Mavs take Porter like they took Smith last year. So if ORL then takes Bamba… that helps a Vucovic-Clarkson trade and a draft of Alexander for CLE

        • x%sure

          Because Augustin & Mack are the PGs and Bamba is the C backed up by Biyombo. There’s no need for Vucevic, who was available even when they did need him. Orlando needs some young PG. Clarkson is capable but does not mesh– like Gordon, Hezonja, Fournier. A fit.

      • I don’t see Cavs being able to move Clarkson. Lakers tried for a year (refusing to attach a 1st, but willing to include 2nds) and couldn’t, until the Cavs deal. I can’t imagine he improved his value with the Cavs. It’s “only” two more years, which tracks the summer of 2016 4 year contracts (almost all horrible), so “bad for bad” opportunities will arise particularly as time comes off the deals.

        • knickscavsfan

          At least with Clarkson there’s potential. He just needs to slow his game down a bit and higher % shots.

          • Matter of opinion. I think, on a good team, “decent backup” is where he maxes out and that contract doesn’t fit.

    • formerlyz

      Ayton, Bagley, Jackson Jr, Porter jr, Bamba, Doncic, Carter jr, Mikal Bridges, Kevin Knox, Trae Young, SGA, Miles Bridges, Lonnie Walker, Troy Brown, Robert Williams, Colin Sexton, Zaihre Smith is how I can see it going the first 17 picks, although obviously trades will likely be involved and that could easily move certain guys, like Sexton up

      • bklynny67

        Lol this guy thinks he knows the first 17 players to be taken. That’s nearly impossible dude. Wanna make a cash bet?

        • formerlyz

          I didn’t guarentee anything…but it’s understandable that you dont understand reading comprehension

  2. all in ad

    Maybe a head fake from pacers…grab one of the tough point guards with 1st pick.

    • SilvioDante

      Yeah he is — Bamba goes to Dallas. Dionis’ mock draft is spot on.

  3. RockHard

    Everyone thinks Bamba to Dallas bc that’s what they see mocked. Porter is more talented than Bamba and plays the wing where Dallas DESPERATELY needs an influx of talent..

      • RockHard

        Harrison Barnes is one of the least athletic small forwards in the league. The mavs really need a dynamic athlete on the wing and that’s why I think they would have no problem drafting MPJ even with Barnes on the roster. Barnes needs improve his rebounding and defense and become a stretch 4

        • padam

          Define “athletic.”

          Putting up 19pt/6reb averages isn’t too shabby with good shooting percentages.

          • RockHard

            Foot speed.. every wing on the mavs roster lacks foot speed/quickness/athleticism.. Barnes, Matthews, McDermott all have problems creating their own shot and keeping people out of the lane on defense.. Mavs need talent, plan and simple.. MPJ would be in the running for #1 without the injury, I think he is who the mavs really want..

  4. tyork21

    Doncic is the Pick at 2 for the Kings they envision a Lineup of Pg Fox , Sg Bogdanovic Sf Doncic , PF Giles and Cauley Stein at Center with Buddy Heild as the Sixth man

    • Dionis

      Doncic at the 3, my god they’ll have a field day with him. He’s a 1 or 2 at the NBA level, putting Doncic at the 3 is a joke.

      • It doesn’t matter Dio, the game is positionless. Luka is versatile. He just needs to work his body.

  5. formerlyz

    I have had Troy Brown to Denver at 14, so I’m not surprised to hear him moving up

  6. Barnes is a good player, but I rather an unhealthy MPJ than him, I mean in a playoff Dallas team I can see Barnes been maybe the sixth man, or the weakest starter, in not that good, you cannot pass on MPJ just for him, & they can get a 5 on FA, like maybe DMC, Capela…

    • x%sure

      It’s easier to find a Porter than a Bamba, who is unprecedented in size. And they already have an effective Barnes.

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