Eastern Notes: Hood, Ellington, Knicks, Sixers

The consensus among NBA insiders is that Rodney Hood cost himself a significant amount of future earnings in free agency after struggling to find his way in the playoffs, Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com writes. Hood made slightly under $3.39M this past season and is set to become a restricted free agent once the league’s new year begins July 1.

Sources tell Vardon that the Cavaliers still like Hood and can envision a future with him on the team. The shooting guard fell out of the rotation during the latter half of the team’s postseason run before playing 52 minutes over the team’s last two NBA Finals contests. He finished the postseason with a plus/minus of -92 in a total of 260 minutes.

Here’s more from around the Eastern Conference:

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16 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Hood, Ellington, Knicks, Sixers

  1. cesc

    That was bad timing for Hood’s next contract, but man he can only blame himself, I think his downfall was when he refused to play, from there he hardly played again, that was such a dumb move, I don’t know how it will pan out for him, but I don’t think he has got much of a future in the league any more.

    • I think the bright lights of the LeBron show scared him… I can empathise

    • Dionis

      He doesn’t have much of a future in the league anymore? The man struggled because there was no offense with Lebron out there, Golden State will take him. They’ll put him in an actual offense and you’ll see exactly what happened with Crowder the moment he left Cleveland. Crowder looked way better on the Jazz, people need to understand Lebron ruins everyone’s game.

      • x%sure

        Crowder shot worse with Utah and his oRtg-dRtg went from -4 to -7. And CLE played him out of position at PF without shotblocker backup.

        Lebron CHALLENGES everyone’s games, and it turns out Crowder did not stack up. It was a good thing to know.

        Hood did not get a long enough transition period for his middling mind. I hope he extends with CLE to get that.

        • Dionis

          Challenge? You mean put them where he wants so they can spot up and make shots for him?

  2. Dionis

    Golden State will take him, they’ll show the Cavs what he can do when you put him in an actual offense instead of Lebron pounding the air out of the ball for 15 seconds.

    • pihc

      It must really hurt and suck to wake up each day with one goal in mind. Hate LeBron.

      • Dionis

        I don’t hate him just think he’s ruining the concept on team basketball.

        • GuruGray

          An all time great passer ruining the concept of team basketball is a good one.

          • Dionis

            Please, he’s an overrated passer and dominates the ball to get his assists.

        • x%sure

          You hate him and his high standards and you repeat your inadequacies at every opportunity. Your low standards are threatened and you can’t stand it. It’s not even a Lebron article.

  3. cba93

    Plenty of teams will be eyeing hood. I can think of a few great fits for him so he’ll be just fine

  4. xabial

    Making the Finals 8 straight years, albeit with 3-6 record, doesn’t make you “overrated.” This year, was the most garbage team, he’s arguably ever had. (And Love my boy, JR “Scapegoat” Smith!)

    LeBron’s 33 right now, and still at the top of his game. (I’ll ignore his ‘hand’ bullcrap…)

    Your statement “Please, he’s an overrated passer and dominates the ball to get his assists.” applies to James Harden, until he wins Ring anyway possible. Yes, I know Harden’s most likely winning MVP this year.

      • knickscavsfan

        LBJ put then in a position to win. He’s the burger, cheese and bun. They are the onions, pickle and bacon.

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