Givony’s Latest: Kings, Doncic, Porter, Gilgeous-Alexander

ESPN draft expert Jonathan Givony posted his latest mock on Thursday morning, along with the updated information regarding what teams are planning to do. Here’s some of the most noteworthy nuggets he passed along:

  • The Kings will target Duke forward Marvin Bagley III if they keep the No. 2 overall pick but they have their eyes on Missouri forward Michael Porter Jr. if they trade down in the lottery.
  • Hawks ownership has pushed for Euroleague guard Luka Doncic with the No. 3 pick because of star power. The compromise between the front office and ownership could be trading down and then selecting Oklahoma point guard Trae Young.
  • Porter is favored by Mavericks owner Mark Cuban at No. 5 but they’re also considering Texas center Mohamed Bamba and Duke center Wendell Carter Jr.
  • Kentucky guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander appears to be on the rise and Givony has him going at No. 6 to the Magic.
  • If the Clippers don’t trade their picks at No. 12 and No. 13, they’ll draft one of the top three college point guards – Gilgeous-Alexander, Alabama’s Collin Sexton or Young – if any are still on the board.
  • Boston College guard Jerome Robinson, Maryland forward Kevin Huerter and Texas A&M big man Robert Williams are under consideration with the Clippers’ second first-rounder.
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28 thoughts on “Givony’s Latest: Kings, Doncic, Porter, Gilgeous-Alexander

  1. Dionis

    These are my predictions:

    1. Suns-Ayton
    2. Kings-Bagley
    3. Hawks-Doncic
    4. Grizzlies- Porter Jr
    5. Mavericks- Carter Jr
    6. Magic-Young
    7. Bulls-Bamba
    8. Cavaliers- Mikal
    9. Knicks- Miles
    10. Sixers- Knox
    11.Hornets- Gilgeous-Alexander
    12. Clippers-Sexton
    13.Clippers- Williams
    14. Nuggets-Smith
    15. Wizards-Walker

    • SouthsideSlugger

      Looks very accurate. I’m hoping Mikal Bridges falls to the Knicks personally. I see a few trades in the lottery which will shake things up.

      • teezilla

        Grizz, Mavs or Bulls would take him if available – good fit in Memphis

      • Dionis

        LOL sorry man forgot all about Jaren Jackson Jr. Remake:

        1. Suns- Ayton
        2. Kings- Bagley
        3. Hawks- Doncic
        4. Grizzlies- Porter Jr
        5. Mavericks- Bamba
        6.Magic- Young
        7. Bulls- Wendell
        8. Cavaliers- Jackson Jr
        9. Knicks- Mikal
        10. Sixers- Knox
        11. Hornets- Gilgeous-Alexander
        12. Clippers- Miles
        13. Clippers- Sexton
        14. Nuggets- Walker
        15. Wizards- Williams

        I think Gilbert will sneak in and steal Jackson Jr, they could stash him for a year till he’s ready 2019-2020 and have him develop behind Tristan.

    • mcmillankmm

      Agreed with Rhino, he should be up there somewhere in the top 10…I’ll be laughing if the Knicks pass on Sexton, Clippers will get an A+ grade if they pull Sexton and Williams in this draft

    • Jaren jackson junior would be in top 5.maybe 4th.bamba 5th.porter 6th.trae young 7th.wendell 8.mikal 9th.sexton 10th.

    • Connorsoxfan

      I have Sexton going to the Cavs, Trae Young going to the Knicks, and SGA falling to the clippers.

  2. Can’t believe Doncic is going top three. He should be picked in the teens. He’s a fine player but jeepers not worth the top 3 pick.

    He’s going to get smoked in the NBA. Why doesn’t everybody see this? Everybody’s going on the hype of a 6-8 ball handling Manu Ginobli.

    Everybody is listening to the hype and reading the hype. Can’t they see when watching his game he doesn’t quite have what 12 other draftees have?

    Does everyone have their Sacramento Kings GM hat on? Jimmer, Nik Stauskas… can anyone say Rudy Fernandez without a jump shot?

    • formerlyz

      Still on that? Lol you clearly haven’t seen him play. He is at least a secondary playmaker that can shoot, and he isnt awful defensively. He will at least be a good player, if he doesnt end up being great

  3. moazetongue

    What team will make the stupid pick near the top? Say top 5? And what team would most likely snare that mistake and get a star in say the 6-10 spots? You know it’s going to happen as it does every year.

    • Z-A

      Anyone sleeping on Michael Porter Jr. will be looking for a new job. That’s my prediction.

  4. Z-A

    Is it just me, but what’s up with half these prospects and speech impediments?

  5. Young cannot fall out of top 10 seriously, at his age is way better than Curry was, just saying…
    Can’t wait until Doncic proves all of you guys (euro haters) how good he is, remember he does big numbers against men not children…
    MBIII, MPJ & Ayton the most talented players, followed by WCJ & Young, though I understand people might pick high too on Bamba & JJJ as they are centers.

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