Knicks Don’t Plan To Offer Multiyear Deals To FAs

The Knicks don’t expect to be very involved in this summer’s free agent period, according to president of basketball operations Steve Mills, who said this week on ESPN Radio that the club is unlikely to offer any contracts with multiyear guarantees. Instead, as ESPN’s Ian Begley relays, the Knicks are looking ahead to making a splash during the 2019 free agent period.

“Our goal is to get our house in order. Develop the foundation,” Mills said. “And we are not going to be players [in free agency] this year. If we sign guys it’s going to be for a one-year deal because we are going to have room for a max contract in the following year. We’ll be able to make room for a max guy.”

The Knicks’ stance makes sense, with Enes Kanter reportedly leaning heavily toward exercising his player option in 2018/19. Assuming Kanter opts in, it will essentially eliminate the club’s cap room for this offseason, but would put New York on track to open up space next summer.

According to Mills, the Knicks feel like they can put themselves in a position “where stars are going to want to come to us” in 2019. However, as Begley and ESPN’s Bobby Marks note, more moves will eventually be required if the club wants to clear enough cap room for a maximum-salary free agent in ’19, especially if Kristaps Porzingis gets an extension this offseason.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe reported on Thursday that the Celtics remain confident about re-signing Kyrie Irving next summer, but the star point guard figures to be one prime target for the Knicks. Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson, and Kemba Walker are among the other All-Stars eligible for unrestricted free agency in 2019.

As for Porzingis, his relationship with the Knicks has been rocky at times, but Mills indicated on Thursday that the team is very comfortable with where things currently stand with the young star.

“We communicate with KP all the time,” Mills said, per Begley. “And we know he feels good about directionally where we’re going. I think you can see that through some of his tweets and social media stuff, and our conversations with him. He’s back on board with where we’re going and we feel really good about his future with us.”

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18 thoughts on “Knicks Don’t Plan To Offer Multiyear Deals To FAs

  1. D-NBA

    Kyrie just might leave Boston, he low key sees Tatum is the Celtics’s franchise player and he isn’t.

      • D-NBA

        No he didn’t but Kyrie will be a second option behind Tatum by the end of next season. Tatum projects to be top 5 in the game within 2 years easily.

        • bklynny67

          You say the craziest s**t dude. I’ll bet you a thousand dollars there’s no rankings anywhere in two years that has Tatum as a top 5 players. LOL

          And Kyrie will be second option on the Knicks too, and several other places. He’ll have to deal with that unless he wants to be on a losing team.

        • bklynny67

          Who you got as top 5 in two years? Can’t wait to see who you think Tatum will be better than. It’s gonna be great. Come on, post it.

            • bklynny67

              You said Tatum will be top 5 within 2 years easily… Then u list your top 5 in two years and Tatum isn’t on your list. WTF are u talking about dude. Make up your mind.

  2. KI more than any other player on his level couldn’t care less about who is considered the star, etc.

    KI and Kemba Walker are both NY area players who will/can be FAs next summer, and the Knicks should make sure they’re in a position to sign one of them if available. But don’t read anything into KI’s declining the offered extension (which would have to be well below the current max). No player at his level with his contract would accept that or think much about it.

  3. Kyrie can never be the top man in a playoff team, as simple as that, he cannot pull the team on his own as so many other stars can do, Boston should bet on a cheaper option like Rozier, this playoffs he performed quite close to Kyrie but far away in salaries.

    • Disagree, but I hope Boston listens to you and lets him walk without a max offer after next season. They’ll be fine with Rozier. Knicks will just have to settle for KI.

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